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A failed presidency in one picture

I don’t remember who it was who left a comment asserting that Romney’s statement in the wake of the rioting in the Middle East may have been the moment in which “he lost the presidency”.

A couple of days later and it seems entirely possible to posit exactly the opposite to be true. Those events may be the moment Obama lost the election. Remember, foreign policy was supposed to be Obama’s strong point.

Yet, this image of the bloody handprints of a dying American may be the defining image of his failed foreign policy.


And his reaction to all of this?

Apologize and go to Vegas for a political fundraiser.


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25 Responses to A failed presidency in one picture

  • Apologize and go to Vegas for a political fundraiser.

    AND crap on “our shared values”.
    Stories Media Will Never Report: President’s Tweet as Four Caskets Removed From Planes

    Winter is coming, but these sweatshirts are perfect for fall: OFA.BO/rj5Tns
    — Barack Obama (@BarackObama) September 14, 2012

  • Your commenter was dear Cap, caught up in a fit of prose.
    Nice that I have to get details from a British Newspaper isn’t it.  Were they not aware they needed to be protecting the President?  Have they not got the memo?

    • That would be our own moonbat troll, who wrote…

      “The only thing Arabs understand is strength. Negotiation is something you do when you are weak.”
      Sounds like a one dimensional racist foreign policy, are you Mitt Romney?

  • Smart Diplomacy.

  • Hey, US Credit Rating just got slashed again thanks to QE3.

    This Obama is doing a heck of a job

    • Mitt Romney once burped at the table in college during lunch, and Paul Ryan lied about winning 10 straight games of Battleship when he was 12, he only won 8.

  • “the bloodstains on the column are from one the American staff members who grabbed the edge of the column while he was evacuated”
    Evacuated? Or maybe grabbed in an attempt to prevent them from being pulled out by an angry mob?

  • I hate to say it, but Obama has a better than average chance at winning. Romney could cure cancer with a smile and nobody would know about it. At work, it’s like nobody even has heard of these attacks, and for sure, none of them know about our 2nd credit downgrade.
    They’re happy. They like the pablum they get fed on the evening news, and for excitement, they get to sneak a peak at blurry princess nipples.

    OH! And iPhone 5!
    I’m more than happy to be wrong, but I call this election 52 / 48 for Obama.

    • The only silver lining is when you debate a lib, they get confused because they don’t know anything that’s going on…I told a liberal family member that Obama’s last budget was voted down in the Senate 98-0 and they were flabbergasted. They had no idea. I bet plenty don’t know about gun running to mexico, dead agents, either.
      I also had a fairly smart person talking about how we could keep borrowing without any problems. I had to link to academic research that showed above 80% debt/GDP = lower growth. He actually changed his mind after that.
      I would highly recommend people bring up more neutral issues to people. Stuff like mentioning inflation at 2% is now ABOVE the interest rate you get at the banks, thus our savings are LOSING value. That scares people. It should – I only noticed it about a month ago, and it really pissed me off that for two years my savings have been LOSING value.

      • And nobody knows that SS disability is running out of money now.
        I am betting Obama gets re-elected  by people on unemployment/SSI, etc. So higher unemployed is a feature not a bug for him.

      • Heh. My liberal MiL thought we were still on the gold standard.

  • Is it me or is the Obama term turning into a sequel of Jimmy Carter’s failed
    presidency. It is said that history repeats itself but the similarities between
    the two are frighteningly similar. As I watch our embassies get raided in 3
    countries it draws me back to the 70’s during the Iran hostage crisis. Instead
    of keeping the people from our embassy captive, some 30 years later, the
    radicals are killing them Also, in the wake of the raids it has shown Obama’s
    weakness as a leader. Like Carter, he stands in the oval office with his tail
    between his legs. Instead of mounting a response, his administration comes out
    with an apology for the film made here in the U.S. We have our American
    Ambassador killed and he and Clinton begin their remarks with an apology-not a
    condemnation? I thought Carter was weak but this is a total
    travesty.After almost 4 years in office and watching both President
    Bush’s terms, doesn’t Obama realize the only way to deal with any Arab uprising
    is through force. They do not respond to apologies. It only makes Obama and the
    entire US look weak. They respond only to force. I never saw our embassies
    getting raided when President Bush was in office. Though the Arabs did not like
    him, they respected him. They knew a Tomahawk missile or an elite SEAL or Marine
    team would be all over them if they did. Also, what about these gas
    prices? It again reminds me of the the days of gas shortages during the Carter
    debacle (I mean administration). Instead of there being a shortage now, gas has
    become too expensive to buy. And ironically, that’s exactly what Obama had
    planned on in since taking office. Despite the 100% rise in gas prices over the
    Obama term, there has been no media outcry. When gas went up a penny during
    President Bush’s term, the liberal media would crucify him.Finally, just
    like in Carter’s term, the moral here in America is at an all time low. Our
    economy is bad, gas prices are up, people are storming our embassies and jobs
    are scare. However, if you all remember who came after Jimmy Carter- Ronald
    Reagan. I foresee history repeating itself again. This time, Governor Romney
    will take the oval office and bring back to America respect, prosperity and a
    hope for the future.

  • The explanation of how Stevens died from smoke inhalation is curious at best:

    Mr Stevens, it is believed, was left in the building by the rest of the staff after they failed to find him in dense smoke caused by a blaze which had engulfed the building.

    So they fled the building without the Ambassador? And where were the terrorists at that point? They had attacked the building with RPGs, as I understand it, and the building evidently was on fire.

    • Where was his security detail and why would they have left him in a smoke filled building?

      • I believe the smoke inhalation story as much as I believe the had no warning or that the Libyan attack was spawned by the movie.
        “Achmed, make sure the mortar teams have plenty of ammo, I’m very upset by this movie about the prophet.”

        • “And, you, ‘Mesthar Libyan Security contractor’…go move that aiming stake just a little to the left…yes, yes, toward Mecca…”

    • There is also a claim out there that he was raped.

  • The outstanding question at this point is whether or not all these facts will be enough to remove him from consideration for a second term.

    • Bwaaahahahahaha Eric! No! Don’t be silly! He’s a great President! One of the greatest ever! Just ask him, I mean, didn’t he rate himself up there with Lincoln and Reagan?
      So, NO, NO, NO, NO. Didn’t Romney tie is dog to the top of his car (no doubt like a deer he bumpertagged and then decided to bring home to the chilluns), didn’t Ryan lie about the number of mountains he climbed in Colorado? Good Christ man, do you think we worry about Obama’s foreign policy activities when we haven’t even seen Romney’s tax returns for the last 10 years? Where is your sense of proportion? Your concern for important issues? Your priority?
      Obama has made it much better in his 3 year reign, I mean, 3 years in office. It’s clear! Can’t you see it! Sharp as I think you are and this escaped you!?

  • They’re trying to sell the party line that this incident was caused by a low budget Youtube film. To cover for OB’s piss poor foreign policy work.
    If they were mad because of this film, imagine how mad they would (should) have been with OB’s constant crowing about how “He killed Bin Laden.” Osama Bin Laden was the muslims leader and THAT didn’t make them mad enough to go postal, but we’re supposed to believe the film did.