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Benghazi emails leaked

Reuters is reporting tonight that, "Officials at the White House and State Department were advised two hours after attackers assaulted the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11 that an Islamic militant group had claimed credit for the attack, official emails show."

These emails were sent from the State Department’s Operations Center to the White House, Director of National Intelligence, Pentagon, and FBI, and the first email was sent within 1/2 hour of the start of the attack. Two hours after the attack began, a third email was sent, bearing the subject line, "Update 2: Ansar al-Sharia Claims Responsibility for Benghazi Attack".

The president then nipped off to bed, as he had to fly to an important campaign fundraiser in Las Vegas the next day.

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20 Responses to Benghazi emails leaked

  • Menken was right…  Anyone know where I can buy a black flag?

  • That should about do it.
    Romney (wisely, IMNHO) avoided the trap laid for him by Obama and the media in the last debate.  They had been setting it for days prior by muddling the Benghazi attack with conflicting “narratives”, which would allow for a lot of degrees of “lie-dom”.
    And Romney knew this story had its own legs, as it has proven to have.  We are not done, either.

    • It just stood to reason there was going to be someone inside the bureaucracy that wasn’t going to take the blame laying down.  It’s a career to them, not a thuggish whim.

      • Have you checked with Prof. MooseSqueeze to get his enlighted(minty) views on this…???

        • Just did, and it’s all your fault  🙂
          What the hell, someone might as well scale the mighty rubbish heaps of the Erbalacia mountains and gaze down upon the heart of Moosescatiscott on occasion for the entertainment value.
          here is what I saw….the Daft One’s gaze is elsewhere, he’s hedging his bets on the election.
          And these words echoed across his land…
          “Romney could win, but perhaps he could lose,
          Obama might triumph, the country shall choose,
          Heed these wise words, these words that are true
          My prediction is this, we will do what we do”

          • Two months ago, Romney was “in trouble”. Now the imbecile is skittering round like a drop of water on a hot iron.

            Psychologically, it’s a fascinating study. He pretends to himself that he actually has something of consequence to say, but anyone not in the collectivist tank can see what he’s really doing: writing to make himself feel better about himself.

            Early on, he gets to indulge his own wishes, and pretend they’ll come true. That feels good as long as the outcome is far enough away.

            Later, that comes up against the hard reality that he might not just be wrong, but dreadfully wrong. So he starts talking out of every side of his mouth he can find. That way, he can cherry-pick later and assure himself that he was right, no matter how it all turns out.

            His “analysis” is no better that a weatherman saying “It might rain tomorrow. Or maybe not. It might snow. Or possibly be sunny. Or cloudy. Or windy. Time will tell.” Then, if a tornado comes, he’ll pop out and preen about he said it could be windy.

            When the 2010 elections came out the way I thought they would, I knew Obama had peaked and would lose if the GOP could put up a candidate not as painfully bad as McCain or Dole. They did so. So for months, I’ve been maintaining that Romney would win, and it wouldn’t be close. I said that when the polls supposedly said Obama was a lock. I’m still saying it now that things are looking good for Romney. 

            I might end up wrong, but if I do, I’ll look myself in the mirror and be honest about it. Prof Moosesqueeze is congenitally unable to do that. 

          • So he starts talking out of every side of his mouth he can find.

            That was very charitable, Billy.  Orifices, to be sure…

  • What a surprise.  30 years working for State so the White House can claim you and your co-workers are idiots to cover their asses.
    I guess the Chicago team doesn’t understand everything there is to know about throwing people under the bus.

  • Who cares? Gloria Allred is going to unseal some old court records for dirt on Romney – that’s the REAL story here. Just watch and see what gets the headlines.

    • That one that is getting the Congressional investigation, and could make a reporter’s career.
      Gory-a and her non-story will wilt immediately.

  • John Bolton: ‘Al-Qaida’s on the run — running right into our consulates, apparently’

    Emails show EVERY major player in DC knew…immediately…that Benghazi was under attack by terrorists, and who they were.

  • Don’t believe everything you read.  I’m sure some radical Islamic group would be glad to take credit for the situation.