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So about the Democrat’s “class warfare” gig

We have it so bad here.  Income inequality, unfairness, the rich, the 1%.  Occupy whatever, etc.

Reality again intrudes (from the Economist) to kick that meme right where it deserves to be kicked:

[T]he OECD … has created the "Better-Life" index. Now in its second year, the index uses 24 variables (which include both hard data and survey data) across 11 sectors to create a measure of welfare for 34 of its member countries, plus Brazil and Russia.

The Economist has grouped these 11 sectors into four broader categories. America excels most in money and jobs, Switzerland in health and education. This year the OECD has adjusted the index for equality to give an estimate for the top and bottom 20% of each country’s population. America scores particularly poorly on this account, with the bottom 20% having an index score some 25% below that of the top 20%.

And a handy chart to go with it:


Yup, life sucks in the US.  We need more fairness.  We’re just not keeping up.  We’re the worst. 

Well, except for all the others (save Australia).



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21 Responses to So about the Democrat’s “class warfare” gig

  • Yeah, I can hardly get around anymore, the roads are so clogged with refugees fleeing the U.S. for lands of better opportunity…

    • We can only hope the far left loons would pack their bags and move to Canada.  Or somewhere, anywhere.

      • Right just like all the lefty Hollyweird loons who were going to flee when GWB got elected and then re-elected…

  • President Obama says he faces a “tough” election this year, but plans to “push back hard” on one major Republican item — the notion he is engaging in “class warfare” against rich people.
    “Nobody envies rich people,” Obama told a House Democratic retreat in Cambridge, Md. “Everybody wants to be rich.”

    Yeah. Sure. He likes to call it “fairness” (by class).  Even says:

    Stand with Obama and fight to restore the middle class.

    It’s all to create a “muddle” ground, where you have no idea what he stands for, but you should like it.

    • Ok, I am going to put this out there although I know it won’t be popular. MOST OVER RATED SCIFI WRITER EVER.
      Dude’s stories were just not well written, and I found them boring.

      • I’m with you. I can name a dozen better SF authors of his era. He apparently had the best marketing, or something. I read three of his books and didn’t like any of them. Lightweight and dreary.

        OTOH, I have read books by Heinlein, Asimov, Clarke, Niven, Del Rey, Silverberg, and even that lefty Pohl multiple times, getting new enjoyment and depth each time.

      • and depressing?  sheesh.

  • The way I read that chart our lower 20% are about middle of the road, above the French but below several others in Western Europe and including Australia and Canada.  What am I seeing wrong?
    It doesn’t really matter because I never trusted these sort of surveys. We do have more crime but how much does that weigh into their formula?  How much would low food prices weigh? You can manipulate the data in any way.

    • What it points out is it doesn’t matter where our lower 20% fall or how big the gap between them and the top 20% in a measure of “well-being”. In total our lower 20% have more of that than those of other countries.

    • and close to Gemany. So big states like France, Germany, and the US are very similar. Same with Italy and Japan.
      Only the UK is among the big states who coddles the bottom 20%.

  • What McQ left out of his monologue, taken from the Economist, the following statement:  “… the OECD, a mainly rich-country think-tank….(underscoring my own)”   What sort of value results would you expect of a rich-country think-tank?  That’s kind of like the biases that would prevail if it were poor-country think-tank.

    • Well, you’ve finally gotten unintelligible.  Before, you were just and idiot.

    • You really know nothing about the OECD do you? That’s a throw away line that is irrelevant to the numbers. The numbers speak for themselves. And this is your best rebuttal? Should kept quiet.

    • “The highest form of
      ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.”  Wayne Dyer

  • Most striking to me is the fact that, according to this chart, the bottom 20% in the US are better off than the top 20% in Brazil, Russia, Chile, Mexico and Turkey.  And they’re about as equally well of as the top 20% in Japan, South Korea, Israel, Greece, Poland and Portugal.