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Obama Re-elected

And I was dead wrong.

When you get it wrong, what you normally should do is check your premise.  Mine was that the polls couldn’t have it right running a D+ anything.  That, based on 2010 and the resounding GOP victories then,  the 2008 model wasn’t valid anymore.  But it was, or at least D+ was.  Not as much as 2008 but still a plus.

Part of my premise rested on the assumption that the conventional wisdom of “this is a center-right country” was correct.   That particular bit of CW has been shaken to its foundations by this election.  I’ll never again make that assumption.

So, a tip of the hat to the pollsters who I claimed had it wrong.  They had it very right and tight.  The only consolation I have with my prediction is that I didn’t say “landslide”.  I knew it would be tight, but the other thing that let me down apparently, was my feeling I had read the “atmospherics” right.

Unlike 2008, I didn’t see the same level of enthusiasm on the left that I had seen then.  And actually, the results bear that out, but not at all to the degree I thought it would.  There was obviously just enough to see Obama through.  Romney did better than McCain but not “better” enough.

I knew my prediction was in jeopardy fairly early when NC and FL lingered and lingered and lingered without a winner being declared.  As I write this, FL is still lingering very near mandatory recount territory – not that it matters.

By any measure this was a close contest.  But when the dust has settled, Obama has won.

It will be interesting, in the coming days, to dissect the exit polls and try to determine why.  There are likely a myriad of reasons, some of which will be surprising and others which will likely surprise no one.

I’d like to say I’m not disappointed, but I am.  I still think Obama is a disaster and I haven’t seen anything in his recent campaign to change my mind. In fact, it did nothing but reinforce that feeling and add “meanspirited”, “small”, “petty” and “vindictive” to discriptors of the man.  Again, not that that matters in the big scheme of things because more Americans than not disagree with my assessment.

That brings me to the question of “why”?  Why did he get a 2nd chance?  And the answer lies somewhere in this shift to the left throughout the  electorate I believe.  Many Americans, apparently – and at least according to some of the exit polls I heard last night – are looking for someone to “take care of them”.  That’s quite a change and sort of sounds a death knell to the now “myth” of American self-reliance.  It also signals a profound change in how we view government.  I find that unsettling.

Another thing that bothers me is accountability.  I’ll make this a general statement.  For the most part, we don’t hold our politicians responsible for what they do or don’t do.  That very basic mistake is one of the reasons we’re in the shape we are now, in my opinion.  It is my assertion that Obama should have been held accountable for his failure to do what he said he’d do in his 4 years.  He hasn’t been. He failed miserably and he’s being given another chance.  No accountability, just excuses for his failure. Ironically, about half the country still holds George Bush responsible while apparently not holding Obama accountable for much of anything.

I’ve been through this before with Bill Clinton and other Democrat presidents.  However, even while I was not happy with them or their presidencies, we survived.  The difference, however, was I at least felt that they had some level of competence.  I have no confidence in Obama’s competence and, with nothing to lose now, expect to see the next 4 years devolve into something of a nightmare scenario.

But, in the end, we’ll survive it.  I’m not sure what the country will look like in 4 years, but it’ll still be here.

I now concede the floor to the predictable commenters who will show up to crow.  Go for it.  And even to the drive-by trolls who will show up this once to do the same.  It’s your day.  Just remember, I’m going to hold your comments up to this man’s performance over the next 4 years and compare “results” with promise.  I think, as we did in this 4 years, we’ll find the results to be sadly lacking.

The good news?  We’ll have plenty to write about here at QandO.  But we’d have had that had a Republican won as well.


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81 Responses to Obama Re-elected

  • I am very disappointed, too. Obama lost 15 million votes from his 2008 total, but Romney lost about 5 million votes from McCain’s. Obama’s lost votes I actually calculated into my assumptions (I thought Romney was going to win big). I didn’t expect the Republicans to stay home again like they did in 2008.
    I’m done with this country. I’m hunkering down and wait for the inevitable crash. I really don’t care anymore. It’s bad enough that 55 million of my countrymen chose Obama. The fact that so many didn’t even bother to show up made it even worse.

  • Time for me to eat my crow.  I was wrong.  I don’t have enough good information to know yet where I was wrong, and I did have a lot of good company in my wrong prediction.  A lot of it was based on sound reasoning and observation (i.e., newspapers changing endorsement, etc.), but it was wrong.
    I am very much afraid that yesterday was an inflection point in history.  While I hope I am wrong, I cannot see how America…by a slim majority…did not just chose catastrophic failure by default.
    And if America fails, all humanity will be at great risk.

    • I cannot see how America…by a slim majority…did not just chose catastrophic failure by default.

      Call it “National Suicide”, given present world conditions.

    • Last night I was stunned and saddened for my country; this morning I was gobsmacked by the exit polling results and the actual voter count.  As Anna says above, how is it possible for BO to be down 7-10 million and Romney also down 3 million (based on various sources) from McCain’s total?  Given McCain’s inept campaign, the lack of enthusiasm, the weariness over the Middle East wars, and the economic collapse, how is that possible? Where did these voters go?  How is this explained given the genuine excitement seen at Romney rallies the last month?  In my beloved Asheville in 2008, every Prius driven by a grim visaged 50 year old woman was equipped with the factory installed “Nother Mama for Obama” bumper sticker package.  This year the absence was obvious.  Biden came to town and barely filled an 800 seat college auditorium; Romney had a turnout of 5-6 thousand. Scenes from around the country were similar, yet this narcissistic empty suit presiding over foreign policy disasters and the worst recovery since the Depression was voted back in by a majority of our citizens.  Re the exit polls, more than 50% still blamed the economy on Bush..after 4 FREAKING YEARS and thought BO would handle foreign crises better then Romney.(Benghazi anyone?)   Maybe Romney was right about the 47% who just want the goodies.  Or is it possible that a 2-hour Sandy-related love-in amongst BO, Christie, and Springsteen convinced just enough voters that BO “cares”.  I no longer recognize my country with most concern for my grandkids who will grow up never knowing how great this country can be.  Perhaps as with an alcoholic, we gotta hit absolute bottom before true recovery can begin.   Sigh.

      • ”  How is this explained given the genuine excitement seen at Romney rallies the last month?”
        Simple enough. Only Romney supporters went to the rallies.  You can get the same excitement at a Green Party rally, too.

  • McQ – here’s the way it is.  You’re right, we read the electorate wrong.   Whatever the reasons, accountability, free riders, favorable press, etc.   This administration has taken great care to make things happen “down the road”.  All it’s plans and all their pain were pushed out on purpose until the second term (or later…heh) when it literally couldn’t be undone and couldn’t affect any chance of re-election.
    The second term is here, there’s a big stack of cans piled up at the wall where the road ends.  They own it now, all of it.  And I’m not going to let them forget it.  I expect the howls from the rich liberals will be some comfort when we ‘tax the rich’.
    Meanwhile, we set our caps, and keep on keepin on under FDR 2.0.

    • “Keep on truckin” won’t work here.  We are up against some forces that could literally bring on another Dark Age, and now nobody in the White House is going to even try to change that trajectory.
      ObamaCare WILL destroy our economy…worse.  The only way I see to stop it now is a mass civil disobedience effort.
      But more broadly, entitlements are KNOWN to be unaffordable in the not-distant future, and Obama never mentioned them except as demonizing fodder.

  • Add to that myth of self-reliance (diminishing steadily since the 1930s), the myths of of competence, maturity, rationality.
    The “greatest generation” (arguable) following FDR’s “Freedoms..” speech in 1944, spawned the most abysmal generations. The generation that gave us “Loose lips sink ships” spawned the generation that gave us “Reality Sucks”. One group thought Uncle Sugar would take care of us, the rest thought Jesus would.
    Well, reality ALWAYS wins and most are going to find out that “Reality Is A Bitch on Steroids”.

  • I’ve been through this before with Bill Clinton and other Democrat presidents.  However, even while I was not happy with them or their presidencies, we survived.  The difference, however, was I at least felt that they had some level of competence.

    Except this time, it’s not a matter of competence, but deliberate malfeasance and malignancy.

  • McQ, you give the public too much credit in actual thinking even if its wrong thinking.  The reason for ‘Obama not being held to account’ is that media didn’t tell the public Obama did things he should be held to account for.
    The shift is more akin to a shift from a guilt based society to a shame based society.  Guilt based societies require critical thinking and independent thought and a little work to decide the truth.  Shame based societies require just glancing at the headlines for the ‘truth’.
    As long as the talking heads roll their eyes at 40% deficit spending being a problem, the public will believe its not a problem until the system crumbles.  But the media will tell them it wasn’t the overspending’s fault and they’ll “believe” it.  We built a country around a free press.  Big corporate media created a mechanism where nepotism could allow these organizations to be seized by one side.
    All the new media has done is unwoven people who disagree with the media from the rest of the public so the opportunity to refute the nonsense by word of mouth went from little to none.

  • OK, enough crying…so, what does the GOP House do?
    My thoughts:
    So, now what does the GOP House do? What are their options: 1) Full denial – no justice, no peace. Freak out…I don’t think this is a good idea.

    2) Demand “leadership”:  I would suggest they start off with a statement like this: “In this session of Congress, we understand the Preisdent has won a big election, and has a the leadership role. Thus, we will take no action until the President has a budget that is proposed and passed by the Senate. Without that, we do nothing. We wait upon the leadership of the president and the Senate which his party controls.” –i..e pass the hot potato to Mr. 98-0. 2) Neogoitate for the best deals… we will be killed here – the MSM will eat us alive if we do not cave, so why negotiate? 3) Cave at all times. The problem is the populace will not like that – they elected a GOP house for some reason.

    I think strategy 2 is the best. Not obstruction…waiting for leadership, i.e. show your cards first, Mr. Obama. And you can demand certain things, like show us your budget in public first before we “accept or veto” it.  Show us your work before we vote on it. Just keep the message very straight and also publicly chain yourself to the car as you play this game of chicken by announcing NO MORE PRIVATE NEGOTIATIONS. The media always spins that as “obstructionism”
    Quiet, sweet, waiting for leadership. All in the open.
    “We’ll put in on CSPAN!”

  • I mean, why else would the electorate keep a GOP house unless they wanted a brake on Obama…thus act like a brake. Don’t try to drive. Just act as a Veto. Everything in public. Hard party discipline. Nothing done or attempted until Senate passes their version. No changes to Senate version without prior on-record agreement by Reid/Obama.
    We are going to have a recession. We are going to have tough choices. We are going to have hard budgets. We cannot let the media blame that on the GOP/Tea Party. They must use this to make sure no narrative can be created, except “Obama’s the leader, we waiting on him.”
    But, the GOP will be scared, they will ignore the Tea Party, they will cave and be blamed for the problems. Or they will play hardball, but do private negotiations. When those fail, they will be blamed. The key is to make everything documented, and to demand Obama do hard things first – like get his own budget past the Senate before talking to the House.

    • No, I’d prefer the House gives Obama what he wants. I want the coming collapse laid 100% at his feet

      • Yep, let it burn.  Some people need a good hard lesson before they get the message.

        • I get this from some Ron Paul supporters I know who pretty much have admitted voting for Obama.  The pretense is that Romney’s the same, the reality is probably because a 2012 Romney win would have seen no Paul 2016.  The cult like devotion is disturbing, actually.

          The thing that frustrates me is that we’re headed for a collapse.  2016 under Romney would have a small chance of collapse.  Under Obama its getting close to 50/50.  People think there’ll be a pheonix from the ashes recovery from that kind of collapse.  They’re drinking too much cool-aid.  If we have a collapse now, that will take decades to recover from.  And I don’t mean just 2. 

          Even if we don’t collapse, the fun thing about social programs, they’re like being shot with a barbed arrow.  They go in easy, they don’t come out easy by comparison.  We’ll be stuck with Obamacare.  It will never go away, Ron Paul or not. 

          So, Althrough I appreciate the frustration, we got screwed and you can’t get unscrewed from what is going to happen in the next 4 years. 

          • In regards to the Paul people it is TOTALLY the fault of the Republican leadership. Ron Paul went to the convention with some votes and some following and some things to say and they completely froze him out. Would those votes have helped? Don’t know, but it did tell libertarians that there was no place for them with the republicans.

    • We are a deeply divided nation, and the House shows how the people of many of the States feel.
      Look at the election results.  In roughly half the nation, Romney won…and generally where he won, he won BIG.
      We are not going to be reconciled, either.  We hold two diametrically opposed visions of freedom, the role and size of government, etc.

  • Face it, only conservatives think this country is ‘center right’—liberals think it’s ‘center left’—both are false (they’re both simply manifestations of bias).
    Obama won simply on his ground game, and the fact that Romney continuously flip-flopped on the issues, to the point where he appeared not to be consistent on any issues—a man without any core values, except for his religious ones.
    Romney was as close as he was simply because of the hate—for whatever reason—for Obama.

    • You are a liar and an idiot, Tad.
      Romney was as steady as a rock on free enterprise and liberty, and a lot else besides.  You have been quaffing the Koolaide of the moonbattery again.
      And it is a supreme irony you even have the chutzpa to bring up “core values” in the same post as Obama.

      • “Romney was as steady as a rock on free enterprise and liberty,”
        Don’t forget Mom, the Flag, and apple pie.

    • Even Erb has better arguments than you!

  • And we’re not completely wrong – nearly half the voting population saw it the way we saw it.  I would say that does not make us a fringe folks.

    • If, as is being reported, conservative vote strength was down (even as Gallup tells us our numbers are up) in this election…
      THAT means that some of us CHOOSE to let ObamaCare stand by not voting FOR the person pledging to kill it.
      You can’t put that on anyone but the people who did it.

      • Mind boggling isn’t it?   But this wasn’t the only place I had the “vote for other than Romney or Obama” discussion.  Did they stay away, or did they vote for other than Romney/Obama?

  • Bruce, purely speaking anecdotally as someone in Seattle – I don’t know what polls are going to say but among urban and suburban Seattleites the vote strikes me as almost 100% cultural. It would simply be out of the question for most people I know here to cast a vote for a Republican president, and it’s not due to analysis of stimulus spending, it’s out of refusing to vote for someone whose party has a non-trivial (and vocal) percentage of people who think the Earth is 6,000 years old and try to introduce “intelligent design” in schools, etc… it is basically seen that the Republican party is the home of religious freaks.
    And to voters here, there’d be nothing worse than having religious freaks in charge, economics be damned (not that I as a libertarian think Romney is some decisively smaller-government improvement over Obama).

    • Heh, as opposed to the party that pretends women are carrying parasitic lizards or something in their wombs until, at some magical point, they become human.
      Like either side actually has a lock on real scientific thinking.

      • Unfortunately abortion will never be considered anything but safety net birthcontrol for some people.  They couldn’t care about when life begins. 

        The way to handle this issue is to say that the Democrats don’t see women as anything more than a vagina and that is what Democrats consider the sum total of what they are about and it should be the only criteria to pick their candidates.  

    • not that I as a libertarian think Romney is some decisively smaller-government improvement over Obama

      Then you are an idiot.  He might not be either your or my ideal, but he is certainly EXTREMELY distinguishable from Obama.

      • He’s not the idiot.  He’s relaying what he things voters around him are thinking.  He may or may not agree with them.  He doesn’t say. 

        But this is one problem.  There is zero outreach to other people.  If you don’t agree 100% you’re a villain, automatically and not earned like Erb has done several times over with his obvious Obama sycophantry. 

        I’m not saying the Right needs to have a big tent but it needs a welcome mat.  

    • The irony to your statements is that as a Mormon, Romney probably knows a thing or two about religious intolerance.  Romney also got elected in Mass.  And a track record to review.  Its just silly that someone would believe this. 

    • Those people are fools.

    • and ignorance trumps all, which is why we have exactly the same thing today we had yesterday.

    • How could it when much of the right has invested so heavily in fantasies of cutting government to the bone, destroying the social welfare state, emasculating the EPA and other agencies, while forcing its own concept of theocratic morality on the rest of us?

      Rick Moran DOES NOT get it right.  Not hardly.  He erects straw-men with the same verve as Obama.

  • The GOP lost because their message did not resonate with women – the majority of US population.  You can’t cede 55% and win.  Next time, we should mount a campaign focused on how our side benefits women rather than letting the left frighten them with lies and nonsense.  Women are not just focused on birth control and abortion; they care about medical care, education, and economic issues.  Female voters must be made comfortable with conservatives.

    • Next time, we should mount a campaign focused on how our side benefits women rather than letting the left frighten them with lies and nonsense.

      Really?  How did we “let” that happen?

      • Well, it might have been those media people, you know, spouting nonsense very much like “Romney will force them to be raped until they are pregnant and then make them carry the child to term.”
        Shrug.  It was whatever they needed to say to win.  Whatever, to the point of claiming Romney was a threat to their wombs, their morning coffee and their Instagram app.
        But all that isn’t an excuse for a populace who will believes nearly anything they’re told.

      • A large part of the reason the GOP’s message didn’t resonate with women is that, thanks to the media, it never got to most women.  But, and I say this with love, Arch does have a partial point.
        If Joe Politician running on an abortion-is-murder platform, the logical extrapolation of that is he’s saying a woman who is raped should be forced to bear her rapist’s child.  That she should be forced to live with the memory of that violation every minute of every day for nine months while what he forced on her grows inside her.  It’s an ugly picture and a big vulnerability for Joe, and the media and his opponent are going to hit him on it.  Now, Joe can go the spineless hypocrite route and say that if it’s rape it’s not murder-murder.  Or he can morph into a caricature of right-wing religious misogyny like certain Republican politicians and claim things like if she got pregnant than she secretly wanted it, or that it’s God’s will.  Abortion isn’t all we care about, but you can bet that stance is going to cost him a lot of women, and it’s going to cost anyone who takes his side (or even happens to be standing too close).

    • Women can be just as unemployed as men.  If they can’t get it then oh well

    • Is that because a majority of women are idiots who cannot think for themselves?

  • When a party can’t defeat the worst President of the modern era, we really have to question it’s viability. Social conservatives have finally alienated enough Americans with their program of gay, anti-Mexican, anti-abortion extremism that they are unelectable on the national level. I’m really not sure what additional proof any reasonable person requires.
    Let’s start a Liberal Capitalist Party on Facebook.

    • Bleh.  Liberals want to you to believe that the GOP campaign is built on racism, anti-gay bigotry and anti-abortionism.  These issues barely arose during the campaign, if at all.  The fact is that liberals see chronic 8+% unemployment, massive debt, unbridled spending and poor foreign relations as abstractions, things we can live with because we always have.  Well, we always have because solutions have been kicked down the road for so long.  We’re about to learn that the road ends, eventually.

    • What a crock.
      Wanting to control our borders translates to your faulty wiring as “anti-Mexcan”!?!?  Extending rights to unborn human beings (which would by no means end all abortion) is “extreme”?

    • There’s one I’ll single.

      Where the fuck does the anti-mexican bullshit come from?  Because we would actually like borders respected like almost every other fucking country on earth, including Mexico, wants them respected and will usually start shoot people if they aren’t respected?

      • You should read and listen to Republicans (politicians and voters) who discuss immigration.  Many express reasonable opinions on border security.  But others do come across as unreasonable, ignorant, or sometimes just flat-out bigoted.
        Just because you and those you know fit into the former category doesn’t mean that the second group doesn’t cause others to judge the whole group of Republicans by those bad examples.  That may not be “fair” but it is the nature of party politics.
        One of the burdens of defending a political party is that critics will wrap the worst elements around your neck like an albatross.  The fact that mentioning the Republican Senate candidate who made the rape gaffe requires one to ask, “Which one?” should be extremely alarming to Republicans.

        • Yes, among the anti-illegal immigration types there are true racists/nativists.
          All its takes is one of those guys to start with the slurs…

          • The idiots at the University of Mississippi come to mind this morning for this category.

    • All the republicans have to do is give this country to whomsoever and
      they would have voters falling over their feet to vote, it is all about freebies
      no thought of who will pay for the freebies just gimme,gimme, gimme…..

  • Woke up this morning to the news (I’m not one of those folks who stays up all night fingernail-chewing — nothing against them, I’m just not one).  I’m mildly surprised and very disappointed, but not distraught.  Distraught doesn’t accomplish anything.  Apparently the American electorate hasn’t gotten what they want good and hard enough yet.  So be it.
    On the bright side, the worst case scenario — O winning and the House somehow flipping to the Dems — didn’t happen.  And had Romney won with the Senate still in Dem hands, any attempts at reform he made would have been blocked and the inevitable fiscal apocalypse laid at his door.  Now it’s Zero’s problem.  He’s not going to change course and the economy is only going to get worse, especially in 2014, when the ObamaCare pain really begins.  4 years of him has already more than wiped out the Dem number advantage.  4 more years will do considerable harm to the country, but hopefully finally damage the Dem brand beyond repair.
    Personally, I’m just going to batten down and endure, going Galt to the extent I can.  Teh stoopid in my state (California) just voted in another tax increase, so I’m buying only absolute necessities and using bartering or other off the books arrangements wherever possible.  My money, while it’s still worth anything, is going into my land in Wyoming (y’all are welcome to visit anytime, though right now it’s just a lovely little valley with a dirt road winding into it).
    Anyway, that’s my recommendation.  Vote in ’14 and ’16, but in the meantime get ready.  Winter is coming.

  • “But we’d have had that had a Republican won as well.”
    Now if THAT had happened, within two months we’d be bitching about him not shrinking government.  The trolls would show up to tell us he ‘betrayed’ us by not instantly disbanding the entire bureaucracy.  They’d be demanding to know how “Republicans” like us could have supported him.  Yammering how wrong we were about a guy we really only wanted because he wasn’t Obama and because he might conceivably have put an end to the socialist double quick time march.

  • What “we” re-elected was a president who failed to have a budget for the last three years, and who has added over $1T in new debt, while keeping the economy stagnet.

    I expect GDP to continue to increase at 1% (until it tanks) while we add on over $1T in debt per year. The federal government will avoid default by prining money.

    Hyperinflation is the future Obama voters selected.

    • “The federal government will avoid default by prining money.
      Hyperinflation is the future Obama voters selected.”
      They’re practicing for the results of that even now in parts of New York and New Jersey – bartering sex in exchange for gas, wondering where their government blankets and food and underwear are.

    • Guys, ObamaCare would kill a very healthy economy.
      This moribund one hasn’t a prayer of sustaining it.
      What I said about a catastrophic failure was not hyperbole.

      • Yes, and my post just point out the facts and trajectory Obama already has us on without adding Obamacare to the mix.

        There is also his toxic EPA war on carbon based life forms, er, energy.

        There are some major unintended (I’m being generious) consequences to his key policies that will be destructive. However, the current trajectory even without including those represents disaster.

    • I meant that “he added over $1T in new debt per year”, not implying it was only $1T total.

    • Actually even with all the printing we have done, its only tripled the money supply from government, but bank money has been stagnant or depressed, so we are not likely to see any hyper inflation just yet.
      More likely is we enter the GDP falls due to increased taxes, thus making even more taxes necessary, etc. like Greece.

  • Took some small measure of spiteful, mean-spirited satisfaction today. Had  a few panhandlers here in NYC approach me, told them all to go ask Obama for help. They were NOT happy. I was. Why yes, I am a petty man.

  • Maybe we could have a post by Bruce or Dale on the CA props. We have voted to increase our taxes and voted down reigning in unions. I think we voted to increase buisness taxes to push green “energy”.

  • The way you want to control the borders is anti-Mexican. How many Mexican Americans voted GOP? Mexicans are very conservative people, a natural fit for the GOP. The fact that most Mexican Americans vote Democratic says all that need be said. It’s disgraceful.
    70% of Americans consistently poll to favor abortion with restrictions. Get over it. This is a unique situation where one right-bearing entity resides within the body of another right-bearing entity. It requires compromise between the entities. If either one is given full rights then that means the other has no rights. This is unacceptable in a free society, and is indeed extremism. Human pregnancies aren’t viable for the first 90 days anyway, ask your doctor. One third will spontaneously abort.
    The GOP needs to abandon it’s social engineering platform or we need to abandon the GOP. Unless, you know, we want to keep losing.

    • “The way you want to control the borders is anti-Mexican.”
      What the heck does that even mean? If you can suggest some method of controlling the millions of Mexicans illegally crossing our border without actually arresting a few Mexicans, or using the word ‘Mexican’ now and then, then please enlighten us.

    • “Mexicans are very conservative people, a natural fit for the GOP. The fact that most Mexican Americans vote Democratic says all that need be said.”
      The same has also been said of blacks. Obviously the proper conclusion to be drawn, and all that needs to be said, is that the GOP is racist.
      Allow me to expand on my thesis; Bite Me.

    • Yeah…no.  You’re full of shit.
      According to exit polling of Hispanicas, immigration was LESS a factor than economic issues.  Which, stupidly (like Anglo voters) they held against Romney.
      There is a strong strain of paternalism that runs through strongly Catholic cultures (ie, see “Irish”).  That is ONE problem we have with Hispanicas.
      You are so full of shit, it is painful.

    • And how exactly was abortion challenged in this election? It was a non-issue.

    • Mexicans tend leftist. They are socially conservative, but leftist with respect to economic and political issues.

      I fail to see what is wrong with controlling the border. Mexicans should be able to come here illegally.

  • The GOP isn’t racist, it’s tone deaf. Don’t put words in my mouth. We need a Disney World model for our border mates, with no quotas. Pay at the gate. There would be no illegals.
    71% of Hispanic voters voted Obama, and approximately 14 million hispanic voters. Do the math.

    • A bunch of people from a predominantly left leaning country voted predominantly left.  That is the alpha to the omega of what happened.

      • America is a left leaning country?

        • Are you a 15 year old child to pretend you didn’t know I was talking about your Hispanic stat?  Really?
          “I’m rubber you’re glue… ” is how you want to do it?

    • You are foolish, any thing the GOP says about the border will not be “open Borders, and free stuff” You see, you cannot be a conservative or even moderate party and advocate open borders and free stuff, but the Democrats can. Therefore, you can NEVER EVER EVER out giveaway the Dems.
      You have to appeal to other things, small government, the rule of law, and economic growth. If those things are not important to the American People, then they will just have to suffer the consequences. (It doesn’t help that the last Republican administration didn’t give a crap about those three things)

    • No, I think what we need is a green card system allowing Mexicans to enter to work, but also border security preventing illegal entry.

      And we need to enforce our border laws, including deporting illegals from places like LA.

      I don’t have a problem with Mexican workers in the US, I do have issues with them sneaking over and living here illegally and having American born children who can vote.

      • That’s a misguided assumption that allowing legal guest worker or short term visas or whatever doesn’t take away the appeal of illegal alien sourced black market laborer.
        Black market labor has one or both of the follow appeals.
        1) Cheaper due to partial or full under the table pay and bypassing taxes both income and payroll, and
        2) A form of servant like obedience from the worker because he has something to lose and rarely any recourse against you in court.  You can ask an illegal alien to drive this truck of toxic waste home tonight and comeback with empty barrel.  He might not do it, but he won’t rat your out about it.  A legal worker can whistleblow and get protections.  In fact, if a worker is legal, the lawyers will descend like flies.  For example, a black marker laborer won’t be looking to form an union.  But a guess worker can and you’re doubly screwed if you try to interfere.  Because now it will be racial.
        Make a black market worker a guest worker and you break the appeal, unless you give them a huge cost advantage over legal workers we currently have.  I’ll come back to this.
        If you create a guest worker program, it will primarily create openings in areas where black market labor is too risky.  High visibility jobs like receptionist, etc.  But the current black market jobs will continue to be filled by black market labor.
        And only the Republicans in a time of high unemployment would talk about importing labor.  That’s genius.  And either guest workers get paid like current legal workers, in which case they might as well higher from those eligible now.  Or, they have to be incentivized.  Imagine the political self-destruction of the Republicans during high unemployment importing labor and subsidizing it.
        Last but not least, here’s the payoff for the Democrats.  I guarantee less than two years after a guest worker program is implemented, the cries of 2nd class citizen and exploitation will go out.  And the only way to deal with this injustice is to offer to fast track them to citizenship.

  • “The first day of the ‘next 4 years’ is starting in a very auspicious fashion. First, the market crashes. Then, a major blue chip company, Boeing, just announced it would cut 30% of management jobs from 2010 levels. And finally, the US Treasury just added $24 billion in debt, or enough to fund Greece for over one year, sending the total debt load (the US is now at 103% debt/GDP) ever closer to the debt ceiling breaching $16.4 trillion.

    HSBC says a carbon tax is in the offing.

    Boehner signalling willingness to increase taxes.

    The burning…….it has begun in ernest!

    • Just pretend that it’s all going to go right now!  Tthe policies and procedures of the last 4 years are going to gain traction and suddenly they’re going to work differently!    Yes yes!
      Isn’t this the standard for measuring insanity?
      As Achillea said, winter is coming.