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QandO Election Maps

Once again, it’s time to give you the chance to play with the electoral and congressional votes with the QandO Election maps.

The presidential electoral vote map is here. The Congressional Seat map is here.


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5 Responses to QandO Election Maps

  • Why do Republicans accept the color scheme in which the Democrats are not red?
    Shouldn’t they at least prefer a color to reflect what they claim to be, rather than the opposite?

  • It really has nothing to do with the politics. The networks used to swap the colors each election, and sometimes didn’t use red at all. Some used red for Republicans, some used it for Democrats. In 2000, the Republicans were red on all the networks. After that election, the whole meme of “red states” got started and it began to enter the public mind. By 2004, it was fixed in everybody’s mind, and red was just the Republican color.
    So, it’s the result of happenstance, not design.

  • Don’t forget that ME and NE split their electoral votes.  Its entirely possible Romney will win with a 269-269 tie that the House of Representatives decides in Romney’s favor.