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Paul Ryan and what his nomination means

It means the Democrats are facing a strong ticket with the announcement of Ryan as the VP nominee.  It also finally focuses the ticket where most Americans want it focused – the budget, the size of government, the economy and jobs.

For Mitt Romney the selection of Paul Ryan is about as strong a choice as he could have made.  Ryan has an intricate knowledge of the budget and budget process in Congress.  That will be a critical skill in the next four years for an administration to have.   In effect, Ryan will become the defacto administration budget expert (dare we say “czar”) for the Romney administration and give that administration a level of expertise unknown to most past administrations.

Romney is a “turn around” guy.  He knows how to turn ailing businesses and the like around.  The combination of Ryan and Romney is and should be compelling to most Americans.

For critics of Romney’s “conservatism”, the addition of Ryan should cool their angst and shore up the conservative base.  Ryan is more of a Tea Party conservative (i.e. fixed on fiscal conservatism rather than social conservatism) but that is the sort of conservatism which is going to attract the most non affiliated voters. 

Our fiscal house is broken and in bad need of repair.  This is a team with all the credentials to do that, or at least begin a positive effort to do that (I doubt that it can be fixed in 4 years, but a lot of progress can be made in that time).

And, of course, that means trouble for the Obama administration, whose record is anything but compelling and whose leadership has been anything but inspiring.  Ryan, therefore, must be “destroyed” in a political sense.   So in the name of “vetting” – something that was never really done for our present president  — we will see all sorts of wild stories and opinions flying around concerning the new VP pick.

I’m not sure any of that will matter much though.  Why?

Well, there are indicators seem to be pointing out a momentum shift that  polls aren’t showing yet (we discuss that on the podcast).  A half-full fundraiser for Obama in his home town of Chicago vs an enthusiastic crowd who packed a Romney/Ryan rally at a furniture store in North Carolina.  Or the turnout at this event:

Earlier in the day, Romney and Ryan campaigned at the NASCAR Technical Institute in Mooresville, N.C. The Hickory Daily Record reported that the two were “greeted by thousands.” A Romney campaign official told TheDC that an estimated 4,700 people showed up, with 1,700 people inside the event and 3,000 outside.

If the Obama campaign isn’t worried, then they are even more insulated from reality than I thought.

Fundraising is another indicator that all is not well in Obamaland.  Romney, even without Ryan as the VP pick, has been consistently bringing in more campaign donations.  And not by a little.  He’s been crushing the Obama effort.  That may be the truest indication to this point of how far the Obama brand has fallen. Donors don’t like to back losers.  Indications are that the choice of Ryan will only exacerbate that problem for Obama.

So Paul Ryan means even more trouble for an already troubled Obama campaign.

What should we expect, then?  A full-court press by the left and as dirty a campaign as you’ve ever witnessed.  The Obama campaign and its media surrogates and pundits are going to be in attack mode from now on.  In fact, just peruse some of the stuff already out there today.  Expect it to get worse.  The “Palin treatment” is called for because … because it worked the last time.  I would guess, however, that Ryan may be equal to the task ahead and perhaps turn that treatment back on those who attempt to apply it.

In the meantime, we have the opportunity over the next few months to actually discuss the most important and compelling issues facing us as a nation – if the media will let us.  Unfortunately, they usually focus on the horse race after picking sides.  And we all know whose side they were shamelessly on last go-round.

So I expect stories like this vs. stories about budget, spending and employment.  I expect, given the abysmal Obama record to see continued attempts by media surrogates to distract rather than inform or discuss relevant and important topics.

But then, that seems to be American politics today.  What’s surprising is how the left has managed, since the 2010 election, to pretend they never happened and that they’re back in the happy days of 2008 again.  I see a lot of “whistling past the graveyard” among them.  I see them and the media ignoring some pretty bold indicators that they’re in deep trouble.  And I hope they continue to do so.

Look, an economy that’s banging along the bottom of a recessionary dip and an unemployment rate seemingly stuck at about the 8% mark (or 14% if you’re looking at the U6) are not something any president wants to run on and, they’re certainly not something I’d assume he’d be keen about discussing.  

If Romney/Ryan will focus and force the debate about those issues without letting the Obama campaign successfully distract and divert that debate, I think they win.  And I think Paul Ryan is a strong enough personality to make that happen. 

That is what his nomination means.  And that means big trouble for Obama.


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46 Responses to Paul Ryan and what his nomination means

  • Ryan has an intricate knowledge of the budget and budget process in Congress.

    He also has had the courage to bring forth the Path To Prosperity and defend it in the open.  That is HUGE in a political office holder.  And he’s done it skillfully, and effectively.
    Happily, NOOOOOOOBODY really fails to understand our fiscal crisis, and we have ooodles of sound-bites from Deemocrats saying so.

    • You know, spot on and something that needs to be hammered. Ryan had the balls to send out a plan, Obama hides

      • Romney had the balls to pick Ryan, which signals that this is an election about two very distinct future Americas.
        Either we live in reality, or parish in delusion.
        Take Ryan’s Path to Prosperity, or Obama’s Road to Perdition.

  • McQ-
    We may very well lose this one. We will have the conversation we so desperately need, but I have a sinking feeling its too late, that a bare majority will choose servitude.
    Still, when it all falls apart, 100% of the blame will fall on the left. Not that they will care, reality means nothing to them. But at least history will record and hopefully the next great nation that arises will learn from us.
    If nothing else, Romney – freaking Romney!- has done the nation a valuable service.
    Time to see who the adults are and who the parasites are.

    • Still, when it all falls apart, 100% of the blame will fall on the left. Not that they will care, reality means nothing to them. But at least history will record and hopefully the next great nation that arises will learn from us.

      Blame the “left”?  They infest most of the media and nearly all of academia, so why expect history books to be any different?  Decades from now, will students be reading accounts of the suicidal fiscal policies of Democrats, particularly with respect to energy policy and entitlements?  Or, will they read about the evil “tea party” which caused deadlock and rancor, or maybe the selfish, greedy libertarian deregulation types who caused a disparity of income too great for Dear Leader to fix in two mere terms?  Will the free market–which any honest person knows has been progressively quashed since the New Deal–be the whipping boy for the people who “teach this stuff”?
      Sure, intelligent people may find sources which more accurately provide an accounting of these times, but will the “authorities” allow such things to be taught in school?  I guess it’s possible, but I’m not optimistic that the up and coming generations will have what it takes to make that happen.

      • If it’s at the bouncing rubble stage, well, I don’t expect many of them will live to pass on their idiocy.

  • I have been surprised by the reaction of the Ryan selection for VP.  Pleasantly so.  I believe it is also a reset fro the campaign.  Recently I heard a talking head on the tube say, “The campaign has lowered itself into the gutter.  The first man to elevate the campaign above the gutter and speak to the issues will win.”  So long as R&R can collectively avoid the pigsty of the Obama gutter and keep focused on the issues, I believe they will win.

  • A ray of hope was seen two Wednesdays ago.  On the mere suggestion from Mike Huckabee (avoiding all discussions about the messenger), Chick-fil-A had a stellar day in the highly competitive fast-food market.  Not that all those folks were ardent Romney fans, but perhaps more average Americans might recognize the assault on the First Amendment by the far left.

    • And then there’s the Susan G. Koman/Planned Parenthood fiasco.  Donations down 30 to 40%.
      Course the media/Planned Parenthood narrative is people are mad about the decision to drop Planned Parenthood, but…..I think not.

  • I think Ryan helps to make Romney more animated …

    As to the supposedly draconian nature of Paul Ryan’s Medicare cuts, they’re only exceeded by the severity of the Medicare cuts in…Obamacare.

    “There’s only one president that I know of in history that robbed Medicare, $716 billion to pay for a new risky program of his own that we call Obamacare,” Romney said on 60 Minutes last night.

    • But Romney gave a woman cancer, and Ryan pushes old women in wheel chairs off cliffs.   People will DIE if we elect them!!!!!
      Ah, sigh, I long for the good old Cold War days, when we would have claimed Romney and Ryan would start World War III…..

    • I think Iowahawk says it best: You know what will kill Social Security as we know it? Social Security as we know it.
      The same is true of all existing entitlements.

    • My wife, a life long Democrat, only wanted to know if Ryan has a record of reaching across the isle.
      I pointed her to the Wyden-Ryan Medicare plan .. so named because it was coauthored by progressive Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR).

      • My wife, a life long Democrat, only wanted to know if Ryan has a record of reaching across the isle.

        Not unless that island is very tiny!

  • I watched the Bob Schieffer interview of Romney and Ryan that was shown on 60 Minutes last night. The exchange wasn’t much. The usual stuff. But Ryan comes across as formidable in a very interesting way. Without upstaging Romney, he made Romney appear more coherent and serious. It’s just an image thing, but not unimportant. Also, the camera likes Ryan. He’s not a pretty boy, but he has a certain star quality, a vitality level, that the other three candidates, Biden, Obama and Romney, don’t really have. There’s some there there with Ryan, and coming as he does from that mess down in D.C. that’s something different. Plus, he’s a smart guy, and when he opens his mouth he has something to say. Rarer still. I think the bottom line is that without appearing to be working at it, he makes Obama look like the jerk he’s always been. He’s only the VP candidate, but that contrast still works, strangely enough.

    • And Ryan seems to be able to express himself without a teleprompter, continuous use of the human carrier tone “uh”, or gratuitous use of the word “I”.

      • Yes, he’s that rare normal person who somehow is allowed on the national stage.
        I have always sort of liked him. Never wild about him. But I think he’s gonna step into the ball and take real swings. So normal is going to look heroic.

    • “… he has a certain star quality, a vitality level, that the other three candidates, Biden, Obama and Romney, don’t really have.”
      It’s the JFK factor.   It comes from his Catholic upbringing, and the community and individual responsibility that comes with it.

      • Good freaking grief, Neo…!?!?!?  When I think of JFK, about the LAST thing that comes to mind are “his Catholic upbringing, and the community and individual responsibility that comes with it.”

      • Well, JFK had half a Catholic upbringing, by his mother, and he was a sickly kid who became a sickly adult with a sybaritic young man’s life thrown in between and held over to his dying day. When he was president he was in constant pain, on steroids and other medications to keep him alive, and if he had lived another ten years instead of being assassinated it would have been a near miracle. So. maybe it’s just the dashing Irish looks that account for the impression of vitality.

        • Joseph P. Kennedy, his father, was “Catholic” too, but I think of him as bringing strictly Carthaginian instincts to the party.

          • Joe Kennedy sewed up the import rights of Scotch into the US.  I can only assume that the family is still getting money from that.

  • And for him, now he gets the national stage to explain and defend his plan from all the awful attacks he’s taken

  • “And what I’ve tried to explain to them is, number one, if you look at the numbers, then Medicare in particular will run out of money and we will not be able to sustain that program no matter how much taxes go up. I mean, it’s not an option for us to just sit by and do nothing. ”
    President Barack Obama
    Feel free to use this quote on anyone who attacks Ryan’s plan.

  • Is there any disappointment out there that Romney is not embracing the only thing Ryan is known for, his budget plan?

    “I have my budget plan as you know that I’ve put out. And that’s the budget plan that we’re going to run on,” Romney said, flanked by Ryan on his right. 

    I figured that choosing Ryan meant that he would be embracing the Ryan Plan, and realistically, Obama is going to run against the Ryan Plan anyway, so that may mean that R&R will spend a whole lot of time on defense arguing that the Ryan Plan is not their plan.

    Romney should embrace it, or he should not have chosen Ryan.

    • You need his website?
      So you can send this invaluable contribution, I mean…

    • Well, if you say so.   Heaven knows their different budgets are worse than the budget that
      (head fake)
      Hey, tell us about the GM bailout, or the budget, or Solyndra, or Fast and Furious, or foreign relations, or maybe you’d rather talk about what Romney did with his own money instead of how Obama is pissing mine away like a fire hose.  Maybe you could discuss what a rocket scientist Joe Biden is, that is, when he can remember his name is Joe Biden….
      We can always talk about how the rich aren’t paying their fair share, if we run out of other things to talk about.  Ryan was a terrible choice, no?

  • “Heaven knows their different budgets are worse than the budget that � 0oh…. � wait……. � � (head fake)”

    Obama has submitted a budget every year he has been in office.

    R&R can submit their budget.

    It doesn’t mean it will be passed.

    You understand that, right?

    We don’t have a budget because we have a broken legislature so wrapped in partisan refusal to compromise, that they are not even close to a budget that can pass both chambers.

    Anyway, I was curious if it is disapointing that Romney is not embracing the Ryan Plan, I was not asking if that little happenstance would make you support Obama at the polls. I’ll guess I will learn the answer as you talk amongst yourselves.

    • I know this will make you thunderstruck, but there are SEVERAL good, viable budget proposals out there.
      None…NOT ONE…made by Obama.  As PROVEN by his level of support in the Senate.
      And, moron, you compromise on policy.  Not principle.  And not on reality.

    • No, I’m not disappointed Romney hasn’t ’embraced’ Ryan’s plan – little early for me to worry about a couple of guys who aren’t President and Vice President embracing a budget that is clearly going to have to be re-worked.   Frankly Cap, I don’t believe any of what any of them say until I SEE what they actually do.   Which brings me to the current President and Vice President.  I believe Obama and Biden lie to me, if for no other reason than I have Obama’s history of lies to prove he’s lying to me.  Romney, Ryan, I just haven’t gotten there yet.  Talk to me in 2013 if they get elected.
      “We don’t have a budget because we have a broken legislature so wrapped in partisan refusal to compromise, that they are not even close to a budget that can pass both chambers”
      Good, now splain to me why there was no budget in 2010 or 2011?  Was that because the Republicans who didn’t have control of either house yet were being partisan??  Was that it?
      “With you, and I mean this, we can win North Carolina again.” ”
      There ya go – Joe Biden, talking to voters, IN VIRGINIA.  Maybe he thought he was in one of Obama’s 7 extra states…  maybe he thought they could go vote in North Carolina – does North Carolina have voter id laws yet?
      and you’ll accept this guy to be Vice President again?  Seriously?

      • Well, we Southerners all look the same to those sophisticated Northeast Yankees.

        They need markers to know where they are in the South. If Joe had had pecan pie for lunch, he would probably have thought he was in Georgia. If someone was playing guitar outside the venue, he would have thought it was Tennessee.

        • “Chains, chains, chains… Chain of fooools…”

        • “we Southerners all look the same to those sophisticated Northeast Yankees.”

          And you all sound the same, and eat the same food, including barbecue.

      • “and you’ll accept this guy to be Vice President again?  Seriously?”

        Because he is oh so superior  to Sarah Palin. Not only is he smarter (just ask him), he also has a penis and a law degree which, as everyone knows, are the two most important qualifications for high office.

      • “Romney, Ryan, I just haven’t gotten there yet.  Talk to me in 2013 if they get elected.”

        Fair enough.

        Something I have thought would be interesting to see, because until it happens, we can’t know, but if the GOP were to win the House and Senate and Presidency (been there done that), my opinion is that they would absolutely NOT pass anything remotely similar to the Ryan Budget. But that is just my opinion and as such, only interesting if we had the opportunity to see what would actually happen.

        The reason, by the way, that I have this opinion, is that when I look at the outlines of the budget from a revenue perspective, there are assumptions that I do not believe are realistic. For example, lower tax rates across the board, and removing loopholes, but in such a way that revenues would increase to 19% of the GDP (from around 16% now) without eliminating the sacred mortgage tax deduction, which would be a HUGE tax increase for most Americans (of whom  most own homes).

        People here have said that the budget is just a framework and would have to be worked out by a new R&R Administration. But I think people forget that the House has passed the Ryan Budget TWICE. So that would assume that the work has been done. Of course if this was just a political stunt, with the House GOP knowing full well that the budget they passed was DOA so they didn’t have to worry about consequences, then it’s a different story. But it brings me full circle to my original point, that I would bet that if the GOP actually had the power to pass a budget on their own, it would look nothing like the Ryan plan.