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Daily Archives: September 15, 2012

About that great Obama foreign policy success …

Seems Japan may not think the US is a dependable ally anymore:

When the U.S. Defense Secretary arrives in Asia this weekend, his biggest challenge may not be convincing China that America will give its full support to longtime ally Japan in the escalating dispute over islands in the East China Sea.  His biggest challenge may be convincing Japan.

“There is a perception in Japan that the U.S. commitment is ambiguous,” says Yoichiro Sato, director of international strategic studies at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in southern Japan. “If China thinks Japan will hesitate to respond or that America will hesitate, that will embolden the Chinese. It’s better that America sends a clear, explicit message now than have to respond to something worse later.”

But remember … conventional wisdom (i.e. the MSM) has it that Obama has made the world better, safer and everyone likes us better.  That he is a master of foreign policy.

In fact, as many countries have indicated, they see the US as a declining power.  This particular instance is only one example of that thinking.


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