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Obama Wins

So, I was as wrong as it’s possible to be. Hideously, egregiously, spectacularly wrong. Apparently, we aren’t a center-right nation any more. We will re-elect a president with the worst economic record since the Great Depression.

I made the mistake of being optimistic. I see that now. But not anymore. Pessimism, cynicism and sarcasm are really the only rational responses to the country that we’ve turned into. There will be no sudden resurgence of liberty. No diminution of government. No "Atlas Shrugged" moment, where the clear light of reason dawns on the electorate. We’ve become a country where a critical mass has latched onto a single demand for government: "Pay for all the things!"

So be it. In any democratic system, the people get the government they deserve, because it’s the government they’ve chosen. Fine. I say let the Democrats have everything they want. Higher taxes? Great. No problem. Hike ’em up however you want. Universal health care? Fine by me. Massive defense cuts? Let’s start tomorrow. Continued debt expansion? Go for it.

At this point, I guess the only way to let the people see how bankrupt the Leftist ideal is, is to give them their fill of it. We’re headed in that direction anyway, why slow it up by occasional, gentle taps on the brakes? It’s gonna happen inevitably. The country I was born in is long gone. The country that’s taken its place is headed down the path to failure, and I find I no longer care much for it anyway.

If I’m going to be relegated to simply playing Cassandra, then let’s go the whole Trojan route. Let them burn it down.

Burn it all down.

Dale Franks
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32 Responses to Obama Wins

  • “the country that we’ve turned into”
    No, it’s what the Rep. political apparatchiks have turned into. It has been a while since it has been “center-right”.
    “At this point, I guess the only way to let the people see how bankrupt the Leftist ideal is, is to give them their fill of it.”
    Ah, yes. “The worse, the better”.
    I expect to see Erp reappear on these pages within 48 hours. I doubt he can resist the urge to gloat. Perhaps, though, we will get lucky and the boost to his already inflated ego will send him over the edge and he will be posting from a different state institution.
    It should also be interesting to hear the excuses of the Rep. establishment and politicians. Who will be the scapegoat(s)? I will bet the tea party activists are one. The media, of course, will be another.

  • I explained to you all this exact sequence of events 3 years ago, but you know, echo chamber.
    I’m not here to gloat though, I’m here to find out when you plan to start the shooting war?

    • What shooting war? I hope you get everything you want.

      • All empires collapse eventually, I’d rather the American Empire do so sooner rather than later.  I have no intent to start or be involved in any “shooting war”…but if we can go about the business of failing quickly enough I can participate in the random raping and pillaging that will begin as the state is no longer able to meet its obligations.  My biggest fear is we prolong this out to 2030-2050 when I’ll be too old to do anything other than pray I survive the riots in the streets.
        Forward…to Hyperinflation!

    • Right. You come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.

    • That’ll happen soon enough, probably in the next five years.
      Then the left will find last night was a Pyhrric victory.

    • Why Tom!  didn’t know you cared.
      A shooting war…too funny.  You don’t know much about collapses do you.  Being shot at IS actually the least of your problems.
      But it won’t come to that.

  • It may be too late to try and stop the leviathan of the federal government. The Tea Party came 2 administrations too late. We had that chance over 10 years ago but we stood by and let Bush Junior drop his drawers for fiscal expediency. The best we can do admonish our leaders to continue to tap the brakes and hope the country sees the light before we turn into Greece – but even then we may already be too late.
    And the best possible braking technique I can see is to refuse to stop the the train from barreling over the fiscal cliff we are fast approaching. Refuse to extend the debt limit – see how far you can get without being able to borrow. Refuse to negotiate on the Bush Tax cuts – keep them all or let them all go away. Refuse to negotiate on the Sequestration. Obama wants to lead? Well let him lead us out of this one!!!

  • You can’t beat something with nothing, and the Rep. party has not been a credible opposition for a few years now. Obama has a lousy economic record? Sure, but what is the economic record of the Republican apparat? Any case for Rep. fiscal responsibility or wisdom was destroyed by Bush I and II, aided and abetted by those who now claim to deplore  Dem. irresponsibility and profligacy.

    • Yeah, Bush was such a spend-thrift dolt he barely won against spending-on-stroids Gore and Kerry. And now Der Volk re-elected the biggest fascist in our history (Wilson and FDR included).
      Get a grip people!

  • I called this a close for a reason.  For most people that vote or more importantly are the swing voting block, this wasn’t a philosophical battle.
    Things that mattered to them:
    1) Romney was rich.  Nevermind just about all if not all Presidents including Obama for the past 100 years qualify as rich relative to the most of the public.  Romney never fought this label with simply pointing out Obama is rich and that source of that money is a head scratcher.  That would have put an end to the whole tact of pointing out to the public Romney was rich.
    2) Obama was another chance to reaffirm they’re not racist which is more important than their children having a future.
    3) The objection to bailouts, stimulus, etc. is more about other people getting money that I don’t think they deserve than the government spending money it doesn’t have or taking it from people who can’t afford it anymore.  Meanwhile the money I get from the government, though, is right and just and in fact not enough.
    4) This is a special case of #3 that deserves its own category because of the size of those affected.  We have a graying generation who think Social Security can be willed into continued existence by good intentions and that we don’t need an economy of any health level to keep the money coming in.  This may be the one case of poetic justice.  This generation starting social security and a big block behind them oversaw the era of irresponsibility.  It looked like most of them would get their share while the rest of us got to pay not just like them but even more to clean up the mess and get nothing.  Now many of them will probably see the well go dry in their lifetime and Medicare sacrificed on the alter of further Obamacare.
    5) I could go on but its too depressing.
    The other problem is the media controls perceived reality.  Politicians wanting to hedge the system to incumbents and generally kissing the media’s asses like McCain (on both counts) have so damaged the campaign process, the media controls reality.  I’d come home and maybe see Romney give a 4-word excerpt on the news.  How can you bypass the media under those circumstances?  And the public is part of the problem.  They not only get their facts from the media.  They look for to them for whether something is important or not when the facts can’t be buried.

  • I will never again underestimate the stupidity and petty greed of the people of the United States.  They are going to reap the whirlwind.  At least I have done enough, I think to protect my family from what is going to happen.

  • I guess this shows that there are really 2 countries inside the US. Those who want to work hard and those who want free stuff.

  • There are 3 famous Chinese curses
    1) Many you live in interesting times
    2) May you come to the attention of the government
    3) May you achieve what you desire
    This is the state of all those who voted.  Good luck

  • If I may:
    – I was also very wrong. So be it. My mistake was misjudging the country. The adults are no longer in charge. So be it. I haven’t given up on America, but Americans? Written off completely. But the schadenfreude will be plentiful for 4 years.
    – The usual recriminations have started. Various scapegoats are being targeted. NO it’s not “tea party” fault – because we held the House. And the Tea Party is your only hope of even stalling this cretin for 4 years. NO it’s not “socons” fault. Romney was a moderate. NO it’s not the “party establishment” fault. Romney turned out to be a great candidate who ran an issues-based campaign, and even picked a running mate everyone considered to be toxic because of his work on issues. NO it’s not Chris Christie’s fault, but he better be careful if he wants to run for higher office. YES it is the media’s fault in a lot of ways, but I’m sorry, too much still got through the filter to the people. They helped – those scum are deadly opponents who need their hash settled and their conduct on Benghazi is reprehensible – but the media was not decisive this election. And NO it’s not really Romney’s fault. He was shockingly good candidate. Perfect? Nope. But I have no complaints about him. –
    -BLAME THE ELECTORATE. The burdens of this nation voted to keep their Obama phones, their public sector union pension plans, their goodies. They voted because they think someone else should “pay their fair share” not realizing they’re the “someone else” to the guy in the voting booth next to him thinking the same thing. They voted to get paid. And to make others pay. Tipping point.
    -Take heart. The money is running out, and as it does, we’re going to see blue pitted against blue. Obamaphone burdens vs Union members vs citizens feeling a tax squeeze. That’s where the fun will really begin. The regular people who are shocked to suddenly be labeled “rich” vs “the 99%”. Big spending local govts vs overtaxed big spending voters. Pass the popcorn. I’ll be laughing and reminding anyone who opens their effing mouth to me that they voted for this.
    – Last note: as we speak, we have about 40,000 left homeless in the blue states, no power, no food, due to the storm? Red staters – not a single dollar of charity more for them. Let the blue staters use big govt’s embrace to stay warm. Keep your money…’re gonna need it.

    • “Take heart. The money is running out, and as it does, we’re going to see blue pitted against blue.”

  • All we’re asking for is a government with a little more compassionate for less fortunate, plus the capability for those who have the ability to move up the ladder—this was the original idea behind capitalism and democracy.  But the rules have changed, as the world has changed—and we have to change with it.  (Studies have shown that America has dropped in it ranking of national fluidity of economic movement.)
    For example, we used to be the only industrialized  country without national health protection—think how much better our new health care program could have been if it were bipartisan.  The conservatives supported less pay for  women, because employers could get away—again unlike most other industrialized, free countries.  Similarly, conservative do not support free choice of abortion and contraception.   Conservatives have opposed increasing taxes on the wealthy, to the point where our infrastructure has been inadequately maintained and the debt increased—instead Romney wanted to increase the taxes of  those who can least afford it.  We’re also low on the scale of world-wide educational excellence—approaching the standards of third world nations.  And the list goes on.

    • ” The conservatives supported less pay for  women”  – you mean, like, the White House, the Obama White House?  And your list of misconceptions….You believe everything they tell you, don’t you Tad.

    • What.  A.  Moron.

    • Do you still get paid to write this?

    • How does high prices, high energy costs, and high unemployment help the poor dumbass?

    • “think how much better our new health care program could have been if it were bipartisan.”
      Think how much better it could it could have been if it had been openly and thoroughly discussed in public by people who know something about the health care system rather than in secret by partisan political hacks.

  • Tad……man, where do I start:
    1) In this country it’s not the governments job to have compassion, that’s up to you.  And there are plenty who have that compassion.
    2) The conservatives supported less pay for women?  Where in the hell did you come up with that?  There is NO indication that that is the case.
    3) Conservatives are opposed to raising taxes on the wealthy:  Is this a punishment tax or are we supposed to tax them because they have more money?  That’s not how things are done here.  And to blame our financial situation on this is just stupid.
    4)  Free choice of abortion and contraception?  NO ONE has had a problem with either of those, It’s TAXPAYER funded that is the issue.  Do you really think Romney could take away a woman’s decision for an abortion or, even more absurdly, contraception that you can buy at any drug store?
    Our infrastructure is bad not because we aren’t paying enough, it’s because the government wastes or redirects  what we send them!
    We rank so low in education because of the teachers union and the inability to fire worthless teachers.
    Everything you are complaining about is caused by the liberals in this country but you idiots are unwilling to ad,mit that you are wrong.