Free Markets, Free People

Chart of the Day: Self-explanatory

I really don’t need to add much to this do I?


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4 Responses to Chart of the Day: Self-explanatory

  • So much for Obambie’s “bullshit” about subsidies. (Hey, if POTUS can use it, I can!)

  • Delusions are expensive.
    Delusional power is expensive in ways ADDITIONAL TO money.  Such as the corruption of cronyism.
    Also, such as diverting wealth from poor consumers to people who could not earn it in a market free of distortions.
    AND making our electrical power grid LESS reliable.

    • Solar and Wind – feel good power.   Think how much subsidy goes out to a guy with ‘renewable’ energy delivery charging his toy Chevy Volt.
      But hey, the money, like the power sources, is renewable.  Long as tax payers breath, we have cash, and we can work out how we get all they leave behind when they die!