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Speculation: Aurora shooter an OWS guy? (Update)

At this point, I see it as mostly rumor, but I wonder how the left will react if this is true:

As speculation mounts about the motive behind the mass shooting, one private investigator has claimed that Holmes may have been part of Occupy Wall Street’s most violent faction Occupy Black Bloc.

Bill Warner told how the Batman movie portrays the OWS crowd in a negative vein, leading him to believe that may have been a cause behind the shooting.

Again, note the word “speculation”.  We’ll learn more as the investigation continues.  Interesting that I read this first in the foreign press.

I have to wonder, then, if this indeed turns out to be true, whether authorities will continue to state that he had no ties to known terrorist groups.

That said, my profound sympathies to the families of the victims of this kook’s madness.

UPDATE:  Interesting little back and forth on Twitter about this post among friends and colleagues essentially trying to convince me that I shouldn’t “go there”. 

I disagree.  The possibility exists and this being a news source which clearly identifies the point as “speculation” based on what it gathered from one “private investigator”, I see nothing wrong with posting it.  They obviously found something credible in what the investigator said, credible enough to include it in the story (but obviously not willing to cast it beyond “speculation” until they can find a corroborating source).  I present it as they have.

Never said or directly implied in the back and forth was the “sensitivity” of the recent massacre or the apparent assumed time one must let pass before “speculating”.  We speculate about motive all the time on really fresh crimes (see recent bus bombing in Bulgaria).  The size of this one is the only real difference.   It was a heinous act – agreed.  Got it.  So are green-on-blue murders in Afghanistan, be we don’t assume a waiting period on those.  We discuss them.  We speculate on motive, etc.  Talking about it or what may have motivated the crime won’t make it any less heinous.

Should the source choose to retract, I’ll note that.  Other than that, this is something to be considered in the mass murders this yahoo perpetrated.  Call it what you will, I see it as news.   And if you don’t believe this should be “politicized”, that ship sailed hours ago.


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29 Responses to Speculation: Aurora shooter an OWS guy? (Update)

  • My son is an aspiring filmmaker as well as a huge movie fan. We live in Castle Rock, CO, about 30 minutes from the Century 16 theather in Aurora. My wife and I knew he was going to see the new Batman movie at midnight, but we didn’t know where. We had a frantic hour and half trying to reach him, and were unbeleivable relieved and grateful when we learned he had been at a different theater.

    The politics of this is the farthest thing from my mind, except to say that crazy people sometimes get involved, but it’s the crazy that motivates them to do the things they do, not the involvement, no matter whether it is a right wing lunatic or a left wing lunatic. or whatever wing they happen to attach themselves to.

    We are fairly well armed here in Colorado, such that we have had potentally tragic situations stopped by armed citizens. But a movie theater full of kids made that unlikely. I carry on occasion, but it had never occured to me to go to the movies strapped.

    I may have to rethink that.

    • Glad your son is ok. Understand how horrible that hour and half must have been. And yes, perhaps a rethink is in order for many of us.

    • There’a a couple of hours from hell that I choose not to try and imagine.
      Truly glad to hear he’s okay Cap.
      Yeah, and I was thinking the same thing about being armed in the theater.

  • I would have to argue that the fact that this private investigator actually uses this headline…
    “UPDATE Occupy Black Bloc Member James E. Holmes Shoots Up Aurora Co Movie Theater Killing 12 And Wounding 50.”

    …in a story where the meat is found in this sentence…

    “I would first look at the possibility that James Holmes, DOB 12/13/1987, was caught up in the OWS movement took it upon himself to strike back against “THE MAN.”

    To run that headline with the backup for that headline being that someone ought to look into a such a  possibility destroys the potential of credibility here.

    It would be no more or less accurate (but ultimately stupid) to say “GOP Activist Shoots Kids in Movie Theatre” with the support for that headline being a sentence arguing that the activist was retaliating in response to what Rush Limbaugh stated that the villain in the new Batman movie was a political calculation to villify Mitt Romney’s former firm, Bain Capital. (Rush Limbaugh actually said that out loud on his radio show).

    • It is one thing to say it as fact. It is another to say there is “speculation” based on something else. I’m not presenting it as fact. I’m presenting it exactly as the news source did. And further, I am giving an opinion, or rather, wondering how this would go down if true.

      • But as the original source states, it is not even speculation, it is a example of someone using their imagination to guess one possible motivation with absolutely no basis in fact, except his opinion of how the movie portrays OWS people. That is no more valid than saying someone should look into the possibility that this guy is a comic book fan and was retaliating for the movie verring to far from the source comics.

        That is not even a sound basis for speculation.

        But I’ll tell you so when I say I told you so.

        • They started the day on Stephanopooplus speculating he was in the Tea Party based on a name on a Tea Party web page.
          but clearly neither side WANTS the man for obvious reasons.

  • Here is the direct link…

    I wouldn’t wait for this source to be updated, it’s a bad source. (IMHO)

  • Brian Ross practically wet himself in his hurry to tie this idiot to the Tea Party.  If he turns out to be an Occupy member, watch how they scramble to disassociate him with that group (or ignore it entirely).

  • I suspect that a few days on the Mushroom  Media and the political handlers will have this all be another Jared Loughner style case reporting.

  • Pot – Kettle

    People who associate everything with partisan politics will be quick to associate this with partisan partisan politics, in whichever way they like. Lefties call him a rightie, righties call him a lefty, all with no actual compassion for the actual tragedy, just how they can use to throw dirt.

    That is happens and will happen here is no surprise. I just would not want to be the kind of person who could do that.

  • I’m not in Colorado, but I went with the wife to see Batman at midnight (to use up some tickets bought, by mistake, by my son).
    I saw all the hype about “Bane” vs Bain before hand, including stories that the Democrats saw some possible gain from the film.  It does make the entire notion of #OWS, but not #OWS specifically, look really bad.  It gives a glimpse of what “the 99% rising up” would look like, and it wasn’t very pretty.
    The only spoiler I’ll offer is that the audience left satisfied.

  • ” It gives a glimpse of what “the 99% rising up” would look like, and it wasn’t very pretty.”

    I suspect that any serious popular revolt, whether for the better or not, is not very pretty, ask Benito Mussolini.

    • “I suspect that any serious popular revolt, whether for the better or not, is not very pretty, ask Benito Mussolini.”
      Which is why I’m in favor of a slow voting change – watering the tree of liberty is all well and good, but there’s going to be a lot of innocent ‘water’ shed, no matter which side prevails when ballots swap over to bullets.

    • “I suspect that any serious popular revolt, whether for the better or not, is not very pretty, ask Benito Mussolini.”

      Not all revolts are equal. Comparitively the American Revolution (really a rebellion) was civilized. That’s even true of the American Civil War, although that is hard to see unless you compare to what happens elsewhere.

      It is rather remarkable that Jefferson Davis stayed in the US, and kept his property (with obvious exceptions, like his slaves).

      How Anglo saxons handle these sorta things is different then the way the Italians do, the Mexicans (Santa Anna granted several days open rape and pillage on a Mexican state), or the Russians (Lenin allowed what became essentially “rape prisons” as a form of state terror).

  • I can confirm using the intertubes that this guy is a hard core OWS member. Signed, a serious journalist

  • The thing is that people who want to kill a bunch of people for their own weird reasons often CLAIM to be political because its a much better justification then “I am crazy.” So many murders are just murders with a veneer of cause slapped on.

  • As Ace said….the dog that didn’t bark. I’m hearing ZERO about this POS affiliation now, which is 100% guarantee he was a lefty. Had he had any even slightly tenuous connection to, or belief in, the right, it would be splashed all over the place by now.

    • Like I said, the post is a marker. Let’s see what happens.

    • “I’m hearing ZERO about this POS affiliation now, which is 100% guarantee he was a lefty”
      That does seem to be the normal mode of the media – if he’s a conservative the headlines tie the words Republican, Right Wing, Tea Party and all else into the headlines with ‘massacre’ and ‘killing spree’ and ROMNEY.

  • Something is not quite right about the coverage of Holmes. My sense is that the word is already out that some “unpleasant” facts about him will be coming, hopefully as unfortunate afternotes as the story (as soon as possible) fades. The White House has got Obama in and out of Aurora for a few hours today before the next week’s news cycle gets going. An AP story has both the cops and the university telling Holmes’s professors not to talk to the media. And they already have whatever they were going to get in terms of a laptop and notebooks and personal items out of the apartment, and so far not a word about that has been leaked.

  • There is one witness who is saying that someone in the theater took a cell call before the movie began, went to the emergency exit and left it ajar. So the “acted alone” narrative, arrived at before there was any investigation, as usual, and before the cops got into thet apartment, is not necessarily going to hold up. But thank goodness that the FBI is there to counsel the local police on how to ignore witnesses who contradict the “official finding.”

  • At the moment, the only concrete statement of political beliefs on the shooter is his profile where he lists his political views “middle of the road.”

    Those damned moderates!