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Indicator poll: Democratic enthusiasm way down

We’ve talked about it in the past.  Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts are best when voter enthusiasm is high.  In a per dollar spent ratio, GOTV efforts are most efficient when voters are enthusiastic. 

Democrats may have a problem this year according to Gallup:


voter enthusiasm

In fact, Democratic voters are less enthusiastic than they were in 2004.  GOP voters, on the other hand, are at the same level as 2004 and much more enthusiastic than in 2008.

That’s not to say overall voter enthusiasm is anything to brag about. 

voter enthusiasm1

The point of the above chart is that voters recognize that the choices they face are not at all that pleasing.  Obviously as in past races, voter enthusiasm will pick up in the next three months.  But it seems clear that the politics of this election are not at all compelling to many voters at this point.  The reasons are most likely varied.  However, what is clear is the GOP base is much more motivated at this point, and by a wide margin, than the Democrat base.

No matter how you slice it or attempt to spin it, that’s not good news for Obama.


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15 Responses to Indicator poll: Democratic enthusiasm way down

  • [Conservative voters are] much more enthusiastic than in 2008.

    I guess that is one metric where we can say…
    Obama made it better.

  • From a foreign perspective, the wobbly-kneed adoration of Obama is kind of missing this time around. The “lefty” sites I sometimes visit, which used to expound copiously about W and then got all wet for Obama for weeks on end seem oddly… quiet… about American politics just now. Since I liquidated my facebook “presence” I don’t know if the acquaintances who four years ago gave their profiles shiny Obama makeovers have done it again or not… but I am suspecting they are studiously avoiding being seen to be so libertine this time. Shit, even the Swedish press has called Romney “too Swedish” for American voters (maybe someone should give Erp a new opinion to try out, he is all Europeony after all). Seems to me that a lot of people are kind of done with Obama’s hype and secretly hope Romney will win.

      Imagine the commotion if Romney announced an Office On Anglo-Saxon Advancement & Excellence…
      People are getting tired of the Obamic Decline…and overt racism.

      • Heh heh, I wonder if Erb will take this call-to-service from his messiah seriously…

        And that’s why we’re pushing all colleges and universities to cut their costs. Because we can’t keep asking taxpayers to subsidize skyrocketing tuition.

        How about it Scotty, going to volunteer a pay-cut and reduced European junkets to improve the excellence of your colored brethren?

        • That’s how we make America great.

          Yeah, no…  That’s how we further inflate the education bubble, which no administration has done more to inflate.
          This is Obama’s classic Alinsky head-fake contradiction.  MORE government programs and $$$, while talking about lowering tuition that he’s just promised to subsidize more highly.
          It would be laughable if it were not so destructive.

      • All Obama ever had going for him was race.

        • Well, he was young, and cool, and mysterious.  Especially mysterious…
          At least if you weren’t paying attention.  If you were, he was a Collectivist thug in an expensive suit(tm).

          • By “cool and mysterious” you mean “empty”, right? I never saw the cool thing, maybe I just didn’t want to believe enough.

          • Some who know him say he’s downright cold.

          • You left out ‘arrogant, narcissistic collectivist… otherwise you are spot on.

  • It doesn’t really matter; I suspect this election with be determined by enthusiastic dead voters.

  • But aren’t Republicans usually more enthusiastic about elections the Democrats?  Republicans have always reminded me of the paradigm of the proverbial members of the Communist Party:  Swearing allegiance to the Party, no matter what.