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Fast and Furious – It takes Univision to “break” it?


This has been a scandal for over 2 years. It has bubbled along in the blogosphere for some time. But in the MSM, it has been mostly ignored. Cheryl Atkinson of CBS is about the only reporter I’m aware of who has done any in-depth reporting about this and it too has been mostly ignored.

Even the coverage of the Congressional hearing into this fiasco was muted.

Finally, we have some journalism coming to the fore (with apologies to Ms. Atkinson) and Univision, a largely Hispanic network, has done an expose on this operation that can only be called either the dumbest and most inept operation known to man or a very cynical and malevolent one. More and more I’m leaning toward the latter explanation with a sprinkling of the former.

ABC has finally picked up the ball, and if you are interested in the Univision report, they have it with English captions. Definitely worth the view.

Says ABC:

As part of Operation Fast and Furious, ATF allowed 1,961 guns to “walk” out of the U.S. in an effort to identify the high profile cartel leaders who received them. The agency eventually lost track of the weapons, and they often ended up in the hands of Mexican hit men , including those who ordered and carried out the attack on Salvarcar and El Aliviane, a rehabilitation center in Ciudad Juarez where 18 young men were killed on September 2, 2009.

In Mexico, the timing of the operation coincided with an upsurge of violence in the war among the country’s strongest cartels. In 2009, the northern Mexican states served as a battlefield for the Sinaloa and Juarez drug trafficking organizations, and as expansion territory for the increasingly powerful Zetas. According to documents obtained by Univision News, from October of that year to the end of 2010, nearly 175 weapons from Operation Fast and Furious inadvertently armed the various warring factions across northern Mexico.

Univision went into some real depth in their investigation, apparently even deeper than the Congressional investigation:

Univision News identified a total of 57 more previously unreported firearms that were bought by straw purchasers monitored by ATF during Operation Fast and Furious, and then recovered in Mexico in sites related to murders, kidnappings, and at least one other massacre.

Remember, this was first claimed to be a “local, rogue” operation. Then White House staff emails referencing it were found. This was an ATF/DEA/DoJ operation that was never coordinated with Mexican officials. It has caused at least 2 deaths of US agents and literally hundreds if not thousands of deaths in Mexico.

Someone should be held accountable and be heading to jail.

But then “someone” ought to also be reporting about it too, shouldn’t “they”?’

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24 Responses to Fast and Furious – It takes Univision to “break” it?

  • Oh, we will.  It all started under Bush you see.  I know it didn’t, but it did.

    • You’re deluding to operation ‘wide receiver’ done with the knowledge and cooperation with the Mexican government, those guns were actually tracked, arrests were actually made.
      Any other obfuscations you’d like to share with us?

      • Sorry old boy, needed the sarc tag on that one.   My apologies.   And you’re being kind with ‘obfustication’, let’s face it, when they say it started under Bush, it’s an outright lie.

  • This aside, the facts are if you want to know what’s going on in America, you increasingly need to turn to the foreign press. Expect this particular story to keep zero traction. Romney may mention it during the debates, but “fact checkers” will quickly jump to explain why what he said was a lie, and furthermore, how Romney is a heartless felon and simultaneously stupider and more evil than Bush ever was.

    This guy has been doing some very interesting writing about MORE operations like F & F going on, in addition to State and DoD operations that have put thousands of guns into Mexico.
    AND it bears remembering that DoJ teamed withe Media Mutters to crush the story and anyone who told it.
    PLUS the IG report was totally unsatisfactory to explain why Holder would commit an act of contempt of Congress AND Obama would throw executive privilege into the cover-up.
    A LOT of stuff remains to be uncovered.  And there are a LOT of dead people here.

  • Fast and Furious?  Are you talking about the movie?  I mean Vin Diesel is ok, I guess, but it was a while ago. 

  • OF&F was a task force involving multiple agencies. There was an IRS agent involved, as well as DHS agents (ICE) and of course DOJ (ATF).

    What about State? The international nature of this steps all over State, so one would suppose our SoS Clinton would be seriously pissed. Further, this appears as an obvious ITAR violation, which State investigates and persecutes. And Clinton and State seem to be AWOL on this issue. Why? Was State in the loop as well?

  • Oh, and it wasn’t just OF&F. It seems other similar operations were being run in different areas. The one that resulted in the dead ATF agent wasn’t F&F. The Univision report mentions that.

    Mu guiess is that Obama gave his last Univision interview. Univision doesn’t seem to get that Obama’s working for a greater good, and that a few dead Mexicans is a small price to pay. Breaking some eggs, and all that . . .

    • I was surprised Jorges Ramos wasn’t invited by some agency to come in for voluntary discussions, but I’m guessing he’s a Mexican citizen and is out of reach of our strictly law abiding DOJ.

  • Our local rogues reside in Washington.

  • But then “someone” ought to also be reporting about it too, shouldn’t “they”?

    >>>> Let me throw this question out there for everyone.  Exactly WHY should they be reporting on this? You’re a member of today’s media, so what is served by reporting on this (or on the admin’s dropping the ball on Benghazi)?

    • Well, once…long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away…being a reporter meant you reported stuff.
      I know…  Like the opening of The Fellowship Of The Ring: “Things that should be remembered were forgotten…”

  • But the DOJ IG says that Eric Holder didn’t read his e-mails so he knew nothing.
    Yeah. That’s the ticket.  Eric Holder knew nothing and continues to know nothing.  As stupid as a brick.  The perfect head of our justice department.
    We should extradite the whole lot of them to Mexico for prosecution.

    • Seems to me that a failure to read his email would result in some form of culpability, especially if that is a primary method of communication in the DOJ.

    • OK, let’s say arguendo that Holder failed to read his emails.
      Justify contempt of Congress.
      Justify invocation of executive privilege.

      • I’m still dying to know what Holder had offered to Issa in return for shutting down his investigation.

  • Now paint yourself a picture where the Administration this happened under was run by George W. Bush and imagine the goings on right now in Congress, the Media and the Democratic party (but I repeat myself)

  • This comes under the same heading as the discussion about the press I posted under the podcast announcement last week.

  • From past behavior, I think you need more evidence to show that this was not incompetence. Setting new levels of  “dumbest and most inept” could be the motto of the BATF and this administration.