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Probably untrue news – 9 Sept 2012 edition

Mitt Romney stopped and bought Girl Scout cookies during a campaign stop this morning. He bought two boxes of Do-si-dos and a box of Trefoil butter cookies.

Debbie Wasserman-Shultz derided the incident as yet more evidence that Romney is out of touch with average Americans. "He didn’t get a single box of Samoas or Thin Mints? That’s unpardonable. Those are the Girl Scout Cookie varieties Americans love. Mitt Romney has proven again that he’s not fit to lead America during this tough economy."

Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa called Romney a racist over the flap. "He didn’t buy anything that has any chocolate in it. Not only did he turn down the totally brown Thin Mints, he wouldn’t even take the partially brown Samoas. The only reason I can think of for such blatant insensitivity is outright racism."

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid said a friend in the Girl Scouts told him Romney had never purchased Samoas or Thin Mints. "The facts are clear. Unless Romney releases his purchase records of Girl Scout cookies for the last twenty years, we’ll all know exactly what to think."

A Romney campaign spokesman pointed out that the group of Girl Scouts selling cookies outside a supermarket was out of Samoas and Thin Mints. "We were all disappointed that there were no Samoas, but that’s not Mitt Romney’s fault. The Obama economy with its high unemployment has made it impossible for the Girl Scouts to predict how many cookies of each variety to order. I really wanted some Samoas with vanilla ice cream on top, but, hey, that’s just how it goes."

Politifact looked at the Romney campaign’s claim that they didn’t buy Samoas or Thin Mints because they were not available that day. Since there were some Samoas and Thin Mints available from other scouts elsewhere in the country, they rated the claim "mostly false".

18 Responses to Probably untrue news – 9 Sept 2012 edition

  • That’s really funny.

  • Thank you Billy!  I expect Rachel will lead off with this, or maybe Chris.  It’s just disgraceful that we’re considering replacing likeable men like the President with men who will conveniently mis-remember their marathon time from 1990, or claim to have climbed way more Fourteeners than is even possible for them to have climbed in their lives!  Now we have Cookiegate.  I’m just not surprised any more at the Republican party, the party of putting people in chains and controlling women’s unmentionable parts for their own unscrupulous ends.
    We need to let Barack have another four years!  He’s done a great job, putting people back to work, saving the American Automotive industry, developing alternative energy, curtailing government spending and just uniting all of us in these troubled times.
    I also heard, on top of his racist excuse filled cookie fiasco, Romney doesn’t know how to us a Blackberry!  How can we seriously consider electing a man who is so technologically inept AND doesn’t embrace the ethnic rainbow that is the foundation of Girl Scout cookies!

  • From Free Wood Post

    Mitt Romney was addressing a crowd in Prattville, Alabama this past Monday when he stated:
    I understand how difficult it can be for an African-American in today’s society. In fact, I can relate to black people very well indeed. My ancestors once owned slaves, and it is in my lineage to work closely with the black community. However, just because they were freed over a century ago doesn’t mean they can now be freeloaders. They need to be told to work hard, and the incentives just aren’t there for them anymore. When I’m president I plan to work closely with the black community to bring a sense of pride and work ethic back into view for them.

    Many Lefties forgot to read the “Satire Disclaimer” …

    Free Wood Post is a news and political satire web publication, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways. All news articles contained within are fiction, and presumably fake news.
    Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental, except for all references to politicians and/or celebrities, in which case they are based on real people, but still based almost entirely in fiction. is intended for a mature, sophisticated, and discerning audience.

    • Hey, MY comment was NOT satire, I’m serious!  I’ve decided to blow up the airfield personally so Washing Machine Tad doesn’t have to keep flying over and trying to blow us up.   I was deeply affected by Catch-22.

    • Were it only NOT satire!

  • Then there is this story from the Washington Times:

    On the campaign trail, President Obama is constantly talking about the importance of technology, but he met his match in an iPhone Sunday.
    The president had stopped at a campaign office in Port St. Lucie, Fla., to thank volunteers. Then, for the cameras, Mr. Obama was supposed to call two campaign workers who were out working on his behalf.
    But when White House trip director Marvin Nicholson handed the president his personal iPhone, Mr. Obama couldn’t get it to work. A reporter who witnessed the scene said the president looked “befuddled.”
    “It’s not clear he knows how to dial on an iPhone,” the reporter wrote in a pool report.
    Finally, Mr. Obama said, “Oh, I got to dial it in. Hold on, hold on. I can do this. See, I still have a BlackBerry.”

    • One report mentioned he blamed the ‘plan’ of the guy who owned the phone.  I’m surprised he didn’t mention Bush at all during this episode.
      I hate I-phones, but since I was forced (forced! forced! by unscrupulous capitalists selling them more cheaply than the flip phone I wanted to replace my defunct Samsung ) to get one…I admit, it’s actually pretty damn handy.  Especially the light-saber and helicopter control apps.

      • I got an iPhone 4 when the iPhone 4S came out.
        I always wondered why Apple decided that they needed their own browser, Safari.  When I got the iPhone I knew why.
        FULL DISCLOSURE:  I bought Apple at $4.09 and have been sending my kids to a private college by selling it off slowly.

  • The funny part of it all is that Samoans are not called Samoans anymore because of political correctness. Since Samoan is an ethnicity!

  • Now that’s a knee-slappin’ satirical right there.  Yes, the “we won’t let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers” is hilarious indeed.
    You know what’s even funnier than that?  “Romney wins”
    Or the meme I’ve been reading from QandO that the Dems are “whistling past the graveyard.”
    LOL!!  That’s some funny stuff.  It’s one of those “opposite jokes.”  I get it… hilarious.
    Seriously, though.  How many times do you have to hit yourself in the head with a hammer to get as numb to reality as you do?
    I’m concerned.

    • Pogue, I don’t even *like* Romney, and I won’t be voting for him. Doesn’t mean I don’t see what a maroon Wasserman-Schultz is, or what a vindictive snake Harry Reid is.

      Just to clear, though, are you saying you think Romney doesn’t have a chance? That’s what your comment seemed to imply.

      • Of course he doesn’t have a chance.  He never had a chance.
        The reason, he’s a Republican.
        Look, the electorate was looking for a reason – any reason – to vote out Obama.  All they needed was a reasonable alternative, but what they’re left with is the Republicans.
        This should have been a shoe-in for Obama’s opponent, but the crazies run the GOP.  Invariably, what we hear about constantly is God, guns, and gays.  And don’t give me that BS that it is the media or the Dems steering the conversation – all we’ve heard out of Romney/Ryan these past few days is “I won’t take God off our coins” and “I’ll put prayer back in school.”  When actually given a chance to talk about the economy, those guys can’t string two coherent sentences together.
        The media screams, “GIVE US SPECIFICS.”  Romney/Ryan dances the jig.  They could be talking specific economic plans and ideas RIGHT NOW.  Instead we get more God, guns, and gays.
        Billy, you don’t like Romney (and we’ll be hearing a lot of that come November).  I believe that.  I never thought for a second that any of you here actually like the guy.  Where are the pro-Romney posts?  There aren’t any.  All we get is anti-Dem posts, and that aint gunna do it.
        That’s why Obama will be re-elected.  You need to be more than against someone, you need to be for someone.  And until you guys quit bitching about Democrats and start cleaning up your own house, the future Obamas of the world will continue to win.
        In the meantime, can we please forget the “whistling past the graveyard” posts from some of you here at QandO.
        It’s embarrassing.

        • look who is delusional here. Your little screed about what Romney and Ryan have been talking about bears no semblance to reality at all.

        • The electorate screams a lot of things – one of which is they want ‘fair’ reporting.
          We know they don’t – they want more Honey Boo Boo.

    • eh, won’t matter how you vote Pogue.

  • I confess I’m with Wasserman-Schultz there.
    No Samoas or Thin Mints? That’s why I’m voting for Johnson*.
    (* Okay, it’s actually because I prefer Johnson in general, and there’s no way in hell Oregon could be in play so it doesn’t matter.)