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Obama loves the perks of office, but he’s not too crazy about the job

Alana Goodman provides some validation to my assertion that Barack Obama likes the perks of being President, but really isn’t that crazy about the job itself.

First though, some interesting info on debates and Obama:

According to the Times, Obama also deeply dislikes debates. It might be understandable if this was because he found them challenging and outside of his comfort zone. But that’s not what the Times reports. Obama apparently dislikes debates because he views them as “media-driven gamesmanship… something to endure, rather than an opportunity.” In other words, debates are below him. It’s not that he’s a weak debater, it’s that the debate format is too trivial for the likes of Barack Obama.

And, of course, he holds Romney in “disdain”, which likely makes it even harder.  What will be interesting is whether someone who dislikes debates and the person he has to debate can rally and do what is necessary in the next two debates.  Ummm … probably not.

But on to the main point.  Goodman talks about Obama as President failing at the very personal level, a level that requires an ability he just doesn’t seem to have the self-discipline to exercise.  And it isn’t in just one sphere or area.  It is an across the board inability to form relationship with critical demographics and people.

This isn’t the first major aspect of the presidency (and campaigns) that Obama reportedly disdains. George W. Bush wasn’t a fantastic debater, but he was considered a great communicator in person. Obama, in contrast, doesn’t appear to enjoy personal interaction in general. He knocks debates as “gamesmanship,” but he also doesn’t like socializing. And as the New Yorker reported, he’s alienated major donors because he hasn’t been able to build relationships with them.

Obama’s interpersonal struggles have also caused him problems in the policy realm. He dislikes working with members of congress, and his disengagement from the legislative side of the political process has been criticized routinely by both Republicans andDemocrats. The same goes for foreign policy. The New York Times reported that Obama’s difficulty dealing with the Arab Spring has stemmed from his “impatience with old-fashioned back-room diplomacy” and “failure to build close personal relationships with foreign leaders.”

According to Game Change author John Heilemann, Obama is one of those rare politicians who “don’t like people…[and] don’t like politics.”

Goodman asks, “so why is he running for re-election”.  Here’s a politician who doesn’t like politics and doesn’t like people?

See title.  It’s good to be the top dog and enjoy all the perks.  Work?

Yeah, see, that’s for the little people.  I mean he’s never had to work before, why would he want too now?

But give him 4 more years, will you?  He hasn’t had all the Wagyu beef he wants at this point.  And it’s cool having your own airplane at your beck and call if you want to jet off somewhere for dinner.  How cool?  $1.4 billion cool … the cost to taxpayers to keep the president in the style to which he’s become accustomed.

The more we learn about this guy, the less he seems right for the job.  Of course the past 4 years have pretty much proven that, despite Andrew Sullivan’s claim that his record is just sterling, he’s been an abject, incompetent failure.  He hasn’t grown in the job, he’s shrunk.  The debate performance was just his version of a shoulder shrug.  He doesn’t know his job.  How can he debate it?

I got a laugh out of Sullivan’s melt down though (a few actually):

And we are told that when Obama left the stage that night, he was feeling good. That’s terrifying.

It should be.  The guy (and Sullivan) actually thinks he’s done a good job.  Yet, as  Sullivan goes on to say,  somehow in one night, Obama managed to lose the 18 point lead he had among women.  Gee, you think they figured out that he’s still not ready for prime time, even after 4 years of OJT?

But Sullivan does manage to ask the pregnant question of the moment:

How do you erase that imprinted first image from public consciousness: a president incapable of making a single argument or even a halfway decent closing statement?

You don’t.  Not if that image is indeed the first image of the political season like it likely was for many of the almost 70 million who tuned in.

What they saw was a guy on one side who was energized, engaging and articulate.  On the other side they saw the guy who is President.  My guess is they concluded he really didn’t want to be President after that performance.

I think they’re probably right.

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37 Responses to Obama loves the perks of office, but he’s not too crazy about the job

  • “Too” Crazy about the job.
    (Offered with great respect for an extremely good blog, one of my favorites.)

  • The man is like a “puppy-eating demi-god” .. above us all …

    Obama ‘believed he had BEATEN Romney’ in Denver debate – after ignoring advice of top aides on preparation
    * Obama believes he’d got the better of Romney as he walked off stage to the dismay of his aides, according to a Democrat close to the campaign
    * The President failed to prepare properly, opting instead to visit the Hoover Dam the day before the showdown
    * Democrat claims he was so disdainful of Romney that he didn’t think he needed to even engage with him
    * Had one-liners on 47% prepared but chose not to use them

    Report: Obama thought he’d won the debate when he walked off the stage…!!!
    Narcissists live in a world of delusions and counterfeit.

    • but the exploding heads man, well worth the admission price.  I’m beginning to think the movie “Scanners” was about Obamabots watching the debate.

      • As humanitarians, perhaps we need to set up OPERATION: GET OVER IT to provide head containment units.  Think of the mess…

    • Totally, the Dunning–Kruger effect

    • Probably thought he’d wond the debate when walked off on the stage.
      closer to the truth.

  • Shoot, he figured this would be like everything else he’s done – give a couple speeches, the little people people would deal with the details and he and Michelle could do their thing.
    On other fronts – hey, wasn’t there someone around here once who used to say the media wasn’t really biased?

  • IOWAHAWK: What does the media call a candidate who slams his opponent for dissing Big Bird and not appearing on Nickelodeon? “The adult in the room.”

    Even Fiery Lake Of Dog Crap is embarrassed by the Big Bird attack.

    • Heh.  Giving credit to a comment seen on Ace…..The President has stated that he also believes Bert and Ernie should have the right to get married.

  • In the first round, Romney set him up nicely.
    Next go round, some “chin music” and “spin his cap” a couple times.
    Then for the last round, “up and in”, then “down and away”. Bambi goes down looking, frozen in place!

  • Oh, and if he used that “47% sludge”, Romney would have gotten the opportunity to explain the context and the political strategy he was intending.
    It would have been a disaster, especially when the overwhelming majority of the viewers learned for the first time the fact that, yes indeed, 47% of households pay NO FEDERAL INCOME TAX. Romney might have demolished a couple other myths pertaining to what people pay.

  • I have quite a different explanation.
    Barack Obama was afraid. In fact, on a certain level he was petrified.
    The Real Debate: The Good Father vs. The Abandoned Son
    Read the whole thing. I think Obama hates Romney.  Consider the threat to that poor, sick narcissist posed by the man.

  • I wonder if that’s also the reason BO’s college grades are locked up in Fort Knox.  Did he think exam’s were to be endured and were beneath him?  It’s not that he got crappy grades, it’s that exams were too trivial for the likes of the future Prez.   I think I outgrew that fantasy in the 2nd grade.

    • He never got over the “you’re special, you are one with the universe, you have a right to be here” crap that was getting spun while he was growing up.
      I bet grandma bent over backwards to treat him extra special so no one would think she was a racist.

  • Plz correct title “not too crazy”

  • IOWAHAWK: “Right now Paul Ryan is going over CBO deficit projections. Right now Joe Biden is stuck in a tube slide at McDonalds Playland.”

    • Sheriff Joe heard there were Islamic terrorists there and he and Jimmy Neutron are on a scouting mission for a drone strike.

  • After 8 solid years of totally negative antirepublican press and John “It’s my turn” McCain as the republican candidate Daffy Duck could have probably won as the democrat candidate. Unfortunately it looks like his brain double did.
    Obama is once again proven as a typical liberal. Wants all the perks but doesnt want the hard work that goes along with it.

  • Y’all realize, don’t you, that it has been unprecedented that Barack Obama has shirked all of his responsibilities as POTUS to spend the entire last year of his presidency just campaigning for his own reelection, so that he can continue to live like royalty? In fact, his ONLY concern is saving his own job, NOT saving the jobs of others.
    Only a fool or an imbecile or a psycho could vote for that lazy empty suit, slimy street hustler, petulant child and pretentious, decadent dilletante.

  • I agree that debate only determines who is the greatest showman—not the greatest truth teller.  When Obama encounter Romney on stage, he became quickly aware that Romney was the type of person who’d say anything to win—even if it meant contradicting his stated policy.  You  can’t win a debate with someone that will lie about anything.

    • Who are you “agreeing” with, moron?
      You are such a butt-boi for the Collective.

    • You’re a little late with the talking points this week, Tad. Hope they don’t dock your pay.

    • Get a grip – your boy is one of the biggest all time lying Presidents I’ve had the misfortune to witness.
      Unbiased sources don’t agree that Romney was a shameless liar, but that isn’t the case.  And I further know it’s not the case because the MSM hasn’t been on it like white on rice, and they would be if they could demonstrate it.
      The only people babbling about the big lie method is people like you.   I’ve said it elsewhere, I’ll say it again, to you.  You understand that methodology, because your side holds the patent on it.

    • Hey, question there slick – is Romney responsible for the great Benghazi attack lie too?

      • The Moving Finger Writes; and, Having Writ The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, Moves on

        Tad is the Middle Finger, who, having writ (MORON) moves on…

      • looker at 12:05 on 10/10/12 Hi. I would like to expand on an issue that you raised obliquely/ Further evidence that Democrats can not be trusted to protect Americans is that the outrageous screw-ups in Benghazi are eerily way too reminiscent of the equally outrageous screw-ups which occurred in Mogadishu during another Democrat Administration. Just as 70 of our finest soldiers were brutally massacred and desecrated by savages in Mogadishu, because Bill Clinton’s incredibly incompetent Secretary Of Defense, Les Aspen, refused to release a battalion of M1 Abram Tanks which were already reved up and ready to go to support and to rescue our troops who were ambushed and entrapped and greatly outnumbered by Somalian savages, our ambassador, two SEALs and another American were massacred and desecrated in Benghazi, because our flustered and incredibly inciompetent Secretary Of State, Hillary Clinton, refused to release a reinforced company of U.S. Marines, which was already staged and ready to be deployed to Benghazi to protect and, if necessary, to rescue the Americans there. It boggles the mind!Like Les Aspen, Hillary Clinton should be forced to resign in disgrace. Like Obama, she has been a disaster, and, in fact, with their incompetence, those chronic screw-ups, Obama, Clinton and Panetta have completely destabilized the entire Middle East.

    • Obama is a poor sport, a sore loser and a whining crybaby,
      and he sure isn’t much of a man. He is a disgrace, actually.
      Now his excuse is that he lost because he was “too polite”. lol
      Can’t imagine the Yankees using that lame excuse, can you?
      Like everybody in his administration, he is a chronic screw-up.