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Economic Statistics for 2 Oct 12 (Updated)

The following US economic statistics were announced today:

In retail sales, Redbook’s reports year on year sales growth of 2.3%, which is at the lower range of trend. ICSC-Goldman says sales fell –0.3% from last week, and are up a weak 2.4% over last year.

Auto vehicle sales will be announced throughout the day. Watch this space for updates later. So far, though, the big three are reporting. General Motors reported a 1.5% increase in September auto sales. Ford sales were down –0.1% from last year. Chrysler reports a 12% jump in sales, its best September since 2007. Overall, auto sales improved on August’s multi-year high, with total sales of 15.0 million annualized for the month. That’s a 4% improvement over August, and the highest since March, 2008.

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