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Obama’s Cairo Doctrine crashes and burns

Sometimes it takes Charles Krauthammer to succinctly put matters in perspective:

It’s now three years since the Cairo speech. Look around. The Islamic world is convulsed with an explosion of anti-Americanism. From Tunisia to Lebanon, American schools, businesses and diplomatic facilities set ablaze. A U.S. ambassador and three others murdered in Benghazi. The black flag of Salafism, of which al-Qaeda is a prominent element, raised over our embassies in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Sudan.

The administration, staggered and confused, blames it all on a 14-minute trailer for a film no one has seen and may not even exist.

What else can it say? Admit that its doctrinal premises were supremely naive and its policies deeply corrosive to American influence?

Can’t do that.  This is his “strong point”.  Foreign policy.  How are we perceived in the world right now?  Well as Mitt Romney quoted Henry Kissinger when asked the same question “Veak!”

Again we go back to human nature, especially as it concerns the behavior of nations.  Like it or not, “international laws” and “governing bodies” and all, the world is, in effect, anarchy.  We’re all born into national groups or some might even say gangs.  And, like all disparate groups, the strongest ones run the place.

Apparently Barack Obama thought that was a bad thing, or at least bad if the US was the one doing so, so he essentially apologized, had America step back from prominent leadership and a position of strength to the new doctrine of “leading from behind”, and these past few weeks have been the result.

The administration’s excuse (because it’s always someone else’s fault)?  A 14 minute movie trailer made by a Coptic Christian.  That’s it.  That’s why it happened.

Sovereign U.S. territory is breached and U.S. interests are burned. And what is the official response? One administration denunciation after another — of a movie trailer! A request to Google to “review” the trailer’s presence on YouTube. And a sheriff’s deputies’ midnight “voluntary interview” with the suspected filmmaker. This in the land of the First Amendment.

What else can Obama do? At their convention, Democrats endlessly congratulated themselves on their one foreign policy success: killing Osama bin Laden. A week later, the Salafist flag flies over four American embassies, even as the mob chants, “Obama, Obama, there are still a billion Osamas.”

A foreign policy in epic collapse. And, by the way, Vladimir Putin just expelled the U.S. Agency for International Development from Russia. Another thank you from another recipient of another grand Obama “reset.”

But it’s all about a movie, isn’t it?

Because it couldn’t be about epic incompetence and criminal naivety, could it?


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78 Responses to Obama’s Cairo Doctrine crashes and burns

  • If they’d bothered to check, they’d have discovered the ‘reset’ button was going to put us back to 1961.

  • Magic thinking.
    It is the hallmark of this regime, along with enmity toward the Constitution and disdain for the Founding.

    • Boy Howdy!  have you got that right.  For three years big ears gave speeches, and somehow that was supposed to fix whatever he was talking about.  There was no work involved, give a speech, play a round of golf, the sun will come out tomorrow!    This was the day the oceans stopped rising!  The day of his inauguration the world would respect us more, and Islamic countries would know we understood them, and they would throng to us and their hatred for us would vanish overnight and all would be sunshine!
      He’s like the Lord Jesus, miracles flow from him at the sound of his voice, at the mere wave of his hand.   His word IS law (and toss in a couple of “Make it So Number 1″‘s for good measure).

  • I’m quoting myself, because I think this is important…

    “If you want to know who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

    – Voltaire (or maybe not, but it’s still a marvelous, and spot-on, bit of phrasing, whoever said it. Maybe Chesterton…).
    —Ed Driscoll

    Well, we know who rules over Obamic foreign policy…  Oh, and the Obama version of the 1st Amendment.
    A question I have: now that Obama’s foreign policy has collapsed, who will be the scape-goat he uses?

    • That will only be necessary if someone ASKS him about the problem.  The media has studiously avoided any pretension that they might bring hard balls into Q/A sessions.  And Carney knows how to dissemble as well as anyone I’ve heard when, on the rare occasion, they do.   He instantly goes into a 5 minute answer saying nothing to run the clock out (Why wouldn’t Renfield be like his master eh?)
      As for Barack, he doesn’t have to answer no stinking questions – except for the Mexicans watching Univision.

  • And Brietbart has mentioned how stupid it was to blame the movie, again, and again, instead of admitting it was a terrorist attack in Benghazi.
    Now the entire Muslim world knows about the movie and has rushed off to make sure they get good and offended in person.

  • Only Obama was so uniquely qualified to screw something up this badly.     Carter only wants Obama to get reelected so that there will be no question who is the most incompetent president rather than our comparing to the 2 of them.

  • Before saying anything else, I understand Benghazi isn’t Cairo. ( Lord knows I read enough about Erwin Rommel to know he would have loved them to be the same).  Having now said that – Here’s the latest ‘defense’ that we’re being offered for the murder of our Ambassador.
    Even if the Marines had been there, it probably wouldn’t have helped, because, well, this was a big attack!
    So, we’ve gone from “it was a spontaneous attack by a bunch of protestors upset by a movie” to “it was an organized attack, large enough that a trained, equipped Marine detachment couldn’t have stopped.”.  Have any of these F*ing Obama Administration idiots EVER read anything about US MARINES?   Have they read any history of any sort, I mean, other than Karl Marx and the lighter side of Lenin, Uncle Joe and Mao?  There are too many historical incidents to begin to relate where not just our Marines, but any organized, trained, disciplined small body of men have overcome numbers way in excess of their own precisely because they ARE who they are,  And if our Marines don’t consistently count in that kind of role, prominently, I don’t know who does.  It’s an insult to the Marines, in addition to being a completely ignorant and stupid explanation proving they will, from one day to the next say any damn thing they think they can get away with.

  • Isn’t this where a certain PoliSci professor from a certain New England institution of “higher” learning tells us how ignorant we are of the nuances, ramifications  and other horse squeeze?

  • Is it better to be loved or feared ? Loved is preferable, but having neither is abhorrent.
    Currently, the US doesn’t have much of either.

  • Semi-off-topic:
    What a depressing cesspool, the comments to Krauthammer’s column.  His analysis, don’t you see, is all because – get ready for it – he’s Jewish and agitating on behalf of Israel.
    In another WaPo column, David Ignatius recounts a wargame between the US and Iran, with Iranian-Americans playing the Iranian government and making the decisions they think it would make.  The premise kicks off with a terrorist attack, Iranian-instigated, against a tourist hotel abroad, killing many Americans.  Sure enough, the first comment I see insists that Iran would never do such a thing, but Israel would do it and pin it on Iran to start a war.

  • Bruce;
    I don’t normally do this here, but a post of mine from this afternoon seems to mesh rather well with yours…

  • Ragspierre; Mind you, moose bites can be pretty masty…

  • I wasn’t going to write anything since you know my view and I know yours, so arguing is pointless.  Mine is here:
    I suspect Obama’s speech next week will be big, and turn this into a plus for his campaign.  But if you think Romney can still pull it out, head over to Intrade.  Romney shares are under $29!  If you’re really confident you’re right, you can make a fortune!

    • What is your prediction, Moose-sqeeze?
      How do you figure Obama’s depredation of the 1st Amendment in the face of Islamist radicals will work for him?  That would take some tall lying on his part, and some low credulousness on the part of his myrmidons, wouldn’t it?
      And I hope nobody is fool enough to fall for your pimping.

      • A real liberal would have stood up for the First Amendment and condemned the Obama administration and the Clinton State Department.  But Scott’s all about seeing that the Ds get more votes than the Rs.  Real people don’t matter.

    • Scott, do you ever consider the people affected by these events?  Or is it all a big game to you?
      Do you care that both the Pubs and the Crats have ruined the economic future for your children and grandchildren?
      At what point do you stop pursuing that ridiculously stupid oneupsmanship, stop pulling for Team Coke or Team Pepsi, and start advocating for your progeny?

      • I’m hoping Romney wins so the cost of guns and ammo will go down, at least for a little while.
        Otherwise, a slightly lessened acceleration towards the debt collapse cliff won’t make much difference, 20 years from now.  As Martin puts it, Romney will be just a janitorial socialist, keeping things running until the Ds take power again.
        What are the Intrade odds on an unfunded liability of $120,721,600,000,000 not tanking the US government in the next couple decades?

        • Incidentally, that’s $1,055,000 for each of your children, Scott. source:

          • Machts nichts. Erp knows that the AGW caused by you right-wing scum will finish off his kids long before they will have to worry about a little debt. Besides, we owe it to ourselves and we can grow out of it once The One (PBUH) is reelected and has a chance to finish his work. 

        • There is a difference between rushing to that cliff at 100 mph and 30mph.  When you finally realize you’re about to go over the cliff at 30 mph, you can jump out of the car and have a slim slim chance to survive.  We’re rushing at 100 mph now and by the time the severity of the situation starts to dawn on everyone, it’ll be too late for sure.

    • Took you long enough.

      I trust this reporter…and my own good sense…WAY more than I invest any credence in what the Obamic lies tell me about the Libyan incident.
      Do you ever tire of being lied to, Moose-squeeze…???

    • His speech before the Third World Handout and Debating society ought to be a smash.  Maybe he’ll tell them he’s ready to accept Egypt’s suggestions for how we can better serve Islam.

  • You guys obviously think I’m wrong, Elliot has his own particularly, uh, “interesting” world view.  That’s cool.  I obviously think you all are wrong about the economy and differently about foreign policy and the Mideast.  I think Elliot has fallen for the delusion of ideology.  I’m becoming very confident my world view is winning in the battle of public opinion.   I also think that some of you have gone over the top in “if the other guy wins it’s horrific” compartment.  ODS is more dramatic than BDS was!  And guess what – it’ll take awhile to work through debt issues, reform entitlements (yes, they must be reformed), and get the economy moving.  But better days are ahead, and there is no need for gloom and doom dour pessimism.  That’s true if Obama wins, and that’s also true if Romney wins.  You guys take this far, far too seriously and personally.   Which is why I so rarely comment any more (and wouldn’t have here but you more or less asked for a comment!)

    • Sorry, guys.  I would leave my normal “30 pieces of silver” retort but you asked for it this time.

    • Obama can’t pass a budjet let alone reform entitlements.

    • I think Elliot has fallen for the delusion of ideology.

      Once again, you indict the very use of ideas to make decisions.  Except, this time, you’re too stupid to realize that as an outsider to the Team Coke vs. Team Pepsi drama, I’m refusing to fall for your delusions that if your side were just allowed to have more control, they could fix all the messes caused by the other guys.
      I’m the one pointing out that it’s downright delusional to believe either Rs or Ds, based upon the clear evidence of their malfeasance.

      I’m becoming very confident my world view is winning in the battle of public opinion.

      Here, let me fix that for you:

      I’m becoming very confident my [ideology] is winning in the battle of public opinion.

      I’ve watched the hilarious interviews of ridiculously ignorant voters.  It doesn’t impress me that Team Pepsi convinces more idiots to vote than Team Coke.
      I’m interested in what is ethical, not what is popular.  I’m interested in future generations having at least as good a life as we do, not running up the tab and leaving them with a bill they can’t pay.

      And guess what – it’ll take awhile to work through debt issues, reform entitlements (yes, they must be reformed), and get the economy moving.  But better days are ahead, and there is no need for gloom and doom dour pessimism.

      Mathematics is not pessimism.  Believing that entitlement “reform” will stave off the debt collapse is the most delusional sort of thinking.  I cited you the source–the government itself.  (In fact, you can find other sources which put that figure much higher.)  Explain how your children can have a stable future when their share of the unfunded liabilities is $1,055,000 each?  Forget Republican, Democrat, popularity, personalities, and all those other distractions.
      Explain how playing the game of spinning every story in favor of Team Pepsi and against Team Coke is going to help your children.  Both major parties are spending like drunken sailors and every time a bipartisan group holds a press conference to announce a breakthrough in negotiations, the facts come out to expose it as a pathetic sham.  A few hundred million against a trillion.  Drops in a lake.

      You guys take this far, far too seriously and personally.

      Don’t you take the future of your children and grandchildren seriously?  Does it not concern you to see the US credit rating dropping, the line graphs of future entitlement spending eclipsing the full budget capacity?
      Again, you and all the sycophants of the Rs and the Ds are stuck on stupid, holding onto the delusion that if you just defeat the “other guys” that the problems will be fixed.
      Reality will have its way, though.

      • Part of your naivete could be because of your (currently) insulated position and the age of your children.
        You have yet to see your children, nieces, nephews, and their generation face the costs of college and the uncertainty of the job market.  Do you have any family members who have faced the awful conditions of war overseas, with an increasingly futile attempt to shape the nations where far too many people just hate Americans and want them to leave?  You have family members in California or Michigan, facing uncertainty and a desperate need to flee the states in which Democrats and their liberal Republican cohorts are committing economic suicide?
        Looking at the faces of my grandchildren, great-nieces,and great-nephew, I’m extremely troubled by the undeniable numbers showing that it will be impossible for the government to make good on any promises made to them as their wages are plundered to pay for baby boomers and gen Xers.
        You’re not there, yet.  Or, you’re just caught up in the Coke vs. Pepsi nonsense that you can’t see what’s really important.
        I’d love to see Obama lose, but Romney is not a remedy.  He’s the slightly less sadistic guard in the torture chamber.  The people getting excited about him winning are as delusional as the Obamabots of 2008.
        Look at your children, man.  Imagine them facing unemployment, high taxes, collapsing budgets.  Isn’t that more important than your feverish propaganda trips on the Internet?  Shut your damned computer off and go spend time with them.  Teach them some basic life skills.
        I was just helping my youngest (17) to study for a test on guns and hunting for a class.  She’s not crazy about it like her older brother, but she wants to know the basics.  She’s planning to be a zoologist or a veterinarian, but she also needs the skills necessary to do things herself if our plush lifestyle is ever interrupted.  I’ve warned all of them that Social Security will not be there for them, no matter how much they pay into the system, and that they need to be ready to weather some harsh conditions.
        So all the rancor of the election is just noise.  I’m focusing on what’s important: protecting the rights of my loved ones and neighbors and preparing them for inevitable government failures.

    • You’ve been saying ‘reform’ and ‘balance’ and ‘spending reductions’ since whack-a-do was sworn in.   It means no more to you say those words than it does to the average politician who says them while remaining intent to do what they want.   You’re a minor fraud.  You’d be colossal but fortunately you’re virtually irrelevant.
      “Better days are ahead”  trying on the Delphic Oracle mask now are we?
      As to taking it seriously – yes, it would be enetraining to see how seriously you took someone showing up at your house at 2:00 am for a ‘voluntary’ chat down at the local police department, or told you you’d better stop teaching whatever you teach the way you teach it because, well, you were saying things that upset certain people in high places.   It IS serious, but you’re too mired in your own turgid crap to see it.  Ignorance is correctable, what you have can’t be plain ignorance, it’s willful.

    • “my world view ”

      Ah, yes. We unsavory intellectual neanderthals have ‘idealogies’ while you sophisticated cognoscenti have ‘world views’.

      “But better days are ahead, and there is no need for gloom and doom dour pessimism.  That’s true if Obama wins, and that’s also true if Romney wins.”

      Since Prof. Pollyanna says so, it must be true.

      • Scott spits out the word “ideology” like it’s supposed to scare everyone away.
        An ideology is as good or as bad as the <b><i>ideas</i></b> (root word) on which it is based.  Scott’s ideology of democratic socialism is based upon wretchedly horrible ideas which deny human nature and which, as history has demonstrated, result in top-heavy bureaucracies, at best, and mass atrocities, at worst.  The ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood is based upon horrible ideas, too.
        Enlightenment ideologies, which recognize the rights of individuals as an ethical boundary, are far superior, both in consistency and in the respect for human rights.  With fascism, socialism, Islamism, a lone person is just an object which is only to be protected if it serves the “greater good” or “Allah’s will” (really, the interest of the theocratic leaders).  Individualist ideologies, on the other hand, prohibit the destruction of people for the sake of convenience.  It’s not OK to sacrifice innocents, ever.
        So, call it a “world view” or an “ideology”, if you will.  The judgment of it’s validity is based upon whether the underlying principles are sound, or if they are immoral denials of the value of human life.

    • the stupid lie to everything you just wrote is that you actually believe that Obama has any intention of trying to reform entitlements, god you are stupid.

  • No, Elliot, I’m keenly aware of the situation – I study it and teach it.  You’re in a kind of ideological fantasy land, perhaps due as much to psychology as anything else.  I just think you guys are wrong.  But that’s OK – keep up with your frustration and gloom.  The rest of us will go on and make things better.  I’m feeling very confident and optimistic at this point.   Cheers!

    • Which shows your delusion, you were as goofily confident and optimistic 3 years ago.  Things are just as crappy, and you’re still optimistic.  That doesn’t speak well for your perception of reality.   Course, it probably hasn’t hit you personally yet.  Funny thing about how that tends to enhance your sense of reality.
      How’s that whole “good and necessary” working out for the Middle East there sparky?   That’s just a sample of how you see the world versus it’s reality.  For you it’s gonna be like getting hit in the head with a swift moving 2×4 when the true situation finally reaches out and touches you.  You have sons, right?  I presume you’re expecting deferments for them.  Just remember when the time comes, it’s people like you who helped speed it’s arrival so, no whining.

      • ” That doesn’t speak well for your perception of reality”

        But it does speak well for his choice of pharmaceuticals. “Better living through chemistry” and all.

    • Your “world-view” is winning out!?!?
      What a wonderfully terrible confession of delusion!  There isn’t ONE metric you could point to that justifies your Pollyanna posturing here.
      I am a cock-eyed optimist (i.e., I believe the American people WILL flush the Obamic Decline in favor of growth and limited government), but we KNOW what a second Obama term would bring, and it will not be an America recognizable to those of us who respect the Constitution.  And it could see us in a very hot, large war.

      • Well, at least we know if we mention him, he’ll show up to provide guest commentary.   Like Voldemort, or Sauron…only….in a clown suit.

        • I also note…again…how ball-less he is.
          I asked him to predict the content of the great speech he predicts from Obama on our debacle of a foreign policy, especially as respects the Arab (Trap) Spring.
          Who wins the presidency in November?
          Just this weird, vague BS about “The Sun’l Come Out T’marrow”, from Anne.  I bet he was even wearing the red afro.

          • You want to hear more of how I think, Rags, it’s all on my blog, including my predictions for November, on going daily analysis of the polls, assessment of the Mideast.  Clearly I see the world very differently than you, and I’ll take Obama’s foreign policy over the Bush debacles any time.  But don’t complain that I’m not posting my ideas here (odd that you’d complain about that in any event).   You’re not the audience I’m concerned about reaching (gee, that sounds a bit like Romney…)

          • I’ll take Obama’s foreign policy over the Bush debacles any time.

            A former-pacifist learned to stop worrying and love the smart bomb.

          • Boy, you are REALLY pimping that blog.
            It must be lonely for you.  Not that that surprises me in the least.  Your only value here is comic relief.  Well, and to show how far down Denial your Collectivist “faculty lounge/hall” really is.
            Sort of pathetic cry for attention, don’t you think…?  Seriously?

        • Like Voldemort, or Sauron…only….in a clown suit.

          If he only knew how much readers here laugh at his smug stupidity, he’d never come back here.  He’d go hole up at Koz or DU and never poke his head out.

          • ” He’d go hole up at Koz or DU and never poke his head out”

            Nah, he’d be lost in the crowd. He needs the attention, which is why he is here instead of listening to the crickets at his own place.

    • I study it and teach it.

      We all laugh at you every time you write that.  So many people have corrected your pathetically inept arguments that we’ve concluded that you’re not just a disingenuous fraud.  You’re stupid.
      In the case of the budget, demographics, and the application of honest accounting, you’re apparently too stupid to understand that when Social Security and Medicare spending exceed the federal budget–that is before defense, debt servicing, law enforcement, HHS, EPA, etc., that it is simply impossible to continue.
      I could write copious paragraphs detailing my mathematical credentials.  But that’s not even relevant, because anyone who has a tenth of my skills can see the projections and, coupled with the history of budget negotiations in recent years (they all yield promises, but outrageously tiny, insignificant cuts), can see the writing on the wall.

      You’re in a kind of ideological fantasy land…

      What does ideology have to do with the actuarial tables that the US government, itself, has provided?

      The rest of us will go on and make things better.

      “Us”?  You think being a propagandist at an out-of-the-way college makes you a part of the machinery?  You’re just a small cog in the machinery.  You have no control over the way it works, and the inevitability of debt failure.

      I’m feeling very confident and optimistic at this point.

      And you call me delusional?
      $1,055,000 for your first child.
      $1,055,000 for your second child.
      $1,055,000 for you.
      $1,055,000 for your wife.
      Soon enough, China and everyone else will stop buying bonds.  And the QE ∞ will either mire us into Japan-style perpetual recession/depression, or trigger hyperinflation.  Either way, the potential value destruction will be hideous to endure.
      Keep squawking about “ideology”.  Democrat, Republican, libertarian, socialist, or very very silly party–none of that will matter once the mathematically inevitable imbalance forces an end to the rubber check funded orgy going on in Washington.

      • Obama called the events on 9/11 “bumps in the road”.
        Consider what happened.
        Then you can see how weak and stupid that statement was.  Very like “good and necessary”, “watch and learn”, etc.
        But, “Facebook”…!!!

      • I take that back.  Japan has has two “lost decades”, but they have, at least, been a net exporter.  The US is nowhere near that.  Once the credit card is maxed out, nobody is going to keep letting us import goods in exchange for worthless paper.

      • Elliot, you too could benefit from reading my blog (you’d benefit more from a few classes on the political economy, but you’re so stuck in an ideological fog that I think you’ll never see the world clearly).   The bad news for you is that you’re wrong.  The good news is that you and your children won’t have to forage for food in some post-apocalyptic world that you fantasize.  OK, you can have the final word – I suspect when you’re old and laying on your death bed you’ll still be muttering …”any day now, it’ll all fall apart…the ruination is coming…”

        • Elliot, you too could benefit from reading my blog…

          Scott, I read you here because I find it hilarious entertainment seeing you completely mocked and ridiculed, and being too stupid and arrogant to go away.  I get no actual knowledge, insight, or wisdom from your writing.  You’re not just a lying propagandist, but you’re quite stupid.
          There are plenty of relatively intelligent, even occasionally witty liberal commentators I can read on the web.  Some of them have a bit of honesty and some principles (misguided as they might be).  They are at least consistent enough to criticize Obama for his failures.  Whether it’s starting new wars and expanding the predator drone strikes, the backstabbing over medical marijuana, the states rights position on same-sex marriage, or the assault on the First Amendment rights of the alleged movie maker.
          You don’t even rate.  You’re comment fodder.  You’re a target of lampooning.  That is all.  You don’t have the intelligence to be anything more.
          Note that you’re the only one writing about apocalypse.  I’m talking about the predictable result of a debt failure.  Read some history books.  This has happened before.  It should be no shock.  Nuclear war, zombies, and all that bullsh!t of movies is just a distraction, a way that some people use to cope with anxiety.  The result of unmanageable deficits will not be anything so dramatic.
          But it will be a mess and it will mean an end to the current status quo.
          Do you seriously think your children and grandchildren will be able to retire in their 60s and get Social Security benefits?  Any oneupsmanship in an argument between you and I won’t matter to them.  It won’t matter to my children and grandchildren.
          The only thing they’ll do is curse our generation and the ones before us for spending away their future, today.

        • Oh, LAWDY…!!!
          You are a LAUGH RIOT, Erp!
          I’d say you have your head in the sand, but we all know where you have your head…and I hope it at least isn’t sandy up there!
          Jebus, ANOTHER declaration of STUPID AND NARCISSIST.  How many of you Obama types are out there, do you think?

        • Well, you ARE in tune with the idea that our currency is based on Faith alone.   Clearly, you’re one of the foolishly faithful who think the Fed CAN in fact go on printing the scrip, shipping it to Treasury, who can use it to turn around and make purchases with it, trading the pieces of ‘faith’ (M & M enterprises!  Everyone has a share! look it up….) for real material products (and in the case of those undergoing your tutelage, in exchange for knowledge valued commensurate with the actual value of the scrip).
          I’m sure there were a significant number of well to do and intelligent people who were heavily invested in Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC that would have responded pretty much the way you do when appraised of the scheme.   It’s the same scheme schmarty, and in a way, I can hope that the foolish faithful, like you, don’t really catch on until, I, for example, am as ready as I can hopefully be.
          but no matter what, it cannot last forever.  With the Wiemar Republic, the market crash of 29 and currently North Korea and Zimbabwe as samples, you think it cannot happen.  You ‘teach’ do you?

        • “Elliot, you too could benefit from reading my blog”

          Only if he is prepping for a colonoscopy or needs to lose a large amount of weight. 

          • I must confess, I have lost ten pounds in the last month, but my brain hurts.

          • Reading dozens of long, droning paragraphs filled with transparent, sophomoric propaganda is about as tortuous as a full flush prep–and the result is about the same.
            Really, the worst part of his writing is the vapid nature of it all.  At least liberals like Ezra Klein or Matthew Yglasias can actually write an article which is engaging and perhaps even thought-provoking enough get published in places that more than a dozen people will read.  I may disagree with them profusely, but they have thoughts above the intellectual level of a teenager.
            To draw a parallel between political analysis and entertainment, Jon Stewart is probably the funniest and most intelligent political comedian.  Even though he takes the side of big government liberals 95% of the time and is frequently completely unfair to misrepresent the facts of a story, he has moments of genius.  Bill Maher can’t measure up, because all he does is tell hacky jokes where the punchline is always the same: Republicans bad.  But he did capture a good format in which he brings in a variety of celebrities to debate, so occasionally a guest like Nick Gillespie will come on and calming, methodically rip Maher’s simplistic banter to shreds.  Then there’s SNL which has taken a nose dive since the days of Dennis Miller and Norm MacDonald.  In the realm of political analysis, the comedic analogue to Scott Erb would be an MC at a mostly empty hotel lounge who tries to toss out some zingers in between the musical acts, which everyone but a drunk unemployed union worker ignores.
            To make the analogy about sports: you have MLB, minor leagues, college, high school, little league, tee-ball…. Scott’s the middle aged pencil pusher who hit a double in softball at a company picnic and has delusions of being an athlete.

    • Yeah Erp, we have a $16T debt and a president who can’t pass a budget when his party controls both the House and Senate. No way that will end bad. And of course you won’t put forth any ideas here, you don’t have any, any more then Obama does.

    • “of ideological fantasy land, perhaps due as much to psychology as anything else”

      Yes, you are obviously in need of custodial psychiatric care, comrade. This is, after all, the best of all possible worlds.

      Comrade Prof. Pollyanna has spoken.

    • “I study it and teach it”
      “It” must be phrenology or something similar, given your general lack of connection to the real world.

  • I’m interested in Mr. Erb’s take on the “questioning” of an American citizen, taken from his home in the middle of the night, because of a possible violation of probation, a citizen who coincidently also had something to do with the film that supposedly started the fracas. A citizen given the full media perp walk treatment. Where do you stand on that, sir?
    And, also, how does Mr. Erb see the conflict between the First Amendment right to Free Speech and Freedom of Religion?

    • It’s all part of the “good and necessary” conflagrations which will precede the inevitable flowering of an enlightened populace and benevolent governments in the Middle East.  What’s one guy’s rights matter when the lightmaker is bringing an end to hostility between the Muslim world and the US?

    • Those are things not to be ‘taken seriously’.

    • It didn’t happen to him, or any of his fellow educators, and it DID happen to a man who no doubt deserved it because his ‘free speech’ ’caused the death of the ambassador’ and really shouldn’t have been exercised that way.
      The fact that his movie did NOT cause the death of the Ambassador should be ignored, the fact that a ‘probation violation’ warranted informing the broadcast news so they could get in photo opportunities of ‘law’ being enforced, and dragging officials out of bed at 2:00 in the morning to ‘voluntarily interview’ the man doesn’t strike the professor as unusual, unreasonable or at all out of line.  He’s quite worldly and knowledgeable, and wise.
      We’re just being silly.  Didn’t you know, possible probation violation interviews are almost ALWAYS dealt with at 2:00 am like this.  It lends so much more to the proper aura we’re seeking.   That of the Russian style knock at the door at midnight and the free ride in the GAZ-21 down to the local headquarters of the Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (Committee for State Security) where these things are explained to wayward comrades.

        AND there is THIS violation of the 1st Amendment on-going…
        And not a word from our “civil libertarians” in the Collective.  Because “It’s different when we do it”.

        • And Chick-Fil-A should probably tell the alderman to stuff it.  Pro marriage doesn’t necessarily equal anti-gay.
          Of course I realize in the progressive world of word re-defining “I prefer dogs to cats” is equal to “I hate cats” if that fits their foaming at the mouth agenda of the moment.

    • ” taken from his home in the middle of the night”

      It was for his own good. The poor man obviously has an extreme sensitivity to sunlight, as indicated by his total coverage. 

  • An entertaining read from Buzzfeed –
    And a choice demonstration of why these people should NOT be in charge of state-craft since they’re hyper angry that CNN found and used the diary.  The Buzzfeed reporter mails it.  Lord knows what was left, why it wasn’t secured, and who might have taken it, and it’s obvious Raines doesn’t like that much.

  • not “mails” it, Nails it.

  • Wow.
    You’d think Jonah Goldberg had met Prof. Moose-squeeze
    You really need to watch that.  I describes our buddies from the Collective so well.

    • Scott’s ideology is based upon bad ideas–ideas which deny human nature and basic human values (like self-ownership).  Despite his degrees and his vocation, when the discussion centers around ideas, he is unable to compete, even against “amateurs”.
      The only way Scott deals with his deficiencies is by avoidance.  One tactic is exactly what Jonah Goldberg described.  Portray the ideas and principles of opponents as bad categorically, not because of the ideas in and of themselves, but because because of some projected qualities of the people who hold these principles: they’re rigid, they ignore facts, they’re like religious fanatics who commit mass murder.
      Jonah Goldberg is right on the money.  Ideas matter.  Those with inferior ideas have to change the subject.

      • ” Ideas matter.  Those with inferior ideas have to change the subject.”
        zomg – Elliot if I can remember that past 2:00 this afternoon I WILL be stealing it.