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Hillary jumps under the Obama bus … or was she pushed?

Seriously.  After spending 8 years holding Bush responsible for everything from 9/11 (it was an “inside job”) to a Pelosi’s hangnail, we now have the left settling on “it’s Hillary’s fault”?

Truman’s “buck” stops at the State Department now?

The point, of course, as any good commander in the military knows, is that everything that happens or doesn’t happen while you are in command is your responsibility.

So this doesn’t cut the mustard:

“I take responsibility,” Clinton said during a visit to Peru. “I’m in charge of the State Department’s 60,000-plus people all over the world, 275 posts. The president and the vice president wouldn’t be knowledgeable about specific decisions that are made by security professionals. They’re the ones who weigh all of the threats and the risks and the needs and make a considered decision.”

Hillary, for political reasons, is trying to fall on Obama’s sword for him.  Someone has to take the blame (and Bush is unavailable for this one) so Obama can once again seem faultless. He does no wrong, you know.  And besides, he has a debate tonight and he wants someone to point his finger at when the subject is inevitably brought up.  Now he has her.

Jumped?  Or pushed?

This episode illustrates how spot on Eastwood’s empty chair metaphor really is.  John McCain, the stopped clock that is right twice a day, actually gets this one right:

“The security of Americans serving our nation everywhere in the world is ultimately the job of the commander-in-chief. The buck stops there.”

Of course the left first tried to blame it on the GOP claiming they’d cut millions from State’s security budget.

Here’s the bottom line on that line of attack: If you have a security contingent of Marines in the Embassy at Barbados, but not Tripoli or Benghanzi, your problem isn’t “funding”.  It’s resource allocation and politics.

Secondly, when something like this happens, you don’t act like a politician, you act like a leader.  IF you’re a leader.

This past weekend we were treated to the spectacle of David Axlerod avoiding answering Chris Wallace’s direct question about whether or not Obama met with his national security advosors and State in the aftermath of the murder of the US ambassador in Libya.

We all knew the answer before Wallace finished the question.  And Axlerod’s non-answer answer confirmed it.

Hell no, he was late for a political fund raiser in Las Vegas, and besides, these are just “bumps in the road”.


While Clinton’s attempt will seem courageous and loyal to some, it is pure, calculated politics.  Hillary knows that by 2016 this will be well behind here and, actually, an advantage, since she’ll have stepped up into the leadership void and acted like a leader.  Obama?  Not so much.

And make no mistake, as the state of the world and our foreign policy have announced loudly this past month – we are indeed suffering from a leadership void.

The empty chair we now have must be filled.  We, nor the world, can afford 4 more years of it remaining empty.


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25 Responses to Hillary jumps under the Obama bus … or was she pushed?

    Hill-larry Clinton as she’s boarding plane to bug out of the country (or was it after landing?)…

    “Yah, yah…’fog of war’ and all that… Mea culpa…whole deal.  BUT ‘security professionals’.  More investigation. Nobody wants to know more than me… Yada, yada…”

    But nobody is buying it.

    • Fog of war – sure – all the fog Foggy Bottom could ship in from the White House and generate itself 2 weeks after the battle, there’s still so much fog they weren’t sure what they were fighting, I’m surprised they even know where, but I guess the corpses helped them figure that out.
      Nice phrase ‘fog of war’, too bad it doesn’t apply here,  not for her.
      The guys in the compound get to use it, she doesn’t.
      But she’s counting on this being a non-issue 4 years from now.

      • It isn’t even a fig-leaf for Rice.  “Fog of war” four or five days LATER???  COMBAT????  She was given a specific lie to tell.  She never said, “We do not know.”  She very definitively blamed the deal on the video, and that was OBVIOUSLY the “narrative” the Regime was pushing.
        This thing has legs like a centipede!

        • They’re pretending they’re a different kind of smarter adult than the rest of us.
          For a many days they blamed it on the video, they didn’t hesitate, they didn’t say we need to investigate.  It was caused by a video.  and Romney shot from the hip!
          To the best of my knowledge, none of us are CIA analysts.  Yet pretty much across the board, we heard the description of the action and determined it was highly unlikely that it was spontaneous – you could stack up simple calendar reading facts for that – it was September 11th!  Then the description of accurate mortar barrages (yeah, I know, that came from those woggy libyans at first, we were supposed to ignore them, even after it was confirmed by our gus).
          here’s two of the local clowns on the 15th carrying on about how it wasn’t spontaneous –
          “Achmed, make sure the mortar teams have plenty of ammo, I’m very upset by this movie about the prophet.”

          “And, you, ‘Mesthar Libyan Security contractor’…go move that aiming stake just a little to the left…yes, yes, toward Mecca…”
          We got this one righter than the White House and our intelligence network was native and the internet and none of it was ‘secret’, maybe they should hire us.

          • Yeah, and we had the disadvantage of NOT having real-time video from the scene of the “fog of war”.
            AND we didn’t get to debrief the Benghazi survivors.
            But we ARE like Barrackah, in that we don’t get daily intelligence briefs…

  • The guys at Ace’s place make a credible case that Hillary is the one throwing Obama under the bus. Either way, these two have opened up a great gap for Romney to wedge himself into. Because if Hillary is responsible, Mitt has to ask why Baracky hasn’t asked for her resignation. Our ambassador and 3 others get killed due to security negligence and no heads roll at all?  Yeah…..that’s gonna play well with the public.
    Mitt needs to be ready tonight. An “energized” Obama will call him a liar, and throw every lie and distortion possible at him. He’ll go nuts with 47% etc. The press will hail anything north of comatose  as an epic Baracky victory, but in reality all Mitt needs to do is hold is own. If he actually gets another win, it’s over.

    • Its a trap.  Actually the timing is odd to hand Romney a gift like this with such short notice.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Barack is bogarting details that he will use to respin the situation, at least for the evening. 

      Hillary just nuked her chances in 2016 or does she believe she can recover by then?  Although I will say this, if Barack gets his next 4 years, I don’t think it will be a democrat in 2016.  So throwing Obama under the bus now creates a villified Romney to run against. 

      And I completely expect the economy to go down even more in the near future which will be foisted on Romney without doubt.  So do the Democrats really need 2012 or do they need 2016 more?  When do most Supreme Court seats come up next?

      • I guess my point is that Democrats winning 2012 means no democrats in 2016.  So is it better to sitout 2012-2016 or sit out 2016-2022?

        • I think it is possible that Hillary is looking at 2016, and this is a little gift to Romney to help her get there.

          If Romney handles this right, this will hurt Obama. Obama failed to take responsibility, now it is too late.

  • Politicians are always taking responsibility for things when there are no personal consequences for their actions.

    • Sensible, and accurate.

    • Well I’ll be gobsmacked. Welcome to reality.

    • Like Janet Reno and Waco. Except this is a problem mostly on the left, where there is no one to man up to responsibility.

      Bush was quite good at manning up, like with the Surge. Bush may have made bad decisions like Part D and No Child, but he was a leader who acted with great responsiblity. Obama and Bill clinton, not so much . . .

  • I think Hilliary is still hanging on to the bumper.
    Now seems to be taking the “grown up in the room” role that Obama won’t.
    Ross Perot, the businessman who mounted the last major challenge to the two-party political system, said Tuesday he is backing Mitt Romney for president this year.

  • It seems that H. Clinton remains popular, despite the fact that she has been a poor SoS at best.

  • Holy Crap – what an evil thought….Obama takes responsibility for Benghazi during debate.

    Okay, run with that for a second.  I distinctly remember management training where we were asked if a gun captain on a wooden frigate secured a loose gun during a storm, should he be promoted and celebrated, or punished?
    Punished sounded odd, but made sense – it was HIS job to make sure the guns were secure.  When it came loose, it threatened the ship, the man isn’t a hero, he’s a screw up who fixed his mistake.  Yet time and again I’ve seen project teams feted for delivering their project late, and the later it comes in, the bigger the party.  And that was the point this guy was making, and it’s stayed with me ever since.
    So IF big ears takes responsibility for the loss of the Ambassador and the others, he’s NOT a hero.  He’s Arlo Guthrie in Alice’s Restaurant admitting over the phone that he put the envelope with his name on it under the pile of garbage.  But unlike Arlo, hoping he’s going to get a medal for being brave over the phone.
    He’s not a hero for manning up to a responsibility that he asked to be elected to.

  • Hillary dodged sniper fire in Sarajevo, so isn’t she a security professional?

  • we could solve a lot of our problems if the state dept only had about 10,000 employees.

  • Hillary’s  words fit neatly into the right-wing conspiracy basket.

    • Seriously, you owe it to Hill-larry to at least do her homage as you adopt her delusions…

      The VAST Right-Wing Conspiracy


  • Of course the left first tried to blame it on the GOP claiming they’d cut millions from State’s security budget.
    Here’s the bottom line on that line of attack: If you have a security contingent of Marines in the Embassy at Barbados, but not Tripoli or Benghanzi, your problem isn’t “funding”.  It’s resource allocation and politics.

    Correct, but deeper, please…  Here’s a bit from my own place that addresses this, I offer for discussion:
    OK, that rather large point aside, what points did Biden use the bully pulpit to impart?
    The very first exchange in the debate I consider emblematic.

    VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: With all due respect, that’s a bunch of malarkey. In fact —
    MS. RADDATZ: And why is that so?
    VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: Because not a single thing he said is accurate. First of all —
    MS. RADDATZ: Be specific.
    VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: I will be very specific. Number one, the — this lecture on embassy security — the congressman here cut embassy security in his budget by $300 million below what we asked for, number one. So much for the embassy security piece.

    Now, we saw the same claim from Katrina vanden Heuvel who is the editor, publisher, and part-owner of the leftist rag, The Nation in Face The Nation this morning. So obviously, this lie is going to be a meme going forward from the left. But lie it is.
    Now, it’s true… Ryan DID in fact vote against that funding.  And good for him and us.
    But not so fast. Transcripts are not out on it, yet, (I gather they take weeks to produce… Governmental efficiency again) …but apparently Biden’s never heard of Darryl Issa, and the hearing last Tuesday as regards the security in Benghazzi and the Obama-created disaster it was, and remains.  Nor has vanden Heuvel  Perhaps Biden  and vanden Heuvel missed the hearing being held on the topic of the Security in Benghazi, and the disaster the Obama administration made of it. ( here’s the vid. ) I sat and listened to the Issa hearing, the whole thing… and can tell you that the question as asked of the head of that division of the State Dept in charge of that security….  Words to the effect… Did Fiscal constraints cause  security gaps? And the director… Lamb, I think her name was, was forced to answer “no”.
    Now, Joe, say it with me… “So much for the embassy security piece.”   So, turns out, the very first words out of Biden’s mouth, was a lie.  As I say, that I consider to be emblematic of the entire debate and Biden’s conduct in it.