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Interrupt this President? Terrible. Throw a show at a President? Hilarious.

Today a reporter for the Daily Caller interrupted the President in a Rose Garden announcement about his decision to selectively enforce the law of the land based on his whim (and pure political calculation not to mention a flip-flop).

The guy who saw fit to interrupt twice the President’s address in the Rose Garden on his new immigration policy, which was being carried live by the cable nets, was actually a reporter for The Daily Caller named Neil Munro.

The left is appalled by the reporter’s behavior (apparently deciding what parts of laws you’ll enforce, though, is ok).  The Emperor President was not amused.

Good thing he didn’t throw his shoes at  Obama. I’m sure, as they did the last time that happened to a President, the left would have found that hilarious.


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17 Responses to Interrupt this President? Terrible. Throw a show at a President? Hilarious.

  • He’s not asking for an argument? Hey BITCH, you’re gonna get one anyway. Heaven forbid the boy-king’s every utterance isn’t treated like gold. Yeah, you’re gonna get one hell of an argument come November you cretin.

    • You nailed it!
      What I saw today was a reporter asking a question and, expressed concern about a so-called-man-obama about his ruling by edict, putting unemployed americans on the back burner to garner illegal mexicans a shot of employmentin return for votes. It is an illegal act, although not surprising coming from the most criminally corrupt and lawless guests in the white house and his gang.
      What I also saw is a rage filled, stuttering and psychotic man, closed to a mental breakdown! That is scary within itself; desperate enough to attempt a coup.

  • The spell Obama 2008 put on this country is definitely wearing off.
    Neil Monro has proven Obama a mere moral, as he has taken up the banner of Sam Donaldson.
    In the last couple of weeks, the media have begun to act like there is anything other than a puppy-eating demi-god in the White House. The Germans are pissed, and I bet the rest of Europe isn’t far behind.
    I can only guess that they have run out of pixie dust.

  • How about singing “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” and booing during an inauguration.  Oh, that’s okay, after all Bush wasn’t President any more that day.
    It probably had something to do with Bush being white though, I’m sure.

  • OK, we now have it on the highest moral authority that all of us have been wrong…
    Ronald Reagan was the first black president.

  • I suspect the reporter immigrated to the USA the legal way and thus *personally* was peeved at this policy.
    Nothing like spending years and thousands of bucks to do something the legal way only to find out some special people won’t have to go through that trouble to piss you off.

    • A president cannot claim discretion honestly to say that he will not enforce an entire law — especially where, as here, the executive branch is enforcing the rest of immigration law.
      Imagine the precedent this claim would create. President Romney could lower tax rates simply by saying he will not use enforcement resources to prosecute anyone who refuses to pay capital-gains tax. He could repeal Obamacare simply by refusing to fine or prosecute anyone who violates it.

      • Hit the “flip-flop” link … he said, essentially, this was something he wouldn’t do because, he claimed, as president he didn’t have the power to do it.

  • I’m hoping to sing this little take-off of an old Allman Bros tune on November 6, 2012 — “Someday Barry, you  ain’t gonna be POTUS of me … anymore!  Check out the full lyrics

  • Meh. A guy giving a speech gets irritated by an interruption and responds to it. Not a big deal. What is amusing and impressive is the reaction by those other ‘journalists’. I am absolutely certain none of them would ever consider interrupting anyone, particularly a politician. That would be so disrespectful and unprofessional.

  • This has nothing to do with Obama’s “slight agitation” with the reporter but with the left’s spin on what Obama did.   As expected the dems response to Obama’s slective enforcement of laws:  “Seems like a wise, judicious use of prosecutorial discretion”.
    My thought is obviously they could care less and probably see it as a good campaign move.  But they would be marching in the streets if a Republican president had used the same power.

    • Sometimes, we (me included) refer to the Collectivists as a monolith.  They are not.
      Some, with some modicum of intellectual integrity, will see this move as the lawless power grab it is, and oppose it.
      Others of a pragmatic stripe will oppose it because they CAN see the enormous danger when a president not-of-their-ilk has the reins.
      Most, apparently, follow that ol’ totalitarian urge…

      • True and just wait for the caterwauling on the left when President Romney reigns in the EPA or cuts unnecessary spending on defense that is there solely because of earmarks.

      • “Most, apparently, follow that ol’ totalitarian urge…”
        It’s the same one that convinces them THEY can do socialism correctly, despite about a century of evidence that it often leads to piles of bodies in ditches for the ‘greater good’.