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Excuses for not covering Benghazi–a helpful list for members of the Jurassic Media

There are rising calls for more reporting on the consular attack in Benghazi. Our poor press is beleaguered, and certainly too busy covering Sandy and the election to respond.

In fact, they’re so busy they apparently can’t think up good excuses for not covering Benghazi. At least, I haven’t seen any reasons disclosed publicly. They just don’t seem to see, hear, or say anything about it.

To help them out, I thought I would come up with a nice, prefab list of excuses. If any members of the media are reading, please feel free to use these. I’m sure QandO readers will add even more in the comments:

  • There’s really no need to go on site, because there’s video of the whole thing, shot from a drone. I’m sure we’ll see it very soon, probably about November 8. No, I’m not the least bit curious about why the Obama administration hasn’t released it yet. Why do you ask?
  • I just can’t see publicizing the whole seven hour standoff thing. We have enough superhero movies already.
  • Can’t get over there. SwissAir has no business class seats left.
  • Can’t face increasing my carbon footprint with a trip that long.
  • No Starbucks in Benghazi, and I hear the one in Tripoli is always out of pumpkin spice for lattes.
  • All these ghost-shaped Halloween cookies I baked would go to waste if I couldn’t give them to trick-or-treaters.
  • Sorry, I missed your question because I just came from a meeting with Obama. Let me wipe my mouth and then hear it again.
  • Putting something that violent in front of the public is not to be done lightly. Hey, we’re consistent about that. We didn’t show the pictures of George Zimmerman’s beating either.
  • Dead ambassador? Oh, yeah, I heard something about that. Something about a video that caused a riot. What a shame. But gosh, that was six weeks ago. Old news.
  • I’m afraid of politicizing that story this close to an election. Yeah, I did report Romney’s premature comments on it, and asked him a dozen times if he regrets his remarks. So?
  • Too busy writing my story about how Hurricane Sandy depressed Democratic voting in Philadelphia, so Obama losing Pennsylvania was an act of God. Certainly not a repudiation of Obama. Nope. No way.

Seriously, I thought the media could not be any more disgraceful in their slavish covering for Obama. More fool I.

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19 Responses to Excuses for not covering Benghazi–a helpful list for members of the Jurassic Media

  • Billy, I’ll lighten up and join with your snark later.  Right now, I am furious.

    ( – President Barack Obama met with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Vice President Joe Biden at the White House on Sept. 11, 2012 at 5:00 PM—just 55 minutes after the State Department notified the White House and the Pentagon that the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi was under attack.

    And there are records…and recordings…that nobody is asking about…
    with a FEW important exceptions.
    Sharyl Attkisson of CBS, who also was key in F & F reporting, has been one of the very few in the Mushroom Media on this story.
    There is nothing “classified” about the bones of this story, or anything that an “investigation” waits on. Nobody needs to go to Libya to learn the essentials (they can get a lot of good footage from FOX, who has been there).
    Who did what where and when is a matter of plain old asking questions and insisting on answers.

  • There was a terror attack where?  How was it Bush’s fault?

    • Demonstration of actual linkage to Bush isn’t necessary.

      • It couldn’t have been Bush. Otherwise the press would be all over this story.  Every headline from the day the president was caught lying to the day of the election would be about “Embassy-Gate” or “Bengazi-gate” or whatever.

        How many times would Chris Matthews utter the question, “What did the President know and when did he know it?”

        This would have been the worst scandal of the Bush administration.  Worse than Valerie Plame or FEMA or whatever.  During his re-election campaign even!

  • It’s also a useful ploy for conservatives to direct attention from more important issues.

    • More important, like free birth control, Mitt Romney’s tax returns?
      Or would you rather talk about jobs, the budget, spending, national energy policy, China, Russia?
      Pick one, every stinking important issue only emphasizes how useless and inept the current President is, so, sure, let’s talk about some other more important issues shall we?

    • 7 weeks Taddy, and they still can’t explain.  They can’t explain what they did for 7 hours after 7 weeks.   Course, that’s SOP for this administration, they normally DO take 7 months to do work that can be done in 7 days so anyone who’s been paying attention isn’t at all surprised.
      How’s that Kool-aid?  Mmmmmmmmm goood?   I look forward to your shrieks on November 7th.

    • Moron, don’t you wonder where the press is on this?  I mean, even for a minute or two?  What a tool.

      • tad’s not allowed to care about this. Not what it says about Obama, or the press. He hasn’t been given permission by the media to care about it yet.

        • He’s a good little doggy.

        • The storm is more important.  Obama “showed up and looked interested”.  It must be the most important event in the world, ever.
          OTOH, it could simply be that people from that part of the East Coast think the world revolves around them and not an Obama thing.
          Sure I care.  In a week, though, it will start to be a memory unless you were directly affected.  And in week, we’ll have elected (hopefully) a President whose decisions could potentially kill many more than dozens.

    • Notice the malignant punk doesn’t provide any specifics. Specifics come with maturity and adulthood.

  • Excellent commentary…
    Does anyone really doubt that Obama has lied?

  • …they’re so busy they apparently can’t think up good excuses for not covering Benghazi.

    Naturally.  These folks, our supposed ‘independent press’ members, have been incubated in the same festering health spa (college and coastal culture) as our current left leaders.  Convinced, the press that is, that they have an obligation to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable,” these useful tools and willifully ignorant can only see the motif laid out by their Marxist professors, professors that were Marxist inspired and professors that were inspired by professors that were Marxist inspired.
    It is always class warfare, eventhough those that inspire our youth along these paths are well within what they profess to detest.  Our current “vanguard” occupies the same social-economic place of those promoting the Bolshevik Revolution a century ago.  They want to appear to help those beneath them, demanding that those over them pay for their grandiose ideas.  Fairness they proclaim.
    It took 4 hours to open my sisters eyes, she a Minister if the UCC.  When all was said and debated, the argument boiled down to what do you hold most important (Thomas Sowell’s Conflict of Vision); what base principle is preeminent?  Liberty or Equality?  My sister finally acknowledged this division is irreconcilable – yet she still doesn’t realize the implications… she still thinks of herself as the vanguard bringing upon the unwashed masses her vision of utopia (she is a good minister so I can forgive her for her irrational optimism).  And yet, as a member of the affluent, but not filthy rich, she still thinks she knows what is best for those educationally, socially, and economically beneath her.
    She does not want answers to what went wrong in Benghazi – as with our press, she intuitively knows that it is bad for their narrative – for their precariously constructed reality.
    She and her fellow travelers would rather have blame laid upon “Bad Luck*” rather than their ideologically driven, tried and true time and again, folly.
    *See Robert Heinlein

  • Honest reporting is an artifact of the repressive Western mind and is an artifact of the imperial categorical imperative.
    Integrity? We don’ need no stinkin’ integrity.

    • Anachronistic…SOOOOoooooo Twentieth Century.  This transition to pure Ministry Of Truth propaganda is good and necessary.  Watch and learn.  Bauaaak…!!!