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Someone’s in trouble

The Los Angeles Times was there when the LASO came to pick up the "Innocence of Muslims" filmmaker for a "voluntary interview".


As the Times put it:

Just after midnight Saturday morning, authorities descended on the Cerritos home of the man believed to be the filmmaker behind the anti-Muslim movie that has sparked protests and rioting in the Muslim world.

Sheriff’s officials could not be reached by The Times, but department spokesman Steve Whitmore told KNBC News that deputies assisting the federal probation department took Nakoula to the sheriff’s substation in Cerritos for interviewing.

Apparently, they’re concerned about a possible probation violation, because he wasn’t supposed to access the Internet. But now his horrible movie is on YouTube, so he may in trouble. Hence, brown-shirted men showed up at midnight to "escort" him to a "voluntary interview".

There’s no free speech issue at all to be concerned with here. Move along citizen.

Instapundit has a round-up of reaction.

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19 Responses to Someone’s in trouble

  • “Someone’s in trouble”
    >>>>> Yeah. America.

  • Whaaat – there you go again, just because it’s a midnight knock for some voluntary questions that don’t involve, directly, like, drugs, or man slaughter after the guy fled the scene.  No!  It was a couple of questions about his probation, and a possible violation.  That had to be answered, RIGHT FLUCKING NOW, at Midnight see?   It’s all really normal, really.  We just don’t understand.  I mean law enforcement routinely comes round at midnight, with a slew of cameras available for a good photo op.
    AND if you believe all that – you’ll believe that a group of Muslim normal citizens, gathered together with their RPGS and various assault weapons, grenades and mortars, at a residence in Libya, which, just by sheer coincidence, contained the American Ambassador, and they, just by coincidence, launched what has been described as a coordinated assault on the compound, and all because, they just happened to suddenly, THAT DAY, realize there was a movie on the internet that might be offensive to the prophet’s memory (or the prophet, or Islam, or something or other).  Furthermore, you’ll believe that, on 9/11, the 11th anniversary of the World Trade Center destruction, there was no reason to think that we might need to observe heightened security in Islamic countries, or have reason to think there might be some sort of incident.

  • And wouldn’t you say these guys are ‘taking the ambassador to a nearby hospital for treatment’?  I mean, after they were done praising Allah and all…..

    • It is debatable. They are supposedly happy to find him alive – this could be true. He eventually was delivered to a hospital. Them dragging him around is what you also see when Palestinians have injured people.
      Or they could be cheering that they found a live American, but not for good reasons. They could want a captive. I think AQ holding an American ambassador as captive would be quite a coup. Notice the “fist pumping” – saying “God be praised” if he is found alive makes sense. Fist pumping, less so, but I do not know Libyan culture. Also, his body disappeared for 5 hours before being found at the hospital. Say he was alive but then died later (and maybe not from any bad actions of the men shown) – then they or someone else drop him at the hospital because his dead body is useless as a hostage.
      I heard some rumor that he may have been raped. I don’t believe that yet – BUT there is still video of Qaddaffy being sodomized with a stick, and that may be a traditional torture tactic in the country. I would bet my entire fortune, meager as that is, that if that occurred, the administration will move heaven and earth to never let it be known. However, this report seems way too brutal to be true – and there would be videos of it. We will see if more come out. I sure hope not.
      By the way, bloody handprint on wall does not seem to bode well for Case 1. You don’t try to grip a pillar if people are helping you. You also can’t grip a pillar if you already dying. That could be someone else’s blood though.

      • Isn’t here timestamp and GPS embedding in videos and photos from cell phones, I mean, presuming Ahmed didn’t have it turned off (I know I do).
        Yeah, the other stuff, I keep hearing the same rumor.   Couple that with the statement from the, Serbian Consulate about Stevens being gay and how that made him posting him to an Islamic country problematic.   There are people in this world who think it’s appropriate to, treat, homosexuals in the way described especially when they have every intention of killing them anyway.  Or as you said, it could be the locally accepted method for torture, for anyone.  Damned if I know, damned if I want to find out, and thrice damned unlikely to hear it from the New York Times or CNN.
        Brings to mind the discussion recently of how thin the veneer of civilization can be.
        Did you know Romney might be a felon?

  • They release his name and endorse the idea this is his fault and not because some people are animals.  He’ll be held enough with the spotlight until the whole Muslim world learns his name and where he lives and where his family lives.
    Then they’ll make continued protection predicated on him issuing an apology.  They are going to extort an apology from him.  Not just through harassment but with the threat of throwing him back into the public to his own devices.

  • I read some people say this “criminalized him”.  It didn’t.  It is WORSE.
    Had he been taken into custody, the system would have a duty to assure his safety.
    This way he…and everyone he worked with…are now just in the wind…with targets painted on them.  They have whatever resources they are left with, and only their wits to protect them after being essentially fingered by our own DOJ and others.
    Mark Steyn reminded readers at TheCorner that Lady Thatcher, who Salman Rushdi hated, immediately extended Special Branch protection to him when the fatwa was announced against him, which protection continues today.
    Compare and contrast.

    • Clarify please – I’m to compare and contrast the behavior of a Chicago thug’s administration with an actual government?

      • Well, there is that.  There’s also a comparison between two putative leaders, the one between two people supposed to be imbued with values reflecting “the best of what makes us ____________”, and the like.

    • It’s comforting to know that we now an official state religion….

    • Salman was on the Today Show this morning throwing this guy under the bus.  Some blather about this being with malicious intent.  Blah blah blah.  Well unlike Salman who did it for profit, this guy is seeing his fellow Coptic Christians ground under the feet of the ‘arab spring’.   So not feeling any sympathy for Salman and he really doesn’t appreciate what he was given.
      Anyway, blatant attempt to justify the media and the left throwing free speech under the bus ‘in this case’.

  • They said if I voted for John McCain free speech would be a thing of the past. Looks like they were right.

  • Contrast this with some other similar cases. Some guy in Oregon had his store painted with Taiwan and Tibetan independence murals. The Chinese government somehow found out about this and sent a letter asking them to be removed because they hurt the feelings of the Chinese people. They got a letter back saying no way.

  • I’ve been seeing it coming for quite some time now.  This is the moment when qando jumped the shark.

    • Everyone seems to jump over me!
      Sorry, couldn’t resist that awful pun. Now Pogue….would you please elaborate on that comment?

      • I’m gathering he doesn’t see any abuse.

        • No.  He see the manhandling and disruption to his life.  He’s sees it as Just Deserts.
          In order to keep in the State of Adoration of the Big Zero, he downgraded free speech as holding any significance.  He see’s a trouble causer getting what he deserves.
          They are that far gone.

      • I gather he has been abusing alcohol.  Again.  Early.  Long and hard.