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The left: It’s not the message that’s the problem …

Robert Redford again makes the point that the left simply won’t accept the fact that it is their message that most of the country rejects.  Instead, it is believed that the problem is the means, the messaging, the way they present their message, that’s the problem:

“It’s about storytelling,” Redford tells Abe Streep. “The Democratic Party has a good story to tell, but they don’t know how to tell it. And the other side has no story to tell and they tell it loud and clear. People listen to the loud barking dog more than the mewing cat. But one of the advantages of the GOP debate — I’m speaking personally now — as horrible as it is to watch, as horrible as it is to see, at least people who have any sense at all can see, ‘This is what we’re getting? This is what we’re going to get if we elect somebody from that mob? Whoa—’”

The left has a story to tell but doesn’t know how to tell it while the right has no story but somehow tells “it” loud and clear?

Brilliant. Keep on believing that, brother.

Sounds like a sound bite you might hear from, oh I don’t know, Joe Biden?



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11 Responses to The left: It’s not the message that’s the problem …

  • Redford fashions a perfect caricature of “Cocoon Man”.  His opponents are all members of “that mob”, and the failures of “his side” are only in getting the story out to the rubes.  Conservatives, who are too stupid to have a story, are yet geniuses at telling it.
    That delusion is perennial.  Long may it wave and weaken these Collectivists.

  • It’s certainly true that you can’t make a good movie from a bad script. But the world’s *not* just a stage, no matter what Shakespeare said.

    You can do a popular movie about how a president can get more popular and respected by being more unabashedly leftist (American President), and it doesn’t matter that it doesn’t reflect reality. There are enough leftists and clueless moderates who just like Michael Douglas that the movie can succeed. In real life, though, policies have to work. Not just have good intentions, not just inspire good feelings, not just be good fodder for demagogic speeches – they have to work.

    Someone whose life is molded by the idea that *any* story can be told compellingly is likely to put the blame on bad storytelling instead of ever looking at the reality behind the story. That doesn’t just include actors; young dupes brought up in the typical public school are similarly taught the post-modern idea that narrative trumps reality.

    As McQ, myself, and plenty of others have noted, we’re better off if they keep pretending that the left just needs better messaging. Clueless moderates may not get the nuances, but they sense that something is wrong with the left’s story because it contradicts reality too much. They didn’t have the yardstick to measure Obama’s rhetoric by in 2008, and it just sounded so, so good. Now the yardstick is years of unemployment and low growth that he seems unable to understand or counter, and the rhetoric isn’t enough by itself any more.

  • Oh yeah.  Obama let Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks marketing staff put together the “Bain” ad campaign against Romney.
    We all saw the results … EPIC FAIL

  • This whole ‘messaging’ thing is such a crock.  It can essentially be boiled down to pissing down my back and telling me it is raining.  When the left goes on about ‘messaging’ they’re usually trying to pass off a bad idea as a good one.

  • “The Democratic Party has a good story to tell,”
    Why, yes it does Bob, it actually has quite a few stories, but one of the best is the story of the American institution of Slavery, that “peculiar institution”.  Why don’t you tell us the story Bob, I’d love to hear your version, you overpaid moron.

  • The left has the bigger megaphone.  Just ask George Zimmerman, 6’4″ 280 lbs. white guy that hunted down and killed a 12 year old Black kid because he was wearing a hoodie. 

  • Seems to me the democratic message has always been clear: “Free Lunches Forever!”, “Envy the Rich!”, “Sombody Else’s Fault!”, “You can control the bedroom as long as we control the rest of the house (and the lawn, the car…)”
    (And let’s not forget:  “Republican’s are going to take the punchbowl away!  We should be in charge of this party!”)

  • What I’m wondering is how Redford can remain such an idiot.

    It’s a very bad sign. Granted, he’s an actor but he also has been a producer and director, and he should have sufficient real life experience to know better. He is certainly past old enough.

    The liberals I know are (for the most part) not stupid enough to run their own bank account in the manner that Democrat politicians run US budgets. When it is their money, they tend to get it. when it is our money, they get stupid.

    What I’m getting at is that leftist stupidity is able to continue despite all evidence to the contrary. Leftism is one hell of a drug.

    • Their wealth and celebrity insulates them from the reality (and often consequences) of their own ideas.
      Wealth allows you to be foolish about what you eat and wear, how and when you travel and where you live and in Redford’s case the things you say.  Not only that, but it actually allows you to be a complete jackass, and yet gather a bigger following as a result – take Michael Moore, Sean Penn or Alec Baldwin for perfect examples.
      you may note few actors who haven’t made it yet are quite as vocal about modifying the culture to ‘save it’ as the well to do celebrities are.

  • Someone with a valid “story to tell” can do so, with validation, in short, concise terms.
    Someone withOUT a valid “story” can explain all the day long, and still not be believed.
    Obama and the Left have explained, complained, parsed, shouted, demonized, sliced, diced, and chopped, and yet their “story” still rings false. Maybe that’s because their “story” IS a pack of falsehoods?