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Charts from hell (for Obama)

It’s worse than you thought and, of course, worse than they projected.  Here’s the updated deficit spending chart:

Check out the gray “actual” numbers for the last two years.  There is nothing trending down.  Reminds one of the promises about unemployment and the “stimulus”, doesn’t it?

As for your part, well, nothing unexpected there – you’re and your kids and their kids are on the hook for a lot more than projected as well:

Yup, let’s give him 4 more years, shall we?  I’m sure his administration could change the direction of this chart as well.  We could “unexpectedly” owe $40,000 each by the time that term finished up.

Obviously it must be me, because I cannot figure out why anyone would contemplate giving such an abject failure another 4 yearshot at making their lives even worse.  It’s time for a little accountability.

Seriously – I believe in second chances, however I don’t believe everyone deserves one.  Barack Obama is one of those who doesn’t deserve a second chance.

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10 Responses to Charts from hell (for Obama)

  • And it can’t even be that their own personal situations have necessarily improved under this administration.  It’s a media vacuum created cult.  Apart from the die hard liberals, who, like Alice’s White Queen, are able to believe 6 impossible things every day before breakfast, I think it’s mostly ignorance of any versions of reality.  They aren’t bothering to read or listen to the news, and if they do, they don’t bother going to multiple sources to see if there are other views to consider.
    So, by and large, people must be hearing, regularly…he’s trying hard, he’s doing a good job,  and only reason he’s not doing a better job is because the EVIL Republicans (the rich) are hindering him at every possible turn.
    There’s a lot of otherwise normal people who don’t like what he’s done but they are unable or unwilling to dig deeper to give substance to their feeling.  Liberals get a daily handy ration of simple talking points from the mainstream media. For example, Romney is considered ‘vague’ on his policies and plans, but they will honestly tell you Obama is specific and detailed. Yet most of them are completely unaware we haven’t had a national budget in 3 years.   They know some movie made those crazy Muslims mad, and “that guy shouldn’t be able to just say anything he likes”.  They are vaguely kind of aware there’s something going on in Syria, nearly completely unaware of the EU crisis, and totally unaware of China island hoping across the South China Sea.
    They do know who George Clooney is dating, that Kendra has lost some weight (or gained some) and what happened to Leroy Jethro Gibbs in the last episode of NCIS.  They have become immune to gas prices going up and down a few cents, and really only notice when it jumps a lot.  They are unable to remember what they were paying for gas during the Bush years, and in any event, THAT is somehow linked to George Bush paying off his oil buddies (they DO remember that much).

    • Those folks really don’t want to know.   It’s just too hard and they have expected their helplessness.

      • They don’t just expect to feel helpless, they’re encouraged to feel helpless.
        My son was outraged the other day at the lies told by government figures.  My question to him was where he thought the authority figure was that was going to put a stop to it.   In life, your parents, your teachers, the police, SOMEONE, has authority over you and when you lie to them, you get in trouble.    I asked him who he thought was going to discipline the Justice Department, or Congress, or the Senate, or the White House.  We know the answer of who SHOULD be disciplining them, but an ignorant electorate isn’t going to do it.  And sometimes it’s hard to have 2, 4 or six years of patience for following through.
        The people who should be reminding us that we need to administer discipline are as on the take as the people they ought to be monitoring, and lie as often.  New Media helps, but we all know it’s not reaching the average person.

        • “Learned helplessness” is a real thing, and a terrible problem to have.  It is one thing that often keeps a spouse in an abusive relationship.
          Americans can’t succumb to it.  You sound pretty close.

          • That’s why I live in Texas, not the People’s Republic of Massanosense.
            We don’t BELONG to the government, it belongs to us.   Bout time we checked up on the property.

  • Bruce, I suggest you edit that post to reflect a title to that first graph. Otherwise, the reader needs to jump into the link to find that it is a graph of deficit spending.

  • I find the 2004-2007 (the last four years of Repub Congress) trend the most interesting.