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Is the fate of our liberty being decided today?

Just some random thoughts as we await the Supreme Court ruling on healthcare. 

I can’t help thinking the title is precisely what is on the line today.  Given the implications of upholding that odious law, I can’t help but feel this is indeed the most momentous decision in my lifetime.  Oh, certainly, there have been many other important ones, to be sure, but never one that had the potential, at least as I see it, to give government carte blanc to expand and intrude into my life.

I’ve said it often, liberty (freedom) equals choice.  Today’s decision will either uphold our ability to make individual choices (to include not having health insurance for whatever reason) in our lives or limit them – severely.

You know, when I was a kid I had to read the Constitution.  I didn’t find it either difficult to read or understand.  Yet since then, we’ve seen veritable oceans of words telling us what we read and the common understanding of what those words in the Constitution mean isn’t what they really mean.   And the way the Constitution is treated by our politicians is simply shameful (and that applies to both sides).

It has also been ironic to me to see the “living Constitution” crowd whine and complain that the SCOTUS may be overturning “years of precedent”.  That’s a true traditionalist argument.  In fact, though, if it does strike down the mandate, then it will be a traditionalist ruling.

I’m not sure how the left will reconcile that without their heads exploding.

I’m also convinced that even if overturned, either partially or completely, this is only the beginning of the fight to have government take over health care.  Next step?  Single payer.

In fact, there are probably many on the left who actually hope this monstrosity will be overturned so they can proceed to what has always been the extreme left’s dream – single payer, government run health care.  And, of course, Medicare provides precedence for that, doesn’t it.

So as we sit here waiting and hoping, it might behoove us to consider that even if the decision goes as we hope it will go, spiking the ball will be premature.

A ruling against the law won’t signal the end of this fight.  I’m afraid it will only signal the end of round 1 of a multi-round championship fight.

Whatever the ruling, I worry for our country.


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6 Responses to Is the fate of our liberty being decided today?

  • Lost in all of this vitriol is the real problem that when we are borrowing 40 cents of every dollar, can the country afford anything new ?

    The days of stealing money from Social Security are over, the world is a more competitive place, and the days of the US supplying most of the world (i.e. post WWII 50’s) are over. The Democrats are still in spend mode when we are already deep in debt. Worse off, eventually, perhaps already, the government borrowing with the FED’s cheap money will undermine pensions of the retired.

    Bottom line: we have to spend less

  • If the individual mandate is tax, then the Anti-Injuction Act should be in effect ?

  • Individual mandate has been upheld.  Congress can now legislate that you purchase things.

  • This is the first step in joining the rest of the modern world.  If you look at things like you did when you were a ‘kid’….that’s why they have age requirements for voting.

    • “that’s why they have age requirements for voting.”
      But not a requirement for you to identify yourself.  Course, you’re easier to recognize than the rest of us.  I suspect it’s your short shorts and jug head propeller beanie.