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It is QandO’s 9th “Blogversary”

9 years ago today, QandO was launched on the Blogger platform. Jon Henke started it up by putting up a two or three line post about “first post” jitters. Since then we’ve migrated to many different platforms,  literally thousands of posts have been written, over 60,000 comments have been made and over 8 million have viewed QandO’s pages.

This blog has been a labor of love for all those associated with it.  By far not the biggest of the blogs out there, it is one of the older ones (think dog years as a metaphor for blog years).  We started back when there were just hundreds of us.  Now, there are literally millions of blogs.

Thanks from the QandO gang to all our loyal readers and commenters.  You’re the incentive that keeps us writing.


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20 Responses to It is QandO’s 9th “Blogversary”

  • Congrats!  While I don’t leave comments very often, I am always linking to you.

  • to finish that thought…
    because I think you’re one of the smartest guys in the blogosphere.

  • Yes!  Congratulations!
    I look forward to the first QandO Summer Cruise.  Maybe we could all kick in and rent a LST or something!

  • Congratulations!

    It’s a long way from the our old days debating on Yahoo Groups.

  • Happy anniversary, guys. I miss the blog, the community of readers and commenters, and especially McQ and Dale. I could not have imagined how starting a blog would change my life, but it’s been a hell of a ride. McQ and Dale get a great deal of the credit for that. They have been enormous influences on me — philosophically and politically. I owe them both a great debt of gratitude.

  • Been here almost since the start.  Even had the honor of meeting Jon when he was between flights at LAX.  I don’t comment much anymore, but I’m here in spirit.

    • I remember that well, Steverino, and it was a real honor to meet you. I appreciated it very much.

  • Congratulations!  I’m happy I found this site so many years ago 🙂

  • Mazel Tov! Thanks for providing the great content and platform! You all win the internets!

  • I owe my current career, going back 4 years, and all the happiness attendant to that, to a chance click on a link to a QandO post back at a forum where I used to debate.  I stumbled across QandO when I didn’t have a name for my political philosophy, and this blog and its neolibertarianism immediately felt like home.  So thank you McQ, Dale, and Jon — and also to many of you regular commenters.
    Blogging’s “frontier” days may have passed, but I’m glad this one’s still riding.

  • Congratulations!  I used to look in here occasionally back in the Aughties, glad you’ve prospered since then.