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Indicators: And then there’s this poll – Are you better off now than 4 years ago?

The Hill says:

A majority of voters believe the country is worse off today than it was four years ago and that President Obama does not deserve reelection, according to a new poll for The Hill.

Fifty-two percent of likely voters say the nation is in “worse condition” now than in September 2008, while 54 percent say Obama does not deserve reelection based solely on his job performance.

Only 31 percent of voters believe the nation is in “better condition,” while 15 percent say it is “about the same,” the poll found. Just 40 percent of voters said Obama deserves reelection.

Key word above? “Likely” voters.

The poll sort of echoes Eastwood’s words about what you do with someone not performing, doesn’t it? And, finally, the president is faced with actually earning something … or not. Apparently it’s “or not”.

Prepare for spin city this week as Democrats meet to try to salvage this presidency and frame the GOP as the equivalent of Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia and Pol Pot’s Cambodia all rolled into one. And don’t be surprised if Idi Amin gets a mention as well.

But they’ll be civil about it.

Sure they will.

Oh, and before I forget … one other indicator. Reports have it that the Romney campaign raised $100 million in August. That ought to help set the right tone for the DNC.


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15 Responses to Indicators: And then there’s this poll – Are you better off now than 4 years ago?

  • Bain Capital!   Citizens United!   Tax Felon!   uh, Ryan lied about how fast he ran a marathon!   Romney rescheduled to go to New Orleans!   He put his dog on top of his car!  Gosh Obama is likeable isn’t he?   And so well groomed and articulate!  And smart!  did I mention he’s really really smart!   He just needs a chance!   and it’s all Bush’s fault, we’d be sooooo much worse off if Obama hadn’t saved us!

  • So only 31% of the country is critically stupid?  I’m relieved – 4 years ago, it was 53%.

  • 31% think it’s better.   Where did they do this poll ?  Wall Street ?

    • The Welfare Office, the Justice Department and Democratic National Committee Headquarters.   It was completely random.

  • Are we better off now than we were 4 years ago?  Ask us that question the day after the election.

  • We are the 8.3%!

  • It’s not my experience that Democrats refer to the opposition as Stalin or Hitler as much do ultra-conservative when talking about Obama.

  • People vote their feelings.

    More Americans Do say they are worse off today than four years ago, and that’s bad for Obama. But in an interesting contradiction, more Americans (47%) say they are better off than when Bush was President and 41% say they are worse off.

    So from a strategic point of view, you can expect two things, more pointing at the Bush administration, or more attempts to associate Romeny with Bush.

    This isn’t rocket science, whoever wins the narrative battle will win the election. Republicans will frame it as Obama is the problem, Romney is the solution, Democrats will frame it as Republicans created the problems that ran us up to nearly 10% unemployment and Obama IS solving it and Romney would make it worse, again.

    Bill Clinton is going to describe Obama’s policies as the same as his policies, and the same policies that got the debt under control, and he will describe the GOP as the folks who went wild, and will do it again, leaving another Democrat to clean up the mess. 

    One strategic error the GOP made (IMHO) is using Bill Clinton in their ads with a positive spin. Bubba already has a ridiculous 66% approval rating, meaning that pretty much everyone (read independents) but the GOP base thinks he’s great. The GOP doesn’t have an advocate anywhere near that kind of popularity combined with recognition, unless you want to count Clint Eastwood.

    I think it is more of an uphill battle for Obama, but from a political point of view, it is an interesting race. From a realistic point of view, it’s a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing.