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Is really all about an anti-Islamic film?

Oh, wait … Yemen too?

Yup, that “Arab Spring” thing is sure a positive for the US. Says the NY Times:

Turmoil in the Arab world linked to an American-made video denigrating the Prophet Muhammad spread on Thursday to Yemen, where hundreds of protesters attacked the American Embassy, two days after assailants killed the American ambassador in Libya and crowds tried to overrun the embassy compound in Cairo.

Is it about an “American-made video” really?

There are reports that those who stormed the embassy in Cairo were chanting: “Obama, Obama! There are still a billion Osama’s!”

They certainly weren’t chanting the crazy pastor’s name.

And it was done when? Oh yeah, on September 11th. And what was it they raised after they tore down the American flag and burned it?

Say, wasn’t it Al-Queda’s flag?

So, spontaneous, huh? In reaction to a film, eh?

Meanwhile in Libya, it appears that the “spontaneous” riot was a carefully planned assasination plot. And it worked.

But stick with that “in reaction to a film about Mohammed” nonsense, MSM.

The New York Times leads with that, but in passing, in the 24th paragraph of the story, it almost figures it out:

Also on Tuesday, a car bomb exploded in Yemen alongside a convoy of vehicles used by Yemen’s defense minister, killing seven bodyguards and five civilians in the heart of the capital, while the minister escaped unharmed, government and hospital officials said. The attack came one day after a top operative of Al Qaeda in Yemen was killed in what Yemeni officials called an American drone strike.

Those episodes and the violence on Thursday spoke to the continued volatility in poverty-stricken Yemen, where the United States is seeking to eradicate militant cells held responsible for a number of conspiracies, including an attempt by an operative of Al Qaeda to detonate a bomb hidden in his clothes on a flight bound for Detroit in December 2009.

Sorry folks … not buying the “this is about a film” nonsense. This is and was planned to happen on 9/11 in the same year Osama bin Laden was killed.

For goodness sake, consider the facts and think about it instead of sucking up the MSM pablum designed to protect the incumbent president (after all, why was the story about a dead US ambassador on an inside page and the NY Times condemnation of Mitt Romney on page 1?).


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  • “(after all, why was the story about a dead US ambassador on an inside page and the NY Times condemnation of Mitt Romney on page 1?).”
    Because there is no media bias!

    • You’re engaging in a ridiculous paranoid fantasy.
      Romney’s views on Vietnam are news, I tell you, news!  In 2008, Obama’s college radicalism, his autobiography, his associations with domestic terrorists, racist radicals, and Marxists were just right-wing radio ravings, not to be covered by authorized journalists.  Harumph!

  • I recognize that Obama saying “Egypt not an ally” is a “gutsy call”, but it is also an indictment of Obama’s foreign policy.

    Saying “Egypt not an ally” is the equivalent of saying my foreign policy in regard to Egypt is a failure, so should I help re-elect the guy who has admitted that his policies have failed ?

    Why not just give him a “participation ribbon” ?

    • Partisanship aside, what the hell happened for him to say that. His persona would be the kind of guy to deny that until the cows come home if he could. I am guessing Morsi wasn’t so polite with him on the phone.

      • “I don’t think we would consider them an ally, but we don’t consider them an enemy,” Obama said in an Sept. 12 interview with the Spanish-language channel Telemundo.
        “They are a new government that’s trying to find its way.”

        CLASSIC patented Obama Alinski head-fake, taking at least two positions at once.

      • You know, some foreign policy naifs — some amateurs — some people with no competency to handle the foreign affairs of a nation — have a tendency to shoot first and aim later.
        You called it.

        That comment had Egypt watchers scratching their heads, especially since technically, Egypt was designated as a Major Non-NATO Ally in 1989 when Congress first passed the law creating that status, which gives them special privileges in cooperating with the United States, especially in the security and technology areanas.
        White House spokesman Tommy Vietor told The Cable Thursday that the administration is not signaling a change in that status.
        “I think folks are reading way too much into this,” Vietor said. “‘Ally’ is a legal term of art. We don’t have a mutual defense treaty with Egypt like we do with our NATO allies. But as the president has said, Egypt is longstanding and close partner of the United States, and we have built on that foundation by supporting Egypt’s transition to democracy and working with the new government.”

        Of course, there is video around (in Arabic) that shows a firefight in Libya with attackers on one end yelling ‘Don’t Shoot us! We were sent by Mursi’! which may explain Obama’s original statement.

        • Obama must have had briefings recently and you’d think before making a call to Mursi, he’d have a cheat sheet in front of him where somewhere, written in bold would have been MAJOR NON-NATO ALLY SINCE 1989.

  • No matter how many speeches you give, no matter how you nuance your policies, no matter how tough you are on Israel, these things will happen. I don’t blame Obama for “losing” the Arab Spring. I’m not sure how you handle Egypt any better or worse, from the stand point of outcomes.
    I think you can assign more blame to the tweets – which won’t affect the mob, so why tweet nonsense – and security. Plus an overall lameness in tone to foreign policy “reset buttons” etc.
    The bigger question is why Obama suddenly claims Egypt is not an ally anymore. When did that happen and if so, why are forgiving a billion dollars of their debt, and did anyone tell the Israelis of this change of policy? We probably still have trainers and such there as well. The media completely skipped this, BTW, when it should have been headline news.
    Also, is it normal to miss so many security briefings? Another item the media is glossing over or not even talking about. Worrisome.

    • I don’t blame Obama for “losing” the Arab Spring.

      Well, in Egypt he demanded immediate elections, with the predictable results.

      I think a competent POTUS and SoS could have prevented the Spring in Egypt and Libya, and then worked towards a longer term transistion to democracy in Egypt.

      • That is true. A mistake, but possibly only tactical. These countries really, really want to try on Islamism. I don’t think delaying the election would have had different results.

        • If Israel did not have nukes, does anyone think they wouldn’t already be taking another crack at Israel?

    Malkin gets it.  This is all BS pretext.
    ALMOST everybody here (ahem) knew this “arch of history” very successfully branded “the Arab Spring” would result in the radicalization of the Mideast.
    But the Obami SmartPower(tm) crew never got it.

  • OMG Has the internet made all speech a virtual violation of the “Logan Act” ?

    Who needs to go to Paris, like John Kerry, or Hanoi, like Jane Fonda, when you can conduct foreign policy from your home .. in your PJs.

  • Besides, we MUST have done something other than exist, this is religion of peace we’re talking about here, they don’t just commit random extremely violent acts against people and property in the name of their religion without extreme cause.  How sensible would that be to call your religion one of peace and then commit murderous violence in it’s name?   See?  The very idea is just silly.
    And I can understand how a movie might cause this.  You know, a movie about a religious figure that was very special to you, like Christ.  When people make movies about Christ that Christians find upsetting, they frequently gather, with rockets and guns and rocks, and burn things, or storm embassies and kill people to show their anger.  This is understandable, Christianity is the religion of peace.
    Finally, we of all counties, should understand, after all, when the planes hit the world trade center on 9/11, tens of thousands of Americans across the country stormed embassies from Islamic countries, dragged the staff into the streets and killed them, right?
    Or did that not happen in this dimension?

  • Not all about the film, but it only takes a match to light a tinderbox.

    • I’ve seen reports that the “film maker” is a Christian Copt who was outraged that Muslims in Egypt were persecuting Copts there.  What comes around, goes around.

    • Killing Osama was a match, too.
      Killing the Libyan AQ guy as well.
      The film is an excuse.

  • Actually, Tad, the match is what replaced the tinderbox. You see, you take the flint and steel and strike them together to light the tinder….oh hell, why am I explaining something to an ignorant boob like yourself.

    And clearly, Tad, the protests were used as cover for this coordinated attack and the movie is simply a convienent excuse. You would understand this now if you weren’t such a leftist hack.

    • Implicit in tad’s worldview is that *we* are responsible for the tinderbox. 

      It’s an article of faith among leftists that just about everything that goes wrong in foreign affairs is somehow, someway the fault of the US, along with our lackey Israel of course. Holding those religious fanatics in the Middle East responsible for civilized behavior isn’t in his playbook. If they riot, it’s not their fault, it’s someone else’s, with the odious, imperialistic, privileged-white-male, Christian US as the usual villian. Second place villian status goes to those nasty, mean Israelis who refuse to roll over and give in to the barbarians that surround them, and who actually think its OK to carry guns to the beach. 

      • But…BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooosh…!!!

      • By some unexpected action, we have pulled the pin on Mr. Islam, and as you can see, he is no longer our friend.
        What is so gallowishly humorous about this whole thing, is as a government we’re sitting around apologizing to people who want to kill us and pretending that they want to be our friends, if we can just figure out how to be nice to them in the right way.  We are truly clueless.

        • Who’s this “we” white-man…of institutional racist privileged PB&Js…???

          • damn, caught out again.  If Kipling thought the White Man’s burden was bad during the turn of the last century, he should see it now.
            Still, there is a certain level of freedom in knowing everything I do or say will be accounted to be wrong.  I just need to overcome my years of training in right/wrong categorizing to be completely free.

          • Everybody I know likes and eats PB&Js

      • What’s this *we* are responsible for the tinderbox BS ?
        I had no part in it … it must be tad’s fault.

  • Egypt is not an ally, or an enemy.   It’s sort of a fuzzy ball of orange colored fluff, not very big, but not too small.  It doesn’t really have any odor, but you wouldn’t say it was odorless either, and when you taste it, you’ll find it’s a liquid that is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.

    • See, I TOLD you, not quite entirely unlike tea….
      The man is brilliant, decisive, a foreign policy wiz!  Well groomed and articulate too.

      • Kind of reminds me of the first year or so of the Clinton presidency, when the clarifications came out almost hourly.

    • “I think folks are reading way too much into this,”   BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Yes, yes indeed.  This administration is truly one of the best foreign policy administrations to grace our beloved nation.
      Imagine people thinking a statement like “not our ally” means that they’re not our ally!  Good Lord!  Can you imagine?  Who would be that simple?!  No no, they’re so nuanced they’re constantly having to come back and explain what they meant to us.  That’s the mark of a superior communicator!  Yes sir!

  • I watched a couple of minutes of what was alleged to be the movie that caused the riots. I think riots are an appropriate response to what must be one of the worst cinematic efforts ever, culminating in the the tar-and-feathering, if not the lynching, of producers, directors, and editors of that abominable waste of celluloid. “Plan 9 From Outer Space” is better.
    It is therefore obvious to me that none of the actual rioters has actually seen this movie. It’s just another excuse, as if one is needed, for anti-American groups to attack the US. Wait until one of those peace-loving “activists” sees “Monty Python and The Holy Grail” where someone says “I fart in your general direction…” . If that general direction turns out to be in the direction of Mecca, look out; that will be documentary proof that western infidels want to destroy Islam with biological weapons.

    • … what will they make of the “Holy Hand-grenade” and the “killer rabbit” (shades of Jimmy Carter) ?
      I betta that the “killer rabbit” is a metaphor for “The Prophet” or some such nonsense.

  • Usually, when children misbehave, (pardon me for observing that people who are constantly throwing tantrums are children) you generally punish them.  I realize that modern parenting does not allow for corporal punishment however, and perhaps this would be a good time for President Daddy Barack to tell Egypt and Libya to go sit in opposite corners of the world with their hands folded in their laps, facing the wall, and have them think about what they’ve done, and not come out of the corner until they’re prepared to say they’re sorry and play nice.

    • Oh no.  They intend to keep up the tantrums as long as possible.
      Did anybody mention that Egypt is looking to Washington for $1 billion in debt forgiveness ?

      • Perhaps when  all those peaceful Islamists in Egypt should take a hint from the Christian bible “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors”. They don’t seem to me to be a forgiving sort, so I see no reason to forgive their debts, financial or otherwise.

      • We are upgrading their tanks too. Scheduled to be done by 12/2012.

  • This was a terrorist attack on America tha coincided with 9/11 and also happened to coincide with protests about a film that which they never would have heard of had radical Islamist not publicized for the sole purpose of attempting to gin up antagonism.

    We have factions in America that would like a hot religious war, there are factions in the Muslim world that would like a hot religious war. These factions actually help each other’s cause.

    Once upon a time, when Americans were targeted by terrorists, there was a moment of unity of Americans.

    Today, before the bodies are cold and the relatives have even been notified, and significatly before there was a clear understanding of what had actually happened, the death of Americans working for peace abroad becomes political fodder.

    This would be like Al Gore speaking out on the evening of 9/11 and going after Bush for his security failure.

    There is no escaping the politics, and we always DO get around to it, but this is a new low in our political discourse.

    The Arab Spring can go in many different directions, but if you want to avoid the radical Islamists running things, you need to understand Authoritarianism and what makes normal people into Authoritarians. Fear makes authoritarians, every tiime.

    You want to radicals to win in the Middle east, then use lots of force and threaten them and you’ll get your wish.

    We can deal with the small number of radicals who are bent on radicalizing the Muslim world, what we can’t deal with is a Muslim world that has been radicalized. Learn how to avoid that, and we can develop a way to a better world.

    • The Muslim world is rife with Al Sharpton wanna-bees, but Muslim of course.

    • “You want to radicals to win in the Middle east, then use lots of force and threaten them and you’ll get your wish.”
      Or bend over and take it like a good little dhimmi, it will be the same either way.  Well, not quite, but if you believe bowing and scraping will save you Cap, you do that.
      “Learn how to avoid that, and we can develop a way to a better world.”    Let’s have another chorus of “Give peace a chance” shall we?  Because ya know, we’ve been bombing Egypt for years now.  I think it’s high time we stopped.  And Libya, well, we DID bomb them recently didn’t we, in support of the people who just slaughtered our embassy staffers.  Not sure that works.  So, bomb them, or not, they’ll love us either way if we just give peace a chance huh Cap.

    • My Pet Goat = Fly to Vegas.
      If your side wants to play by those rules, why shouldn’t ours.
      Hey, remember all those complaints about unarmored humvees and how Rumsfeld was excoriated for his comments?
      Do you remember Abu Ghraib, which was a bunch of idiots doing it, but who the left declared must have been ordered by Cheney!
      Also, 9/11 was a surprise attack that had 3,000 people killed…not 4 diplomats in a dangerous country.

    • “Today, before the bodies are cold and the relatives have even been notified, and significatly before there was a clear understanding of what had actually happened, the death of Americans working for peace abroad becomes political fodder.”

      By the same token, before we knew what happened and even after, the press tried to pawn off a story that the attack was part of a spontaneous protest that “ignited” after some movie came out.
      The spin goes both ways.

    • “Today, before the bodies are cold and the relatives have even been notified,”
      I guess the bodies must be cold and or the relatives have been notified then, eh Cap?
      ““And obviously [our] hearts are broken for the families but I wanted to encourage those folks at the State Dept. that they were making a difference,” Obama told volunteer leaders in Las Vegas, according to the pool report. “The sacrifices that our troops and our diplomats make are obviously very different from the challenges that we face here domestically but like them, you guys are Americans who sense that we can do better than we’re doing… I’m just really proud of you.” “
      Shit man, you’re doing yeoman’s work yourself, any chance of a promotion to Major in the near future or don’t you have enough time in yet for that?
      Major Sarcasm – that has a nice ring to it, no?

    • You want to radicals to win in the Middle east, then use lots of force and threaten them and you’ll get your wish

      Historically the way to deal with them was with force. It is the thing they respect, from the Barbary Wars to The Surge.

    • This would be like Al Gore speaking out on the evening of 9/11 and going after Bush for his security failure.

      I’m sure Al would have done so if he had some political goal to gain. He didn’t, because it would have fallen flat no matter the MSM spin.

      The fact is the Dems tried to score every possible political point they could during the war in Iraq. Senator Obama lecturing general “Betrayus” without giving the general any chance to respond, simply becuase the Democrats were upset that The Surge was working and hurting their political chances.

      It is frankly clear to me, the whole sordid episode with the likes of Sen Clinton voting for war, later refusing to be critical of the “betrayus” Moveon add, later to become SoS under Obama. The Dem opposition to the war was a sick form of political opportunism that placed the interests of the country far behind the interests of the Democrat Party.   

      • “The fact is the Dems tried to score every possible political point they could during the war in Iraq.”

        This was a terrorist attack, like 9/11, an attack on us.

        It is ridiclous to compare the events in a manner that suggests that no one should EVER disagree with policy on an international engagement. You know the difference, which is why you used the war as an example instead of finding the leader of the Demcoratic Party issuing attacks on a Republican President in the hours following a terrorist attacks on Americans.

        It’s unheard of.

        What’s worse, is that 1. Romney got the facts wrong, the Embassy statement was not anyone’s (much less Obama’s) response to the violence in Libya and 2. That he accused the CinC of apologizing to the attackers.

        America respects free speech, but America has every right to make it clear that we do not agree with the speech that we protect, and further, America has other values as well, like the respect for religious belief. We don’t stop people from criticizing religions in America, but if you ask the government for their position on that kind of speech, they will tell you that the official position is that they do not agree with speech criticizing the religion of others.

        This is the entire statement:

        “The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy. Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.”

        This was not an apology to aggressors, this was a statement made by the Embassy with an understanding of the attempts of radical Muslims to use the words of radical Americans to gin up antagonism, and it was not cleared by the White House, as most Embassies have a degree of autonomy. and just prior to the release of Romney’s statement, the WH disavowed the Embassy statement. The Romney’s statement came out, accusing the PRESIDENT of THE UNITED STATES, in the immediate aftermath of an attack on US Diplomatic personnel, of sympathizing with the ATTACKERS.

        Only in tin-foil hat land is this something that is not an incredible breach of responsibility by the leader of the Republican Party. At a time when he should have been American, he decided to be a candidate instead. That is why this story is so big.

        Bloodthirsty warmongers would look at the protests and say kill ’em all. Any sane person would realize that these people are baing manipulated, and before shooting them, it makes a whole lot of sense to inform them. They were being told that that this film represented the US position.

        We can defend free speech without agreeing with it, and we can defend religious feelings without agreeing that violence is NEVER an acceptable response to religious feelings being hurt.

        I have no doubt that there are foreign policy mistakes that political hay can be made of, there always are.

        Answer this for yourself, did Romney advance the best interests of American foreign policy, or did he attempt to advance his own interests?

        I’ll tell you one thing he did, Romney got the votes of the most radicalized Islamists who WANT American engagement, who WANT us to send more men in uniform for them to ambush with IED’s.

        I was among the 90% of Americans who approved of GW Bush in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, not because I agree with anything and everything he was doing, but because in the face of a foreign attack, we stand together. At least for a awhile. A least we used to.

        • Cap— I’ll never stand with the left on ANYTHING. Not after the last decades worth of horrific actions. Why would I?

          • If you can’t separate being American fro left and right, then God help us if there are many like you and we need to come together as a nation in
            If China invaded and started WW3 with Obama leading America, would you just avoided serving, or fight on the other side?

          • I would expect the side Obama was leading to capitulate and leave the rest of us to fend for ourselves.

          • Sorry Cap I’ve seen how quick the left is to throw people like me overboard and to capitulate etc. Quite simply I don’t trust left people. I see what you say here – I don’t trust you either dude. Why on earth would I want to be on the same line with people like Erb? I’ve seen how the left has been over the last decade and I am oh so very tired.

          • “would you just avoided serving,”
            Of course. If it’s good enough for President Bill Clinton it’s good enough for me.

        • “Answer this for yourself, did Romney advance the best interests of American foreign policy, or did he attempt to advance his own interests?”
          “This morning’s condemnation (issued before protest began) still stands. As does our condemnation of unjustified breach of the Embassy” (6 PM, presumably Cairo time)
          I don’t know, does Romney understand the whole Embassy not the same as the White House thing?  I sure didn’t until today.  Now I suddenly learn that Embassies issue their own diplomatic statements?
          Sounds like the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing in the government don’t it?  The Embassy issues a statement at 6AM, I assume Cairo time – then at 6pm, 12 hours later, Cairo time, they re-iterate the statement – what 6 hours difference, so Midnight Washington time for the first message, 12 hours later, Noon time Washington time.   Was Barack on the 14th and couldn’t be interrupted?
          22 hours from the original statement, 10 hours from the second one(10 PM) the White House issues a statement saying the Embassy statement is not the official position of the US – wow, not bad eh?  Did they use the semaphore towers along the french coast to send the message?  It took him that long to decide he condemned the message?  DECISIVE!!!!! There’s that 3:00 AM phone call again.
          14 minutes between Obama’s message disavowing the embassy message, and Romney’s message.  You don’t think Romney didn’t know about Obama’s message yet maybe?  you don’t think he might be responding to the embassy statement still?  After all, by 10:30 it had sat unmolested for 22 hours, and been re-iterated after 12.
          Maybe he didn’t get the semaphore from the White House, maybe the dispatch rider fell off his horse?  I mean, you’re not upset that it took 10 freaking hours from the second statement to the disavowal, but you’re prepared to get in high dudgeon and assume Romney knew all about that message issued 14 minutes before his.
          After all, Romney MUST have known, riiiiiiiight?  I mean shit, he’s tapped in, has a Presidential hot line and all that, don’t he?  or….maybe….not……dork.  You think official government agencies are keeping Romney in the same command and control loop Obama and Clinton are in?
          Granted, Romney could have screwed up, clearly, the timing of the statements makes it possible. 14 minutes, yeah, he could have screwed the pooch.  And let’s just skip over the 22 hours it took the asshole in the White House to decide he didn’t like the wording of the statement from Cairo.

          • I may have assumed the mighty NYT didn’t shift the times – meaning the first message is issued at 6AM US time, the second at 6PM US time, and Obama’s disavowal at 10PM us time.  That looks better for him, he’s only had 16 hours since the original, and 4 from the reiteration of the message at 6pm.  Let’s assume I was WRONG then and go with that timing scheme.   Let’s assume the embassy message didn’t get to him for the first 12 freaking hours, so he only has 4 to respond now.
            Still, decisive action – there he is, responding in hours when minutes count.
            And now Romney might look a little more eager, he didn’t wait as long before presuming that was the official government position.  the timing between Obama’s disavowal and Romney’s statement remains the same, 14 minutes.
            I’m still impressed with the decisive actions of the highest levels of government during a diplomatic crisis.  I guess they must have used carrier pigeons instead of the French semaphore towers.

        • Once again, I’m supposed to worry about how the guy who wants to be in charge MIGHT act, and I’m supposed to forget what a cluster F* the guy who’s currently in charge IS.

        • Or, just maybe, they had a 48 hours of lead time….bet that won’t appear on the front page of the NYT any time soon.

          How the hell are we going to blame Romney for this!  Get to work guys, think! think!

        • And if you wonder why I don’t trust you – “Americans stand together. At least for awhile”  Oh yeah? We were attacked as a country and did you “stand with” us? Nope, your first move was to come here with the pre-approved talking points. Even though what Romney said was the same as what Hillary and Obama said. Because someone needed to stand up for free speech. But Romney was wrong. And Obama jetted off to Vegas. Why would I stand with you? How could I trust you? Look at Chic-Fil-A for another example. Too many “Americans” first impulse was to basically see them banished for thoughtcrime. I’d have no self-respect if I ever aligned with them for something. I can’t trust you guys dude.

          • No, he’s ready to develop the new American cultural ideal that we should curtail our speech lest we inflame the intellectual children of Islam.  We should watch our words and not say anything that might offend (unless it’s to Mormons, or Protestants, or Catholics, or Jews, or Hindus, because THOSE groups don’t storm your house and drag you into the street to beat you to death with their shoes).  We should self edit our free speech, it’s only sensible and right, and it will keep them from being offended and ‘reacting’.
            We condemn their acts of violence, with a watchful eye in the future that we don’t say, or draw, or imply anything that might offend them and cause them to commit further acts of violence.  We must keep them happy, lest they burn, and kill.   We’ll be free, so long as we don’t offend them.
            “We are sorry for offending you!  Please don’t riot!” – yes sir, that’s what freedom sounds like.
            Don’t trouble yourself about the idea that they can easily move the goal post to the next thing they don’t like you doing because you proved to be so accommodating in censoring yourselves.     Q.E.D.

  • Capitanus comes here to dump the moonbat talking points again, today.
    What a lying, moronic phuc.
    The issue Mr. Romney spoke on was the fecklessness of the Obamic foreign policy, leading to the apologia of the Egyptian embassy (where NOBODY was hurt or killed, BTW, BUT where the Marines…like our troops on Ft. Hood…were disarmed by DEEMOCRAT policy).
    Again, what an execrable POS.

  • Victor Davis Hanson
    September 13, 2012 4:47 P.M.

    If the president does not consider Egypt either an ally or an enemy, it is perhaps best to hold off on the $1 billion-plus aid package until he can determine which, of any category, it belongs in. In the meantime, given Mr. Morsi’s failure to protect the embassy of his American diplomatic guests (odd, given that America offered sanctuary to Morsi when he sought freedom and education that he apparently could not find in his homeland), and his constant citation of a crackpot video of a private American citizen, we should quietly go ahead and curtail aid to Mr. Morsi, call in the visas of all Egyptian nationals, prohibit travel there by American citizens, bring home our ambassador for consultation, ask their ambassador to leave Washington — at least until we can clarify what sort of state we are supposed to be subsidizing. The subtext to Morsi’s constant referencing of a silly video by a private citizen is our director of national intelligence’s declaration that his Muslim Brotherhood government is really “secular.”

  • The only thing Arabs understand is strength. Negotiation is something you do when you are weak.

    • Bingo.

    • “The only thing Arabs understand is strength. Negotiation is something you do when you are weak.”

      Sounds like a one dimensional racist foreign policy, are you Mitt Romney?

      How about this, you work to win the hearts and minds of the masses (it won’t be a straightl line), and you kill the radical leaders?

      Do radical Islamists understand death by drone?

      Oh wait, that is what Obama is doing, so it must be wrong.

      • Well, we finally have you out in full moonbat troll mode, you having dropped your lying pretensions!!!
        (I always knew you for what you are, liar…)

      • “Negotiation is something you do when you are weak”
        A policy that has been used against us a number of times, with some success. I guess our opponents are racist, too.

      • No but I’ll be voting for him. Reality is not racist or bigoted or anything but reality. You can only win hearts and minds of rational people. Death by drone is a very good start – when GWB did it, the Code Pinko crowd said it was a war crime but when The Dear Golfer expands the program, it is…silence.

  • These events in Libya, Egypt and Yemen may be just the tip of the Islamist iceberg. We now know that the kerfuffle over a trailer for an anti-Muslim movie was merely a cover for attacks on American targets in the Middle East by an al-Qaeda movement that is, despite the death of Osama bin Laden, very much alive and well. As the Times relates, U.S. forces continue to try to battle al-Qaeda. Earlier this week, one of the group’s top operatives in Yemen was killed by a U.S. drone strike. But not all of America’s security problems can be solved with remote control bombs.
    Rather than this topic being a source of strength for President Obama, the embarrassing and tragic events of the past few days show it to be a weakness. This is a president who came into office desperate to ingratiate himself with the Arab and Muslim worlds, but who has discovered that a policy of engagement with Islamists has utterly failed.

    Whether he knows it or not, the president’s long-running touchdown dance over bin Laden is over.
    And we know M Tee Chair HATES being criticized, which is all that Romney CORRECTLY did ON THE SOLE MATTER OF THE EGYPTIAN APOLOGIA.

  • CrapiANUS is full of shit, as usual.
    Obama has never hesitated to politicize anything.  NOTHING.  Hence, his callous leaks of sensitive information to aid his puffery.
    And our Iraqi Embassy was under attack virtually every day for years.  That never cause a Collectivist shit-eater a moment’s hesitation in their political attacks on Bush.
    Why is an attack on on a consul worse than an attack on our troops, ships, or other diplomatic installations?  It isn’t…unless you are trying to draw some BULLSHIT distinction for the sake of propping up a point of propaganda.