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Quote of the Day: Which Republican said this edition

Tell me if you know which Republican Congressman said this:

"President Obama and others in Washington need to realize that we cannot spend our way to prosperity and that to in order to create jobs," … "We need to address unfair trade deals that ship jobs overseas and enact policies that allow us to take advantage of our vast natural resources such as coal and natural gas in a safe and responsible manner which will lower energy costs and create jobs and approving the Keystone XL Pipeline would be a good first step."

House Speaker Boehner?  Paul Ryan?  Eric Cantor?

Uh, no … it wasn’t a Republican at all.  It was Rep. Mark Critz, D-PA.  The  guy who represents most of John Murtha’s old district.  Does this sound like a guy who is wanting the president anywhere near his district as he runs for re-election?

Meanwhile the President gave a “major speech” yesterday in Ohio that was 54 minutes long and could be boiled down into one sentence – No change: more spending, more taxes, same old failed economic policies and blame Bush.

It was widely panned by the usually supportive media.  Said Jon Healy of the LA Times:

President Obama’s much-anticipated speech Thursday on the economy didn’t lay out any new initiatives or make any new arguments. It often sounded like a recap of his first three years, or another version of the familiar "how we got here" blamefest.

Meanwhile, going back to part of Rep. Critz criticism, the Keystone XL pipeline, something which would mean jobs for this country and a big step toward increasing our energy security, is indeed proceeding – toward China or elsewhere:

While Joe Oliver, Canada’s minister of natural resources, said in an interview that the United States would remain Canada’s “most important customer,” billions of barrels of oil that would have been refined and used in the United States are now poised to head elsewhere. Expansion of Canada’s fast-growing oil-sands industry will be restricted by the lack of pipeline capacity before the decade’s end, he said, which “adds to the urgency of building them so that the resources will not be stranded.”

Three new pipeline network proposals — two that call for heading west and the other east — have been put forward.

If ever there were a blunder of historic proportions, Obama’s petulant and politically motivated disapproval of the pipeline rank up in the top.

As John Sexton writes:

The scale of this blunder, which the President made ostensibly on environmental grounds, is compounded by the fact that there is no putting the genie back in the bottle. Once a new pipeline is built, Canada has no reason to return to selling its oil products solely to the U.S. at a reduced price. The decision not to approve Keystone XL makes Solyndra look like a stroke of genius.


Oh and finally, can anyone guess what was required to attend the President’s Ohio speech?

Yeah, that’s right – a photo ID.


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5 Responses to Quote of the Day: Which Republican said this edition

  • Things are picking up, being focused, sharpened to an edge, and Pres. Choom-a-rang can’t seem to get untracked.  ALLLLlllllll good.
    This fool needs to be GONE.

  • So apparently, Bill Clinton went to the exact same college two years ago, and said to give Democrats two more years and then vote them out.
    Which take me back to my personal theme for the 2012 election  … Are we supposed to assume that they are always lying ?
    All summed up in American Crossroads: “Wah Wahhh”
    Face it. He just can’t take on the big evil-genius Bush.

  • Just had an evil thought for a political commercial titled “Land Shark”.
    It starts with Obama on his bicycle stopping to take a breath.  Then the “Jaws” music starts as the camera panned across the ground til it finally begins to head for Obama who fantically start to run like a scared schoolgirl.  As the camera is just about to Obama, everything stops.
    Announcer:  America deserves a President who can take on his demons.

    • Alternate ending:  just before the announcer insert a quick scene …
      George Bush:  Hi Barack, how’s it going ?