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Media Appearance Today (Updated)

If you live on Florida’s Space Coast, I’ll be on AM 1300 WMEL around 3PM Eastern, to talk about the economy and stuff. If you’re not on the Space Coast, you can listen live, worldwide, here.

UPDATE: If you’d like to listen, here is the whole interview I did on WMEL today. I cut out all the commercial breaks and whatnot, but even so, it’s still 36:20 long, so consider it an extra podcast for the week.

I don’t consider myself a "renowned economist", however. Or even an economist at all. I mean, I got me the book learnin’ in it, and I know my ciphers and my figurin’ and whatnot, but my work in the field has been in economic journalism, rather than formal work as an economist.

But the WMEL guys were very nice to me, and I appreciate it.

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4 Responses to Media Appearance Today (Updated)

  • As one of the WMEL guys, I would like to say how thrilled we were to have Dale Franks on the show.
    There is always a little bit of apprehension on whether the interview will be good.  I am sure there was apprehension from Mr. Franks as well.  There is a leap of faith for both parties.
    That being said, I suggest that of you are involved in the media, contact Dale Franks.  Our listeners have been talking about how good he was on the air and how he the interview was educational and entertaining.  If you are not in the media, read his book.
    To Dale, thank you again and we hope to do it again in the future.

  • Great interview, Dale.

  • I can’t believe the host said Keith Urban was a great guitarist. Urban is a Limey wonk candy-ass and a mediocre guitarist.
    Now, for great guitar work, you need to listen to uber-rightist Ted Nugent.
    /rant off