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Democrats and Republicans: A pox on both their houses

We’ve talked in the past about why these “wave” elections, as they’re called, are happening with increasing frequency.

Well one of the reasons, I would assert, is people are tiring of the same old promises – promises that are rarely if ever kept – with the same old results – business as usual with vituperative partisan sniping and finger pointing, while we spend ourselves into oblivion.

No matter who is put into power, nothing substantive happens.  So voters keep switching the sides in hope that some group they put in there will “get it”.

So along come this poll, which is quite interesting.  No matter how “popular” Obama is alleged to be, it seems the party he is associated with is now at their popularity nadir.

Today’s Gallup Poll, "GOP Favorability Matches 2008 Pre-Convention Level," shows the pre-convention favorability ratings of the two Parties going back as far as 1992. For the very first time, the favorable/unfavorable ratios are now higher for the Republican Party than for the Democratic Party. For the first time ever, the Democratic favorability ratio, which has always been within the range of 1.20 to 1.56, is now below 1. It is a stunningly low .83, which is 31% lower than the prior Democratic Party low of 1.20, which was reached in 2004.

The Democrats find themselves at John Kerry territory in terms of popularity.  Gee I wonder why (*cough* ignore the voters and pass ObamaCare, unemployment at 8.2%, economy in the crapper, etc., *cough*)?

But  before Republicans celebrate because they’re better than Democrats, they should realize they’re only marginally better. 

By contrast, the Republican ratio is now .88, which compares with the 2008 ratio of .80, which was that Party’s lowest-ever ratio, reached at the end of the Bush Presidency. Prior to 2008, the ratio was 1.16 in 2004, 1.41 in 2000, 1.16 in 1996, and 1.36 in 1992.

Those figures compare with the Democratic ratios of 1.38 in 2008 (compared with the Republican .80), 1.20 in 2004 (vs. 1.16), 1.56 in 2000 (vs. 1.41), 1.50 in 1996 (vs. 1.16), and 1.42 in 1992 (vs. 1.36).

So?  So right now,  Republicans seem to be enjoying a slightly better level of “popularity” than are Democrats.  But both should note that their relative popularity is near the bottom of their historic range.

What does that say?

It says to me that voters are truly considering the lesser of two evils.  That their “popularity” is a function of there being no other choice but these two and there being little if any confidence in either doing what is necessary to turn this mess around.  But, at the moment, they are inclined to give the Republicans a shot, simply because the Democrats have been so lousy.

Another “indicator” poll.  Expect the media’s full court negative press to continue unabated.  We now know more about Mitt Romney than we’ve ever known about the President of the United States (of course that’s partly because Romney has actually run things and done things prior to running and has an actual record to examine).

Meanwhile voters seem inclined toward the Republicans, but not such that anyone in the GOP should get arrogant or cocky by any means.  This is all touch and go at the moment.

But here’s a key which is hard to ignore, speaking of Obama’s “popularity”:

The Democratic brand has thus suffered more (down 39%) under Obama than the Republican brand suffered under either of George W. Bush’s two terms (-16%, then -31%).

Democrats have reason to be worried.


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24 Responses to Democrats and Republicans: A pox on both their houses

  • Starting back two years ago or so, I was reading Deemocrats saying that Obama was killing their party.
    Nothing surprising here.  He has been killing their party.  And with a lot of help from others like him.

  • These clowns.  Look at some of the people who are representing us – Akin with his magic rape biology, Reed, Orange Boehner, Hank Johnson, the list goes on, from both sides of the aisle.  Racists, drunks, drug abusers, sexting fiends, pocket lining rent seekers and not merely ignorant, but literally stupid and GREEDY people.
    $6600 Kindles purchased for the State Department.  A justice department that ignores the laws it doesn’t like and oddly enforces bits and parts of ones it does.  Bridges to nowhere, Solyndra payouts, Halliburton featherbedding.  Stimulus payments to Congressional districts that don’t even exist. $7 billion to illegal aliens for child tax credits and a border so porous that we can be grateful Mexico’s army is too busy selling and shipping drugs to bother contemplating taking back the SouthWest.
    America’s government is more like the Dallas Cowboys than a government – “There are two Senator’s, two Congressmen and a Treasury official riding in a car in Washington, who’s driving?…. the DC police”   Except being members of the sacred Legislature we can’t actually arrest the buggers.
    And they’re busy playing ‘your turn’ at the wheel of the ship of state, but the course isn’t changing.
    Now would be a good time for Cap to show up and tell me how the Democrat morons and crooks are better for us than the Republican morons and crooks.

  • Let’s vote out the Democrats first in a few election cycles, so that they are no longer a factor in public policy.  Then let’s bring up a conservative third party to make Republicans behave.

  • “Now would be a good time for Cap to show up and tell me how the Democrat morons and crooks are better for us than the Republican morons and crooks.”

    No, now would be the time for Cap to point out, again, that “lesser evil” on either side is an illusion and the greater evil is something you don’t get to vote on.

    We’re in front of a firing squad choosing the color of the rifle stocks.

      • Yeah and I like wood rather than the plastic stuff.   It’s the old 20th century fogey in me.

    • heh….pretending that either choice is exactly the same.
      You vote for the clumsy marxist if you like.  He’s already demonstrated how much smaller he’ll make government over the last three years.   QED.  That was what you were after, right?
      I’ll take the capitalist, at least I agree with his basic principles, and frankly for me, it’s anybody but the marxist.  I don’t think of my vote being FOR Romney, I think of it being AGAINST Obama.  I’ll worry about what to do afterwards once we see how much of the government the capitalists control.

      • Maybe I should adopt Billy Beck’s approach, but I just can’t stop myself from pulling the damn ballot lever because a voice keeps telling me I can’t win if I don’t play.

      • “heh….pretending that either choice is exactly the same.”
        That shows how sophisticated he is. Like that other “pragmatic” boob.

        • Yep.  But they are the Masters of Nuance…according to them.  The only thing worse than a posing liar is a conceited posing liar.

  • Interesting that the nation…belatedly…IS seeing a clear and stark difference in the ideology of the two camps.
    It took the Obamic Decline to put it in clear contrast, and now it seems clear we are about to see a reform movement take hold.
    It will REQUIRE the people hold their political office holders to the path they should walk, but that was really ALWAYS true.
    There is, of course, no easy solution here; just hard, committed work.

    • “There is, of course, no easy solution here; just hard, committed work.”
      Or we can vote to let Barackwinkle try and pull another moon pony out of his hat, because bad Democrats are better than bad Republicans.

    • Yes, the problems are hard, but who ever said it would be Saturday in the Park ? Democrats keep talking about the “War on Woman,” but hey, I’m a Man. Our nation has bigger problems and the time for action draws nigh, Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is ? Just because Barack Obama is a person of some colour, Fancy Colours, it no reason that the Republican can’t Colour My World. The Forward path for Obama is hard, his chances for re-election are low, I’d say 25 or 6 to 4

  • The country is dangerously devided, and both parties and the whole of the political class have squandered whatever credibility they had.  We are on the road to hell, and switching vote between D and R is only changing the  pressure on the accelerator between ‘speed up’ and ‘floor it!’  There is no ‘hit the brakes’ party, and no ‘turn the damn steering wheel!’ party.  Whether it is the Dempublicans or the Republocrats, there is only a lesser of evils, and people are starting to get that.  Americans have become more subjects than citizens.  The environment is ripe for a third party, or at least a truly fundamental transformation of one of the existing parties.  The challenge is that third parties in economically tough times have a history of bloody failure…it is hard to make the tough calls right in this environment. 

    I plan on voting for the lesser of the evils, but I make no mistake that it is a lesser of two evils, it is not a good.  That which cannot continue forever, will stop.  The path we are on cannot continue.  It will stop.  The question is whether it ends with a very difficult rebirth of freedom and liberty, or a dystopia that makes Orwell’s 1984 and Stalin’s Russia look pleasant, or a bloodbath that makes the french revolution look quaint.  I know what I would prefer, but I also recognize it is not the likely outcome.  A hard rain is gonna fall.  The storm clouds have been on the horizon for a while, and they are closing fast.      

  • Campaign finance reform put politics and ‘the debate’ in the hands of the MSM. 

    Right now they are a bunch of sharks looking for some flesh to sink their teeth into.  I wonder if the Romney campaign realizes this and that’s why they have the most boring and subdued campaign to date.  Its the equivalent of keeping his legs and arms in the boat denying them the opportunity to sink their teeth in.  OTOH, they could just be boring and uninspired.  Probaby somewhere in between. 

    Anyway, the MSM never, never, never holds any government politician accountable for overspending unless its for the military or deeply against Democrat policy.  So overspending is not a liability because no specific politician is held to account. 

    • I take that back, Republican Presidents are held to account for it.  When they have the least power to do anything about it.  Why R Paul & friends harp on Reagan selling the misperception he was solely responsible for the 80’s deficits is beyond me.  But some people build themselves up by tearing others down. 

    • THIS.
      I think if we had a better 4th estate it would help immensely.
      Also, the public school education system and general leftward slant in University does great harm.

      • And I would strongly advocate taxes being due 7 days prior to an election.
        The price tag for government needs to be made more transparent.

  • Fair reading of these polls, but when you consider that not only is Paul Ryan on the ticket, that the campaign is at least giving entitlement reform lip service, you have to concede that the terms of the debate have changed radically. That’s progress – if even a little

  • Let’s not forget some cogent reasons behind why people feel they have to vote for the lesser of two evils, beyond the normal politicians are gredy corrupt douches:
    The voters like to vote for goodies but not pay for them, and most politicians oblige. This leads eventually to the day when the bills are due. Now, normally in life, you do the math, and go “whoa, I spent that much? Well, the numbers add up, so its time to pay.”
    But in politics, you can ignore this, for a while. The media cheerleaders never explain any of the pitfalls of government, and they keep obscuring the cost and believing the politicians on their side, thus, honestly some of the electorate can believe they are doing the right thing voting against those mean Republicans. It might be head in the sand, but not everyone has time to do the research.
    And thus you get these elections like in Greece, where the electorate desperately votes parties in and out in attempts to keep their goodies flowing. I mean, somebody should be able to fix everything, right? Maybe this guy, maybe that guy.
    The electorate should look itself in the mirror. California is a great example, because its mainly Democrats who are now slashing the social safety net and mishandling the budget. (Facebook will save us!) But the pundits say we need to have more moderate Republicans to solve this issue…uh, how? They do the same thing. Same as NY Republicans. They voters like being bought off.
    The electorate needs to face the facts that they are part of the problem.

  • Well, if the Repubs get back in power I have to think that enough of them are smart enough to know that we have to get a hold of runaway spending or we will collapse worse than Greece.  I have at least a glimmer of a hope that things could improve.
    But if Dems stay in power there is no hope. None.