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One more time with emphasis

Please join us on Facebook.   If you spend any time there at all and enjoy QandO, we’ve put together a sort of “plus” version there that allows us to pop up things of interest that we don’t really get to cover here.  You’re welcome to comment away. 

That’s not going to take away from the blog as I, for one, have the need to blog. 

QandO will be 9 years old on the 29th of August.  The Facebook page is just a part of the evolution of the blog.  In this case, it actually improves content without cluttering the blog. It’s not exactly "micro blogging" ala Twitter (we’re on that too) but it is short-form blogging.

Our Facebook page is here.  If you haven’t seen it you’ll recognize it. 

Please come over and join us with a “like.”


Twitter: @McQandO

Facebook: QandO

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7 Responses to One more time with emphasis

  • Sorry. I don’t do Facebook

  • Facebook? Ewwwww…. I’d rather drive a pink Volt with a People Over Profits bumper sticker, with Scott Erb in the passenger seat reading Howard Zinn aloud and with feeling than use Facebook.

  • I wish the whole effort well and I’m all for increased exposure for QandO. 

    But I have blocked in my HOSTS file to defeat their hyperactive tracking of users and readers, so I can’t even go there. Perhaps if they ever put some acceptable privacy policies in place, I’ll change that.

  • I am really upset because I was a five or six year veteran of Redstate, I liked that they allowed you to create your own diaries. Now they revamped the site and made it incredibly user unfriendly. There are no more commenter diaries and you can no longer track who responded to your comments.   It is sad that they decided after all this time to say that the voices of those who helped them grow are no longer important.

  • Sorry, I don’t feel like making more personal information available to anyone on the internet.

  • Facebook is for our generation, your audience would get their password social engineered in 5 minutes 🙁