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The UN in one picture

As anyone who has read this blog knows, I’m not a fan of the UN.  I normally call it the “Third World Debating club”.  It is world redistribution headquarters and a mockery of both democracy and any united action.  For the latter I’m mostly grateful because the obvious underlying desire of the professional UN types is the establishment of a world government, or at least, a world taxing authority, and the redistribution of income.

But it was supposed to be an organization of states that could combine to stop genocide, totalitarianism, etc.  Instead it has become this:




The picture says even more than the conversation bubbles show.  Note the copyright date.  Yes, that’s how long the killing in the Sudan been going on and the picture says it all.

Instead the UN has been busy putting despots on the Human Rights Committee and making Robert Mugabe a UN “leader for tourism”.  Mugabe. The octogenarian dictator who has literally destroyed Zimbabwe’s economy and reduced the country to a police state?  What was Fidel too sick to take it?

People continue to argue that while it is corrupt, inept and abusive, it is a “useful forum” for the world’s leaders.

No it’s not.  It’s a third world debating club where the most serious attempts made by any of its members are to syphon money from the “rich” countries to their countries.

Anyway, the picture distills the problem to a fine point. 

Totally useless, waste of money and certainly not at all fulfilling its charter.


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4 Responses to The UN in one picture

  • Totally useless, waste of money and certainly not at all fulfilling its charter.

    Oh, AND a malignant, expansive threat to the freedom of people, world-wide, and a positive protagonist for dictators and anti-Semites.

    • “What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love and Understanding?”
      It’s pretty obvious over the years that the UN has virtually nothing to do with peace, love and understanding.

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