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Saturday Photoblogging

We had to go do a photo shoot at the Vietnam Memorial on Coronado Island. While we were there, we also took the time to do some sightseeing, and took our boxer, Apollo, along for the ride.

The pics are below the fold, and you can click on each picture for a more hi-res version.


Apollo was pretty happy with his day out with us, and no other dogs to take our attention away from him.


He loves to wear his saddlebags. They make him feel like he’s doing a useful job. Which he is, carrying the stuff we don’t want to carry.


Beach bicycle with a red baron motif.


The Hilton Hotel and Marina


Reflections in a restaurant window


Tourists on Segways. When walking on the sidewalk is just too hard.


Sightseeing family.


The USS Midway in it’s final resting place as a naval aviation museum.

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