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About that great Obama foreign policy success …

Seems Japan may not think the US is a dependable ally anymore:

When the U.S. Defense Secretary arrives in Asia this weekend, his biggest challenge may not be convincing China that America will give its full support to longtime ally Japan in the escalating dispute over islands in the East China Sea.  His biggest challenge may be convincing Japan.

“There is a perception in Japan that the U.S. commitment is ambiguous,” says Yoichiro Sato, director of international strategic studies at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in southern Japan. “If China thinks Japan will hesitate to respond or that America will hesitate, that will embolden the Chinese. It’s better that America sends a clear, explicit message now than have to respond to something worse later.”

But remember … conventional wisdom (i.e. the MSM) has it that Obama has made the world better, safer and everyone likes us better.  That he is a master of foreign policy.

In fact, as many countries have indicated, they see the US as a declining power.  This particular instance is only one example of that thinking.


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27 Responses to About that great Obama foreign policy success …

  • I’m sure this is not novel to me, but I’ve always held that ambiguity is the most dangerous thing you can signal in foreign policy.
    As with business, this pack of idiots spins off uncertainty (i.e., “Leading From Behind”) like nothing I’ve seen in my six decades.

    • Sharks smell blood, bullies smell fear.
      How long do you think China and Russia have known Mr M T Chair has been skipping his daily briefings in favor of his daily campaign fund raisers?

  • Yeah but unless Romney says something they can club him over the head with, it’s really a non-issue for the palace guard. Though I think I like Steyns’ formulation of them as the court eunichs better.
    I have a real question here… you think the extent of Obamas failure is actually managing to bleed through the horriffic “ITS ROMNEYS FAULT” coverage?

    • For those that do eat or use vehicles; for the first time in history, national average gas prices for the 2nd week of September were over $4.00

      • The Apparatchiks will keep their six figure jobs, the elite will keep their eight figure “jobs” and the welfare queens will get Stimulus funding, so what do they, the biggest Dem demographic, care?

    • Yeah, I do.  I also think that the America average Joe feels like we got Jimmy Cartered this week.
      And the story is really just starting to unwind.  The statements by State and the Administration immediately following and thereafter are going to prove to be utter BS.

  • Hell, look at how our relations with the Muslim world improved since he’s been elected!
    Mao would recognize us in a moment for what we are under this administration.

  • Anyway, amidst a remarkable amount of tut-tutting and chest-thumping from journalists about Romney’s rush to (an accurate) judgment, very little attention has been paid to the fact the same mainstream media so quick to denounce Romney’s overeagerness just happened to report that this video was produced by a bunch of nefarious Jews eager to slander Muhammed and sow bloodshed across the Muslim world. And they got the story entirely wrong. Corrections are now being issued but the damage was done. Obviously, this is a bit of an apples-to-oranges comparison, since the media and a presidential campaign aren’t exactly the same thing. But given the determination of the “objective” press corps to impose its editorial judgment into their coverage, it just feels worthwhile to point out that their error was far more egregious and harmful than anything Romney said.
    —Jonah Goldberg
    And isn’t that kind of a “blood libel” by the press? So, sort of “disgusting” and “revolting” and “deplorable”?
    Where’s our sh!t-eating concern troll to speak to that?

    • Well Rags, I’m SURE the DOJ will be investigating the careless and inaccurate reporting that obviously led to bloodshed and riots across the globe, RIGHT?
      Where’s Cap, I’m sure he could tell us all about the unbiased media.

  • I had a dark thought…
    If I were an official of the Federal government, and had friends in nations around the world, what would I tell them…
    even our most faithful allies…
    if they asked me, “Would this administration have our back if our enemies attacked us?”
    I can’t think of a one I would be able to look in the eye and say, “Yes.”
    Not a one.

  • Meanwhile, the British Press, completely uninterested in re-electing Odumbo mentions info we should be hearing here –

    • About that “Armada of British naval power”;

      “The British component consists of four British minesweepers and the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Cardigan Bay, a logistics vessel. HMS Diamond, a brand-new £1billion Type 45 destroyer, one of the most powerful ships in the British fleet, will also be operating in the region.”

      The sun has not only set on the British Empire, it has set on the Royal Navy. When a destroyer is “one of the most powerful ships in the British fleet” they have reached third-world levels, and irrelevance.

      • My understanding is that this type of destroyer is actually an excellent advanced air defense destroyer.

        In the US Navy, destroyers are very powerful ships.

      • Ain’t nobdy commissions the USS BADASS with 9 16 inch guns and enough secondary armament to outfit 30 destroyer escorts any more.

      • But yeah, it ain’t even Churchill’s Navy, that’s for sure.

    • Don’t forget the General who violated his oath with a phone call to a whackjob pastor in Florida.
      “support and defend”
      Now, some might say he was just making a friendly phone call asking the guy to restrain his base urges to insult the prophet….in consideration for the safety of our armed forces.
      And Terry is a pain in the ass, and a whack job to boot.
      But ask yourself how that jibes with that bothersome free speech thingie in the First Amendment and consider you just got a call from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States military.   If it were me, I’d be thinking that friendly phone call might have some very unfriendly teeth of an official nature behind it if I didn’t quit exercising my right to his satisfaction.

      • “Chilling…”

      • This was the self-same moke who was all “disappointed” that retired intel and specops operators were speaking out about Obama’s leaks of VERY sensitive information.
        Asserted that military people should be apolitical…even after they retire, I guess.  But Eisenhower
        Remember, though: “It’s different when we do it”.

      •  That officer’s sole reason for being is to protect Terry’s right to be an anal orifice. It is not Terry’s responsibility to restrict his speech for the welfare of the military. Someone needs to counsel that officer.

        • In ObamaWorld, that is passe.
          The military of the United States is not constituted to protect ideas and ideals.  It is there to protect and project a hegemon.
          And, like everything else, Obama has politicized the military whenever he could.

      • I’ll note that someone like Terry, who feeds off of this stuff, is likely to enjoy the attention and ignore the “teeth”, while a more normal person simply speaking the truth is more likely to worry about the consequences.

        Also, someone who works in the government or as a contractor and requires a security clearance, or such, would be very worried about such a call. Much more so then a preacher who specializes in strange.

  • And this continual pretension that the Libyan attack was spontaneous is wearing thin. But it’s all they have isn’t it, to admit it was planned in advance is to admit they probably missed or ignored the warnings they might have received.