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The End of the Road

I‘ve Just finished watching a documentary call "The End of the Road: How money became worthless" on Netflix. It’s 55 minutes long. It’s wonderfully educational, and horrifically frightening.

IT explains exactly why I’ve been harping on the coming hyperinflation for the last three years, and it tells you how close we are to seeing it happen. It explains the current situation we face extremely clearly and simply, so that anyone can understand it.

You need to watch it as soon as you possibly can.

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10 Responses to The End of the Road

  • No thanks. I’ve spent too much time in my life sitting up front, watching the car head toward the cliff. I’ve worn my voice out screaming at all the passengers that the driver had no clue what he was doing to no avail. Don’t need to sit up front any more and watch. I know what’s coming, it won’t be pleasant, and telling everyone “I told you so” won’t make things better.

  • I think Dale’s trying to get the fence sitters to maybe dig a couple revetments, buy some survival stuff, and be ready to yell “go away” rather forcefully when the passengers you’ve been screaming at have extracted themselves from the wreck  and come round looking for a hand-out.

  • It doesn’t show up when I do a search on Netflix…

    • I had to type in the full title before it was found. “The end of the road”

      • Tried full title, checked spelling, etc. It doesn’t show up when I search. I’m in California; maybe Netflix won’t let Californians watch it.

  • One of the tenets of the future as laid out by “Star Trek: The Next Generation” was the ending of the accumulation of wealth, except for the Ferengi, of course.

    • Please don’t ever cite that foul show. I couldn’t take more than a couple of episodes before the Federation’s brand of genteel fascism sickened me.
      As for this topic, I slightly disagree with Robb. One of the few pleasures we’ll have left after the cliff dive will be rubbing people’s noses in it.

      • That’s assuming they will believe what you say. But they won’t.

        It will be somebody else’s fault, not theirs. You could predict what happened to four decimal places, and they would still claim it was random chance that you got it right. Except that, of course, you didn’t really get it right because you missed insubstantial trivial factor X, and so you were just as wrong as anyone else. Make that more wrong, because you dared blame people who had wonderful intentions.

        So shut up and accept the narrative, which is that vicious rich people finally got their wish and screwed up the world. Why should rich people want to screw up the world? Because shut up. They just do. Women and minorities most affected. Our only hope is the next leftist messiah, who will bring hope and change, and stop the seas from rising, and magically transform all banks into giant ATMs that give everyone money. Which means those vicious rich people that caused the whole thing from the beginning will have to give up pretty much everything they own to furnish the money in the ATMs. Which they totally deserve. Because shut up.

        No, sorry, I don’t expect to get any pleasure at all telling people “I told you so” about the coming meltdown. They’ve been indoctrinated all their lives to believe transparent nonsense, and they’re not going to give it up. They either won’t understand a whit of what I tell them, or they will rise up in righteous anger because they can’t accept the truth.

        They would much rather get mad at us for pointing out their idiocies than at themselves for committing those idiocies.

        • And in the end they’ll think Obama could have been Roosevelt and saved us all “if only”.

  • It is the 1970’s all over again. Only this time even more scary.