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Stray voltage …

Excuse me while I ramble.

–Are the unemployment numbers “cooked”?  Well, let’s put it this way, the math required to make such a drop possible doesn’t seem to be supportable.  IBD did a little of it for us:

The economy created just 114,000 jobs in September, yet the number of people employed somehow rocketed up by 873,000 and the number of unemployed plummeted by 456,000.

Point?  There weren’t 873k jobs created in September.  But the BLS did manage to find 360k new jobs that somehow weren’t counted, according to them, between March of 2011 and March of 2012.  How convenient.

There may very well have been 456k who were dropped from the unemployment rolls.  In fact, there may have been more.  But the combination of the two numbers is a 1.3 million job swing.  That “swing” is what it would take to drop the unemployment rate that much.  Now it is entirely possible 456k  or more were dropped from the unemployment rolls.  It’s that first number you need to question.

–Have you ever seen a more pathetic performance by a side that lost a debate?  Instead of admitting their guy sucked that night, it turned into a “he lied” or “he cheated” montage that seemed as though every pundit on the left, both on line and off line got one of two alternating sets of talking points.

Look, Obama was terrible that night.  Like I said, I’ve gotten the distinct impression that Obama loves the perks of the office, but isn’t real crazy about the job.  He loves to campaign, but as political Barbie would say, “governing is hard.”  He has no problem accepting accolades, but simply doesn’t believe he should have to do anything to earn them.  And finally, he’s worse than a 3rd grader about trying to blame everyone or everything else for his shortcomings.

That all caught up with him the other night.  For the first time in his life, he had to stand there and face the music about his record.  He was shown how much of a failure he was in no uncertain terms and, frankly, I think he was stunned into a lethargic performance.

2nd debate?  Oh he’s going to be a tiger in that one, but will it matter?  Over 50 million tuned in to watch this last one.  My guess is they’ll be lucky to get half that for the second (I think the VP debate – the anticipation is just, well, overwhelming – will draw more viewers).  The 1st debate was the critical debate.   That is where the undecided went to decide.  Mitt Romney got to talk with them unfiltered by the media.  And of course, the media then had to deny that was the “real” Mitt Romney because they had spent so much time over the intervening weeks building a different one in their narrative.

–Is there more of a scandal right now (Fast and Furious is an ongoing one) than the Benghazi Consulate murders?  We’re fed a line about the attack there being about a video when those of us with more than two brain cells to rub against each other knew, upon hearing even the sketchy early details, that it had nothing to do with a video. For heaven sake it was 9/11 on the year that Osama bin Laden had been killed.  AQ was going to do something and like all organizations with even semi-competent leadership they knew to pick on a place that was incredibly weak.  Thus Benghazi.

We get all sorts of denial from the administration, sticking with the narrative about the video, while it became more apparent as every new detail leaked out that it was anything but a spontaneous demonstration.  Finally, when they could deny it no more, they sorta, kinda admitted it was a terrorist attack.  Well some of them did. Others weren’t sure.

Benghazi had asked the State Department a reported 13 times for extra security … and been denied.  It was about as secure as your house.  It was full of sensitive information.  And all of that has to be assumed to have been compromised (why such information was kept in such an unsecure location remains a mystery, because the media won’t ask).

Finally, the administration sends in the FBI, weeks after the incident and the FBI team stays there a total of 12 hours.  12 freakin’ hours.  You think that bunch is at all interested in getting to the bottom of this?

And don’t forget, this next debate is going to be about how strong Obama is in foreign affairs.

His Middle East initiatives have crashed and burned, China’s feels it can bully our ally Japan and Russia is all but thumbing their nose at us as pertains to Iran, and this is his strong point?

Hate to see his weak point …oh, wait … we’re living it.


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15 Responses to Stray voltage …

  • ” And all of that has to be assumed to have been compromised”
    Aww, don’t be silly.  There wasn’t any really important info there.  In our embassy compound, where they worked.   And if there WAS, and there wasn’t, and I’m not saying there was, but IF there was then it was a crime scene.  Only someone rude and disrespectful and underhanded,  racists, like CNN staff would have ever even contemplated taking any of that information from a CRIME scene.
    Practically sacred, crime scenes, in foreign countries, that have almost no government, and are rife with people who intend to do harm to the United States.   So, the FBI knows, after their lookie loo around the place, that there was nothing, NOTHING there that would have ever compromised anyone working with us in Libya.  No government wires, cables, code books, notes, laptops.  I mean, just because we hauled stuff out of Osama Bin Laden’s compound that we claimed was a huge intelligence coup, doesn’t mean anyone else could, or would, take that sort of intelligence information from a CRIME scene, if it was there, and I’m not saying it was, because it wasn’t.
    Hey, Mitt Romney cheated by arranging with Jim Lehrer to have that debate at a high altitude on a day when Obama wouldn’t have time to practice, and he used notes written on a hankie in special pheromonal form designed to make Obama confused and lethargic and confused by the overwhelming number of false lying lies.
    One serious question, how is their heads don’t explode?

  • Heh, we DID get some good Bin Laden porn though out of Abbottabad.  Wonder if there was some good American porn at the embassy…..maybe they captured copies of the videos we captured from Bin Laden.  So now they know we know what kind of porn they like.

  • I shake my head at the fact that was simply Obama with a Record at his best.  And they can’t deal with it.
    The VP debate is where they’ll have Crazy Uncle Joe attack Romney with the cliches, hoping Ryan isn’t prepared to defend Romney.
    VP debate:  Bain, Bain, Bain, Tax Returns, Bain, Ryan is a Liar meme, Bain, Bain, Romney is a rich guy, Bain, …
    Next Pres. debate:  Bin Laden, Bin Laden, Osama Bin Laden, Bin Laden, …

  • I keep hearing buzz about an Obama fund-raising scandal…which would certainly be plausible, given 2008’s scandals…but nothing breaking yet.
    There is a hanging scandal over the EPA’s attempts to hide emails from discovery by using private accounts.
    AND F&F was ONE of several operations like it, one of two of them DOMESTIC.

  • Something I haven’t heard anyone say, Bruce: GDP growth simply doesn’t support such a drop.
    We don’t have estimated Q3 numbers yet, but even the BEA is projecting under 2% (annualized). For a developed economy, this is staying even with population growth and productivity gains.
    Of course: there’s lag time between GDP changes and its effect on unemployment, because it takes employers time to decide what to do. Well, then, what of Q2’s horrible 1.3%?
    Now consider that true inflation is higher than officially stated, meaning we could well have zero GDP growth, perhaps even slightly zero. This explains what real Main Street folks know, that this “recovery” is anything but.

    • GDP might not have much to do with it. If we are replacing high paid full time workers with low pay part time workers you might be able to see an improved unemployment stat while the GDP continues to tank.

      And always remember, the numbers that are important are the ones that favor obama and the left. You have to have your priorities right.

  • In July, an inquest heard that a young man who died of dehydration at a leading hospital rang 999 for police because he was so thirsty. Officers arrived at Kane Gorny’s bedside, but were told by nurses that he was in a confused state and were sent away.
    The footballer and runner, 22, died of dehydration a few hours later, an inquest heard in July.
    …[H]e was in hospital for a routine hip replacement. Doctors had warned that, without regular medication to control his fluid levels, he would die. But when he was admitted to St George’s Hospital in Tooting, South London, staff ignored repeated reminders from Mr Gorny and his family to give him the tablets, and he became severely dehydrated after being refused water.
    His mother told the inquest that in May 2009 she received a distressed phone call from her son, in which he said he had called the police because he was so desperate for a drink.
    Shortly before he died, his mother found him delirious and saw that his medication was untouched. … He died of water deficit and hypernatraemia, a medical term for dehydration, three days after he was admitted to hospital.

    Quiet, deadly savagery kills just as effectively as the more open, violent kind. 

  • These are not the unemployed droids you are looking for.

  • So….Are we again not supposed to “…read too much into the current months numbers…”?