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A sterling example of that “world class temperament” we’ve often been told about

It’s amazing, though, how much “world class temperament” resembles the behavior of an irritable, spoiled four year old:


Details on this reporter, Neil Munro, actually trying to be a reporter are here.

This episode was, naturally, followed by the usual panties-in-a-wad bleating from our legacy media, 95% of whom are far too cowardly and biased to challenge Obama on anything at any time. So naturally, they declared Obama a holy personage, and designated Munro’s questions as blasphemy. Well, something like that; when these guys get into high dudgeon, it always sounds to me like they’re talking about their religion.

I do believe I detect some serious frustration in our noble President. Not to mention frustration in his legacy media acolytes. Though I have no enthusiasm whatsoever for Romney, I must say that watching the sour phiz that Brian Williams might have to wear this November would be fun.

Of course, some of us had this guy’s number from pretty early on. And some others, such as the last commenter on that thread, were determined to be fooled by Obama indefinitely. Some still are. No names needed, I think; examples abound.

(Found via Ace and Insty.)

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30 Responses to A sterling example of that “world class temperament” we’ve often been told about

  • Huh? So the president points out to the ill-mannered – and later blatantly lying – heckler that he’s not finished his statement (this wasn’t a press conference, by the way), at which the heckler just tries to carry right on, and the president puts the so-called “journalist” (really a superannuated blogger-cum-agitator – other journos there report that he had no recording equipment nor a notebook in evidence) in his place like the ill-mannered amateur boor that “journalist” is, and somehow this reflects badly on the president and he’s behaved like “an irritable, spoiled four year old”? Really?
    Listen, bud, this statement today is going to have far-reaching consequences for a large and growing proportion of the population. The GOP’s already screwed the pooch with the Hispanic population as it is, and now it’s hell-bent on alienating moderates, so you just carry on cheerleading this sort of behavior. See where it gets you. Childish dumbass.

    • After some of the crap they put Bush through…heh.
      Obama is a spoiled brat, I’d wager that’s been the case since he was old enough to walk.
      If you REALLY think people are impressed by the “most powerful man in the world losing” his temper like this, well, that pretty much speaks for itself.
      Ah, the tired canard of “not a journalist” – tell me, are journalists marked in some special fashion when they are born, or is it some special magic that happens afterwards?

      • “… are journalists marked in some special fashion when they are born … ”
        Don’t you know.  They snip off the Right testicle and half of the Left testicle.

    • You are either too young or too stupid to comment intelligently on this.
      Maybe both.
      Do yourself a favor, and look up Reagan, Ronald and Bush, George (both) WRT incidents like this one.
      Pres. Dog Breath is not the emperor.  He really isn’t even performing as a president.  Who are you, BTW, to speak for the “Hispanic population”?  And who are you to determine who is a reporter, and who is not, dumb phuc?

      • The Hispanic population ought to be a little wary of the President’s claims.
        Since a Presidential Order doesn’t carry the same weight as a law .. and there is a law that says differently than the President, it’s quite possible that that this pandering to the illegal Hispanic community (who shouldn’t be voting because that is illegal no matter) could turn into the biggest group of patsies to turn themselves into ICE under the mistaken belief that the President can just ignore the laws that strike him unfavorably.

        • I thought Hispanics were white now.  I’m so confused.  I can’t keep up.

      • “dumb phuc”

        Round eyed, big nosed racist.

    • lying?  – as opposed to the daily lying that comes out of the White House?
      care to talk about the Obama Justice Department and “Fast and Furious” or do you even know what that is?
      Care to talk about “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii” from an author biography that stood from 1991 till 2007?
      how about “never a member of the socialist New Party”?
      Jeremiah Wright?
      Bill Ayers?
      Republicans responsible for jobs bill not passing?
      want to continue?

    • But lecturing the Supreme Court in a SOTU address is pure decorum.
      I won’t mention the subtle middle finger scratching in the middle of speechs.

    • And….do you imagine the White House (especially THIS White House) just lets anyone in for press conferences Dave, or do you suppose it has to be people with some evidence of journalism behind them, hmmmmmm?
      Now, admittedly, Neil Munroe won’t be back, I’m sure, but obviously he passed the smell test for journalism the first time around.
      As of this afternoon, I suspect he’s now, as they used to say when I was growin up, “banned in Boston”.

      • “….do you imagine the White House (especially THIS White House) just lets anyone in for press conferences”

        Hey, White House functions have been crashed before. Then there is Charles Lester Kinsolving.

  • And a member of the palace guard shows up. What cares he of the law of the land, his boy king has an election to win

    • We should be so lucky that they stay this out of touch until the election.

      What the palace guard doesn’t get is that it matters little how ill mannered the questioner was. Obama’s response betrayed frustration and an inability to handle criticism. By all indications, he’s always been that way, but the pressure of this campaign should eventually make it obvious to all but the most besotted. Which won’t be enough to give him a majority, I venture.

      • “Obama’s response betrayed frustration and an inability to handle criticism.”

        And a definite lack of humor. Even Bush the Younger handled these things better. Obama is definitely not a people person. It’s a good thing, by the way, you didn’t say ‘thin skinned’, which would be an obvious racial reference. But true.

    • “So let it be written, so let it be done”.
      Yeah, laws, and rules, and the separation of powers, those are for the little people, Obama has the Hispanic vote to buy.

  • ” Revisit your list six months from now. I’d be willing to bet you’ll find you were wrong on about 80% of these.”

  • “How is this ‘the right thing to do‘, Mr. President?  How will this help unemployed Americans?”
    Someone with the feelings of a citizen…as opposed to a subject…should have pushed on that.  Instead, they were busy getting the vapors.

  • So Obama is going to enforce another law selectively to pander to the Latinos.
    Like the rest of us, Latinos are interested in jobs.  A green card is of no use if there are no jobs.  So, let’s say he does it.  Unemployment goes up another 800,000.  If they ever had a job here on the books, they might be entitled to 26 weeks of unemployment and some food stamps, but that’s not what they want.
    If non-citizens vote in a US election, it’s a felony.

    • “If non-citizens vote in a US election, it’s a felony.”
      Only if they choose to investigate and/or enforce it.  A little odd when the Federal Government starts using nullification on it’s own laws no?

      • The real problem here isn’t the President.
        There are checks and balances.  Congress is too low on integrity (Harry and the Senate) or too scared (the House) to employ them.

  • First the “99%”….then women……gays……now latinos.  Pres. Pander must really be worried. I consider this a good sign. I also consider it good that he’s handing the next Republican precedent to follow. Power grabs cut both ways.

  • I love it when you idiots get your panties in a wad. It must suck to be so f*cking stupid AND ignorant at the same time. What a pathetic group of little small-minded crybabies you sheeple are.

    • Brilliantly argued …

    • wow, project much?

    • Speaking of inbred… how is old Saul Alinski? Still as dead as his philosophy?

    • Hey, if you’re going to troll, can’t you at least come up with your own insults? I mean, really, reusing the “panties in a wad” thing right out of the post – lame, man.

      What’s the problem? Soros doesn’t pay you well enough to come up with your own material? Or is the pay just not high enough to attract anyone with, ummm, sufficient cognitive capacity to do that?

  • Why did our malevolent dictator so uppity for?
    A patriot simply called him on his upteenth unconstitutional ‘executive order’ bypassing Congress after three failed attempts at Shamnesty.