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Obama and taxes

President Obama is on his newest attempt to change the subject and find something to take to the people that might interest them and distract from his abysmal economic performance.  It’s taxes.  Specifically, he’s decided to make an issue of the automatic tax increases that will take effect in January and claim he does not want to see taxes increase on anyone but those nasty rich who need to “pay their fair share”.  Or, back to class warfare.

A) He likes to refer to these as the “Bush tax cuts”.  In fact, they’re the current tax rate.  Have been for years.  What he wants to do is see a tax increase on the rich, but no one else.  I’m not sure how else one characterizes that but “class warfare”, especially given the percentage of total taxes that top income group pays already.

B) Republicans are saying no tax increases on anyone.  Democrats like to characterize that as protecting the rich.  I like to characterize it as an attempt to address the real problem – out of control government spending.

C) The nasty “rich” Obama wants to tax also include almost a million small businesses.  That’s one of the primary reasons, in this weakening economy, that Republicans are right not to agree to any tax increases.  It is both stupid and economically suicidal.  But then you have to know about economics and the business world to understand that.

D) Democrats had two years of a complete monopoly on government to get this done and didn’t.  It’s not the Republicans who have prevented anything.  It is total incompetence on the Democratic side of the aisle.  And, as Obama’s favorite pastor likes to say, “those chickens are coming home to roost”.

E) Finally, Barack Obama has already raised taxes on the middle class despite his statement in a speech yesterday claiming he had no desire to raise middle class taxes.

The tax is called the mandate in ObamaCare.  It goes like this:




75% of the mandate tax falls on the middle class.    That is a middle class tax hike in anyone’s book.

So when he claims he has no desire to raise the taxes on the middle class, that may be true … now.  Because, in fact, he’s already done it.


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17 Responses to Obama and taxes

  • The current tax rates are the OBAMA tax rates he insisted on only months ago.
    You know…when he correctly stated the LAST thing this economy needs is JOB-BOMB tax hikes.
    Pres. Dog Breath is flailing.  Obama made it worse.  And it is apparent.

  • On last night’s show (don’t ask why MSNBC was on) Lawrence O’Donnell pointed out that those in the 10% Federal income tax bracket would see the largest tax increase if the now-Obama tax rates expire as scheduled at January 1st, 2013. I can’t seem to find O’Donnell’s corollary statement pointing out that those in the 15% tax bracket were to receive the largest tax cut when Bush proposed his tax cut policy.

  • Actually, the Democrats only had a filibuster-proof majority in Congress for a few months.  Besides, the Dems were concentrating on health care, and could not afford to stray too much into maintaining lower taxes for the middle class.

    • Actually…you are an idiot.  As always.

    • Which ‘few months’ was that Tad?   I mean, you said it, you must know which few months it was.  Pray, enlighten us all.

      • I don’t think he cares about the details.  Tad CF is just tossing together “arguments” to post on comment sections around the web, without any apparent concern for whether his statements are pertinent or accurate.
        It’s almost as if he’s being paid to distract the “opposition”, to “fly the flag”, or some other strategy.
        While it is somewhat satisfying to correct false statements, it may be a better use of our time to simply consider him a nuisance commenter, perhaps mock him by asking how much money he’s making, and spend time doing more constructive things.

    • Actually it was 20 months – but then you do not seem to be able to count!  Idiot!!

      • I reckon he isn’t counting the period BEFORE Pres. Choomes was immaculated, either.  Which kinda makes him your normal, moronic Collectivist liar.

    • Oh yeah.  Don’t ever give gum to a Democrat who is walking already.

    • So you admit it’s their own fault for not taking care of it when they had a chance. Thanks!

  • Obama himself has admitted that his priority is to punish the rich (in his vernacular, this is “fairness”).  He was confronted with the fact that such tax increases would actually lower revenues and responded with the “fairness” comment.  So it is clear that class warfare via punitive tax measures against select people is a priority over economic recovery for Obama.

  • This is going to be a defining election more than any other since the Ronald Reagan election.  Because this one is about class warfare and race politics.  The two biggest guns in the Democrat party arsenal. And this election is all about those two things.
    If the voters reject them, perhaps some real change can take place.

  • <i> Barack Obama has already raised taxes on the middle class despite his statement in a speech yesterday claiming he had no desire to raise middle class taxes.</i>

    That’s easily explained:  he didn’t want to raise their taxes, but he did it anyway.  It’s okay, though, because his intentions were good.