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The Obama campaign’s strategy of distraction

If you’re wondering where all this nonsense about Bain Capital is coming from and why, Jen Rubin of the WaPo gives you the low down:

The Obama team knew months ago that the economy would not sufficiently improve before Election Day to justify his reelection. Its polling showed simply blaming President George W. Bush wouldn’t be sufficient. The president and his political hacks concluded that it was too late and too risky to adopt a whole new second-term agenda. (It would risk offending either the base or centrists and reveal his first-term agenda to have been entirely inadequate.) So what to do?

Extend the Republican primary by running ads hitting Romney and encouraging Democrats to vote against Romney in Michigan and elsewhere. Then, before Romney could fully get his bearings, unload a barrage of negative attacks, scare mongering and thinly disguised oppo attacks through the mainstream media, taking advantage of many political reporters’ relative ignorance about the private equity field and their inclination to accept whole-hog President Obama’s version of “facts.”

We here at Q&O have addressed the problem of media ignorance many times in the past.  I’ve seen in manifested in both the military reporting and, of course, economic reporting.  In fact, what that ignorance produces is a steno pool that pretty much reports what it is told vs. having the knowledge and experience to spot inaccuracies or disingenuousness put out in press releases or talking points.

When you add a bias, this becomes a very dangerous but potent means of accomplishing the twin goals of discrediting your opponent and distracting the public from the real issues (economy) and the President’s record (abysmal).

Obviously our latest attempt at distraction is Bain Capital.  With the 800 pound twin gorillas of 8.2% unemployment and multi-trillion dollars of debt, you can bet that this is really the only avenue open to the Obama campaign and, as soon as they’ve gotten all they can get from this distraction, they’ll have another lined up and ready to go (my guess is it will have something to do with the Mormon faith).

Rubin is of the opinion that the Obama campaign has “shot its wad”.  They don’t have the money the Romney campaign has, the Bain nonsense isn’t resonating with voters and the polls have not moved significantly since they’ve started it.  I say, not so fast.

When you have a compliant media ready, willing and able to be your stenographer, money really isn’t a problem.  Romney’s campaign may have more money by you can bet it won’t get as much free press engaged in taking down Obama.  In fact precisely the opposite will be true. 

It is a mistake to believe that the Obama campaign is pretty much done with its apparent failure to see Bain swing the voters to their side.   They know they have to stay away, as much as possible, from unemployment and the economy.  My guess is we’ll see the new line of attack begin to unfold within days, if not weeks.    Because here’s what they’re faced with (according to a Democratic strategist):

On the one hand, the last round of Bain attacks has clearly rattled the Romney campaign, and a smattering of survey evidence suggests that the sustained ad campaign in swing states has scored some points. On the other hand, the Pew survey found no shift since May in swing-state voter preference.

But it’s not too early to say that Obama’s vital signs look dicey. Over the past 33 months, his job approval has been lower than George W. Bush’s at a comparable time in his presidency for all but one week. Bush averaged above 50 percent in the quarter before his successful reelection campaign, while Obama has been stuck in the 46-48 percent range for months. And the famous “wrong track” measure now stands at 63 percent, versus 55 percent in the days preceding the vote in 2004. If these two numbers don’t improve for Obama, his presidency will be in jeopardy. And they probably won’t — unless the economy perks up noticeably.

The economy won’t perk up noticeably by November.  And that means they’re not done with the distraction campaign … it’s all they have.  That means it is only going to get nastier and nastier.

Mark my words.

The smell of desperation in the air is clear and significant.


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25 Responses to The Obama campaign’s strategy of distraction

  • …taking advantage of many political reporters’ relative ignorance about the private equity field and their inclination to accept whole-hog President Obama’s version of “facts.”

    “Relative ignorance”…?!?!  Substitute COMPLETE FLUCKING IGNORANCE, and add astounding laziness and apparent inability to think critically, and you’d have something like the truth, Jen.
    A small prediction: this attack will hurt Obama worse than Romney.  It strips him of the myth of “nice guy” with the sleeping masses, and it will be effectively show to be false.

    • But it IS what used to work in Chicago.    Hilarious that the guy who “might be a Kenyan” is trying to get people to believe that Romney “might be a felon”.
      Wait, wouldn’t it be a felony to mis-represent your credentials to get elected President of the United States?   So, Obama might be a felonious Kenyan, we just don’t know.  And releasing his college records would help clear up whether or not he pretended to be Kenyan to get into Harvard.

      • I believe that Obama was born in Hawaii, but tried to make himself more “Africa-American” with the Kenyan lies.
        It’s really hard to portray yourself as a down-trodden Black when you were born mixed-race to a bunch of impoverished Black and White egghead beatniks.

        • I’m not saying he’s a felon, but we just don’t KNOW for sure Neo until he releases that college information, and he’s portrayed himself in so many different ways over time, the voters have a right to know, you see?
          Anyone see Bo lately, and even if we do see a dog that looks like Bo, we just don’t KNOW for sure it’s Bo.

  • “We know Gov. Romney takes advantage of these,” he said. “I’m not suggesting that he’s done anything illegal, but what I am suggesting is that he’s taking advantage of every loophole.”
    “The president could do those things, but he doesn’t do those things,” Mr. Axelrod added.

    Doesn’t any body check this stuff out ?

    The president and his wife separately gave each daughter a $12,000 gift under a section of the federal tax code that exempts such donations from federal taxes.
    There is nothing illegal about the president’s taking advantage of this tax shelter, but it does raise eyebrows given that he has lamented the myriad tax exemptions used by the wealthy—“millionaires and billionaires” like himself—to pay less in taxes.

    • Taking advantage of every loophole is another term for “abiding by the law”.
      Something you will not find exemplified in this Obamabanana Republic composed of outlaws at various levels of the regime.

    • Strictly speaking, the $12K/yr (now $13k/yr) gift tax exemption does not lower your current taxes but does take that money out of your potential estate. So it is not the “wealthy” who will pay less taxes but rather their heirs.

  • People were outraged when Dan Rather used fake documents to try and swing the 2004 election. I’m of the opinion that the MFM will set new standards in journalistic malfeasance this year. In fact, I foresee headlines within a week of November 6 that are out and out lies: “Romney eats small children while simultaneously raping nuns!”; “Does Mitt Romney engage in white slavery?”; “Mitt Romney: was he the real Boston Strangler?” The average American who watches the evening “news” will see this relentless assault and conclude that there must be something there. If successful, these lines of attack will disappear down the rabbit hole the morning of November 7.

    • I was kind of expecting the headline “Is Mitt Romney the latest generation animatronic built by Disney?” I’m sure the article would point out that there are no pictures of him on the potty, and that he hasn’t denied his animatronic status.

  • This election is not a rational one.  And the only way to keep the country from going back to the Bush days is to use irrationality.  Do you want the future of America to represent  a Bush replay, with Mit Romney at the helm?  The hope is that with Obama as President again, the right-wing will give up on “making Obama a one-term President”, and turn themselves to the task of improving this country.

    • Stupid, personified.

      • To paraphrase Forrest Gump, stupid is as stupid posts.

        • I don’t want to go back to Bush…I want “smaller, smarter, simpler government” which was a Romney ad on this site…that’s a good slogan if you ask me.

    • Given where the economy was during the bulk of the Bush days, and where it is TODAY Tad, what are we to fear going back to?
      What, EXACTLY Tad, has Obama DONE to improve things?  Unemployment?  Deficit?  Size of Government? Taxes?  Come on Tad, what’s he done that we want to continue and wouldn’t trade for, say, 2004 without the wars?

    • Bush a hundred times over rather than the SCoaMF for one more day.

    • “This election is not a rational one.”

      Neither was the last one.

      • And there was that whole 2010 cycle, when “rational” made a come-back.
        Like gang-busters (literally).

        • Because you know, it’s the Republicans who have held the country back.  It’s the Republicans who held us back between 2009 and the 2010 election when they were a minority in the House and Senate.

          • Yeah, but it’s really been the Tea Partiers holding us back these past eighteen months. Yes, that 1/4 of the majority party in 1/2 of Congress, which is of 1/3 of our government, has just been totally out of control and completely blocking everything Obama want’s to do.

            Oh, wait a minute. Is this one of the weeks where the Tea Partiers are just a fringe group of fanatics with no influence? I can’t keep straight which one of those it is during which week.

          • Lunatic fringe and insignificant group of bitter white clingers for today and tomorrow.   Let me check the schedule again to see if that’s due to change before the week is out.

          • Hey, us and the folks down at the WhopperBurger franchise…
            you know…the Build-A-Burgers.

    • Take a moment and go F**k Yourself!

  • War with Iran. October.