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No Podcast, Again

For the second Sunday in a row, our boxer, Apollo, got loose and attacked Lucius. This time, he got life-threatening injuries from Lucius, who is twice his size, and Apollo had to go into emergency surgery. We had been keeping them separated since last week, but Apollo got loose and went straight for Lucius again.

So, not only do we have to pay about $1600 in vet bills today, we now have to find a new home for Apollo. We can’t have a dog-aggressive dog in the house, no matter how much we love him. And we love him to death.

The vet was a nightmare as well. It was our 1st time there, but we went because they had emergency care on Sundays, and they are much, much closer than the other animal hospital. All I’ll say about that is that we hate them and will never go back to them. The only reason Apollo is still there is because his injuries were so bad, we couldn’t take him to the other animal hospital without endangering his life. We will be going to our regular vet for the post-op checkups.

This is one of the worst days ever.

UPDATE: We changed our mind. Rather than try to get rid of Apollo, we’ve decided to change the other side of the equation and find a new home for Lucius. I suspect it’ll be a lot easier selling an intact, pure-bred, registered Cane Corso male than it will be to find someone who wants an older boxer with impulse control issues. Lucius will be better off as the king of his own castle anyway.

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6 Responses to No Podcast, Again

  • I’m so sorry to hear about your dog troubles. Best wishes to you, your family, and both pups.

  • My sympathies Dale, we lost one of our shepherd mixes several years ago to a pair of dane mixes that we adopted – much younger, 3 times her weight class.    Glad Apollo will live to bear his scars.  We weren’t that lucky and that trip to the vet is pretty much seared into my memory.   Tough, but good decision on your part.   Wishing Apollo a speedy recovery, and hope you find a good home for Lucius.

  • I can’t believe the host said Keith Urban was a great guitarist. Urban is a Limey wonk candy-ass and a mediocre guitarist.
    Now, for great guitar work, you need to listen to uber-rightist Ted Nugent.
    /rant off

  • Damn…wrong page.

  • Finding a competent veterinarian who doesn’t try to snooker you into paying for unnecessary treatment is like finding an honest mechanic.
    Once you find one, stick with them.
    Hope your dog heals up and you’re able to find a good home for him.