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In reality, it’s all about math

And we know we’re a nation of math scholars – NOT.

Seriously though, you shouldn’t have to be a math scholar to understand what constitutes unsustainable fiscal conduct. We seem to be a nation in denial. So was Greece and reality didn’t pay a bit of attention to their desire to ignore the math that put them in the situation they now enjoy. We, however, continue to think we’ll be an exception to reality.

Good luck with that. From Zero Hedge:

The amount of debt required today to create a single dollars’ worth of GDP today is clearly unsustainable. However, the current Administration has been increasing Federal debt at a run rate of more than $1.2 Trillion annually to date. The understanding of the impact of increasing debt on economic growth is crucially important to understand.

As we discussed recently in “Debt and Deficits: Killing Economic Prosperity” it is “the economic impact of spiraling debt levels that have eroded economic growth. Debt is, by its very nature, a cancer on economic growth. As debt levels rise it consumes more capital by diverting it from productive investments into debt service. As debt levels spread through the system it consumes greater amounts of capital until it eventually kills the host.


The current Administration, however, is trapped into the belief that “big government” is the solution to the long term economic ills. However, a simple look at the impact of debt increases on economic growth tells us that this approach is misguided.

It is not “misguided”, it is flat wrong. And there are tons of examples to make the point. But, we’ve just seen the status quo given another 4 years to redefine “unsustainable” into something from which we can’t recover (btw, 4th quarter GDP has been downgraded to 1.5%).

The good news?

Well the good news is “lady parts” will be “safe” for those 4 years unless, of course, the unsustainable crashes and then, well, I guess the Sandra Flukes of the world will have to find a new provider of contraception.


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    Businesses were holding their breath, so to speak, until the election.  They needed to see which way the wind would blow…or suck.
    Now we know.

    • No no!  The plan that has worked so well for the last 4 years will finally kick in!  The miracle is about to occur!  The miracle that Romney would have taken credit for had he won now will be claimed by it’s rightful owner!  There will be celebrations and joy in the street!  Everyone will get free stuff at no cost to anyone by the evil rich!  Soon Vast quantities cash will be disgorged from the Moon Pony Unicorn ships that will arrive within the hour!   All will be well!
      And since it’s been so successful we’ll rush full speed, redouble…no no….retriple even!  our efforts to follow this course to victory, liberty and freedom from care!
      meanwhile I’m trying to decide which .308 to buy while I still can.

    • Considering Ben and Obama have pumped over $4 trillion into the financial sector, don’t look there for mass disapproval.  Just consider when the stock market and other financial markets collapse, it s only $4 trillion more added to the national debt. 

      • I suggest we pass legislation to re-engineer the buildings on Wall Street and Broad Street so the windows can once again be opened on the upper floors.

        • My thoughts are that over half the 1% voted for Obama.  Why should we protect them from themselves.  Next time Obama wants to balance the budget on their back, let him.  Call Obama’s bluff.   

    • “blow…or suck.”

      Did you ever notice that you are always downwind of the wind? There must be someone, somewhere, who is upwind of the wind, i.e. the wind is always blowing away from them.

      Speaking of religion, I just realized that since nobody likes dentists, it’s a good thing(for Christians) Jesus was a carpenter. If he had been a dentist we would all still be Jewish. And then where would we be, with no traditional scapegoat?

  • Yes, however, Obama and his friends thinks “present” is an acceptable answer to any equation.
    They are currently in the majority of those who deigned to vote.
    I am personally certain of how this contest could have been won, and might even have been won by Romney.  But not likely him–he prototyped Obamacare personally, and claims to still approve of his prototype, while promising in an utterly unconvincing fashion to end the national version.  It was always clear he was a man who if he by happenstance was prepared to move in some directions we should, that he wouldn’t go far, and did not understand on any intellectual level how to arrive at a decision as to what government should not try to do–or there wouldn’t be Romneycare.  It would appear that to too many Republicans and Independents , Romney’s weak tea wasn’t worth the effort to get to the poles.  To some fraction of those who might have otherwise supported him, the fidelity of the GOP to a nonsensical and drastically minority and theocratic  view of abortion was no doubt a deciding detraction.  Almost no one believes a human being possessed of all natural law or civil privileges is created at either conception or implantation either one.  A large majority is ok with morning after pills, and almost as large a majority is ok with an abortion in the first trimester for any reason and by any means.  The GOP should adopt a platform plank wherein it supports an amendment defining constitutional rights with respect to due process begin with the 181 day of gestation, and that federal courts must respect the local jurisdictional definition of when they begin in all other cases.
    While I would prefer the more libertarian path of no longer having government adjudicate marriage as anything other than another contract between people, it would serve to amend the constitution to permit any state to make null and void within it’s borders any marriage which is contrary to it’s law.  It’s only when we decided blacks shouldn’t marry whites we started to issue marriage licenses int he first place, and I think any idea so evilly conceived should be let to go by the wayside.
    The vapidity of Ragspierre in his objections to “fairness” in entitlement reform notwithstanding, in the event we have the House, Senate, and Oval Office in 2016, I would like to resuggest that along with every entitlement benefit stub, an accounting be written out to the recipient as to how much they put into the program, how much if any they are in the red, and how much of what they paid in they are net contributors, has been spent by Congress and is now only an IOU, and how much the government has borrowed and taxed from net contributors to pay for their benefit if they are not net contributors.  Should be about 36 words and 6 numbers.
    Of course the Democrats will scream, and we can reply, “don’t you think they can handle the truth?”

    • The vapidity of Ragspierre in his objections to “fairness” in entitlement reform

      I think all the “vapid” belongs to people who use terms like “fairness” which have no objective meaning.  Which, in fact, you go on to (inadvertently) support with your very concrete suggestion.

      • Considering who to vote for is a question of personal values–it is 100% subjective, however informed by reason–I don’t think you have a leg to stand on.  If “fairness” can sell entitlement reform, dumbass…
        …Let it.
        Seriously, you sound like your heads in a hole, and not in the sand.

        • I accept your surrender.

          • Rags, you are embarrassing yourself and being stupid.  Quite digging the hole.
            Why don’t you try to explain why you think “Your “181 day” position is both rationally and morally bankrupt.”
            “I have no idea what straw man you think you are jousting with, but it has no rational connection with either metrics or any position I hold.”
            Then why don’t you explain what position you hold?  It seems reasonable on my part to think you support the current party plank, since you are so vigorously (brainlessly?) opposing my suggestion it be altered.

          • You concede that…at SOME point…a child is a child and due rights as a human being.
            Your proposition is that it be “181 days”.  On what rational or moral basis?
            Can you own a human being until they are 21 years old?  Why not?
            My position is that a human being is a human being.  Biology says this.  What do you have against science?
            The rights of people are weighed constantly, every day, in our courts.  Our most basic law assures us of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.   See?  Or do I have to spell this out and paint in the “how and why” for you?
            Roe is a roughly evenly divided issue, according to polling.
            As to Pick’s “fairness” bullshit…  Please explain how educating voters that your plan (whatever it may be) is “fair” differs from what he recognizes is our educational burden on a rational plan.  Please explain how you are going to manage to OUT-FAIR the Collective?  You know, the people who have been demogoging the “fairness” trope forever!  Are you so stupid you think they will lay down and let that be taken from them and their media allies?  I hope not.  But just lately…evidence is not supportive…

          • Oh that’s real simple.  It certainly doesn’t happen at conception, and it doesn’t happen at implantation–far too few cells to support any kind of mind.  There’s no there there anymore than there has yet been in the little toe.
            It has definitely happened by the 181st day–so all states and courts should from that point on be compelled to treat a pregnancy as a person having all the same legal protections as anyone else.  The question isn’t in my mind or heart either one, how to treat a fetus in the first 90 days or the last 90 days.  In the first 90 days it is definitely not a person–the bible with it’s standard of “quickening” is as Judeo-Christian a backstop as any for that concept and if anything using 90 days is more protective of a pregnancy than that.  The quickening is sometimes not felt until more than a month more along.  Obviously, any fetus which has gestated 181 days is a person, I’ve held some and they have a personality–even if they are mostly sleepy.  I was one such back when that was rarely survived, and I was described then as having a personality trait then which I still have now.
            So the question is how to legally regard a pregnancy which is in the second trimester.  Having no guidance or definitive knowledge–and requiring that to treat an abortion as a murder–I say let the states decide and the federal courts look to those jurisdictions in cases arising from one where the personhood of a pregnancy is in question.
            If you didn’t notice, I wholeheartedly support doing away with Roe v Wade.  That case had a preposterous outcome.

          • “Please explain how educating voters that your plan (whatever it may be) is “fair” differs from what he recognizes is our educational burden on a rational plan.  Please explain how you are going to manage to OUT-FAIR the Collective?”
            Oh that’s easy you moron, even now, most people don’t want to be thieves.  Just telling them when they’ve exhausted the money they put in and where and how they are taking it from other people now will make many of them amenable to means testing SS payments when their “account” is dry and if you can’t get them to cut their own throat and go for zeroing their benefits at that point, many of them will become amenable to letting other people out of the corrupt system, by privatizing it for all new workers.  SS could be gotten rid of in 30 years.
            And just making progress at it will largely forestall the collapse.

          • You concede that…at SOME point…a child is a child and due rights as a human being.

            No you dummy, I don’t concede it, I proclaim it as certainty.
            You have no reading comprehension in evidence here.

          • Well, Tom, I must say you’ve very nicely declared yourself incapable of explaining anything I’ve challenged you on, while calling me names for the challenge.
            Like Pick, “just ‘cuz” ain’t a rational argument.  Neither is “I imagine it would…”.  Both of those…and both of you…are just another form of moonbat.

    • Almost no one believes a human being possessed of all natural law or civil privileges is created at either conception or implantation either one.

      What a stupid statement!  I do, and I come to that position from a strictly rational perspective, despite your “theocratic” BS.  There are millions who share that view, arriving at it how they may.
      Your “181 day” position is both rationally and morally bankrupt.

      • “Almost no one believes”
        Romney is going to take Virginia and Ohio, maybe even Pennsylvania.

      • It could be three million and be 1%.  It could be 30 million and be 10%.
        We’re supposed to forego electoral success and ALL progress towards your supposed goal because you can’t get what you want all at once?
        And it’s not morally bankrupt, it’s perfectly morally consistent and informed by faith.  It’s frankly more biblical then the “all abortions by any means for any reason at any time in a pregnancy are murder” opinion you seem to be holding out for.

        • I have no idea what straw man you think you are jousting with, but it has no rational connection with either metrics or any position I hold.

  • Obama’s plan to cut $4 trillion from the deficit ran into trouble with the Republicans last year because it contained $1 trillion in tax increases for wealthy tax payers—which would be antithetical to their signed pledges to Grove Norquist for no new taxes.
    You last line about “lady parts” really suggests your patriarchal (probably religiously rooted) attitude.

    • There was no “plan” by Obama to cut much of anything, liar.  It was just another of HIS lies, predicated on double-counting and pure gimmickry.
      Obama introduced the reduction of women to their reproductive organs, or did you miss THAT, too.
      What a moron.

      Kit contains – Fish, barrel, shotgun, water, shotgun shells – some assembly required.   Adult supervision required.

    • Obama’s plan to cut $4 Trillion from the deficit would not cut a single penny from the deficit!  His plan would stillincrease the defecit by over $6 Trillion.  He would only slow the rate of increase and call it a cut!  What a Maroon!!!

    • I think it is time, once again, to mention the fact that half the population has below average intelligence. And, in the spirit of inclusiveness and diversity, we should welcome tadcf to this site, as a token representative of that demographic, which has heretofore been woefully under represented here. (Gotta stay ahead of those civil rights suits, dontcha know).

      By the way, tad old son, are you related to romilarcf? I googled ‘cf’ and the most appropriate meaning I could find was ‘cluster f***’.

    • To use an old saying popular among my peer group when I was a lad; there is nothing between Obama and deficit reduction but fear and atmosphere.

    • Your interpretation of his mention of ‘lady parts’ is consistent with the progressives bullshit (albeit successful) effort to make ‘lady parts’ a more important issue than the freaking economy that affects ALL of us, lady and not lady alike.  That’s WHY he mentioned it, not because he’s not a sensitive caring soft fuzzy condescending male like you are Tad.
      But when you HAVE nothing else, by all means, argue bullshit, it worked very well this last time around.   That won’t save you from the coming economic CF.

    • So add tad to the “Women are nothing more than a vagina” list. 

      • The dear little things aren’t really ‘equal’ you know.   They’re fragile and emotional and need manly men like Tad to look out for them.  And lately they only seem to be hyper interested in sex.

  • Right, so, we couldn’t cut the other 3 trillion because the Republicans wouldn’t let us ‘cut’ 1 trillion by raising taxes  – I see.
    Damn those Republicans for making the Democratic Senators vote  100% against Obama’s last proposed budget.
    Tad, your fantasies would sell more if you made the Republicans cool evil guys like the Agents in the Matrix.
    Agent Boehner: “Do you hear that Mister O-bama?   That is the sound of inevitability…”

    • And for those who can read the link (it might be beyond some people, as it has no pictures of rainbows, unicorns, or care bears) this is the SECOND year in a row the DEMOCRATIC PARTY CONTROLLED SENATE under
      Democratic Senator from Nevada Harry Reid, has unanimously voted DOWN the Democratic party President’s budget proposals.
      But, it’s the Republicans who are laying waste to the country by not following Obama’s brilliant plans to increase spending, cut the deficit, and give everyone whatever free stuff they want.

  • Money will run out sooner rather than later regardless of how much taxes go up. Then I get to laugh at Sandra  Flukes of the world vs Obamaphone burdens. Of public sector unions vs inner city dwellers. And I’ll love every minute of it

  • When the hyperinflation sets in the Sandra Flukes of the world will need birth control more then ever, as they barter for their daily needs.

    The morons who voted for Obama will be the worst hit, generally.

  • Speaking of math, the “amnesty/pander to hispanics” chorus should do some and realize that it’s a suicide move for the party.

    • No kidding.  But there is financial motivation behind that wishing it wasn’t true.  So for some it isn’t.