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Shadenfreude alert

All I could do when I read this was laugh.  And laugh.  And laugh:

The Danish government has said it intends to abolish a tax on foods which are high in saturated fats.

The measure, introduced a little over a year ago, was believed to be the world’s first so-called “fat tax”.

Foods containing more than 2.3% saturated fat – including dairy produce, meat and processed foods – were subject to the surcharge.

But authorities said the tax had inflated food prices and put Danish jobs at risk.

Gee, Econ 101 strikes again.

Go figure.


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21 Responses to Shadenfreude alert

  • I had to wonder at first reading if the purpose of the change was to get more people to die, then noticed it did say repeal.

  • Speaking of laughing, or maybe rather not laughing, 50,000 big government voters in the NYC area getting a taste of the big govt/FEMA embrace. Still no gas, power or relocation. Wonder how funny they find the irony.

  • Question for Dale. Is t normal for foodstamps report to be delayed so long?

  • At least some people care about their economic situation and taxes.
    The general belief is that people don’t care about big government because most don’t have a skin in the game for tax increases.  They don’t pay income tax so go ahead and raise them.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that isn’t completely true.  I’ve come to the conclusion we have people that aren’t insulated from tax increases, but people who are insulated from the corresponding economic downturn.  That’s the real problem.  Its why the state of the economy didn’t matter to people last Tuesday.  If you’re a government employee or on assistance, does an economic downturn affect you?  Your cost of living adjustments are still happening.  Your pension is still in tact.  The benies keep rolling in.  If anything, if you are personally unaffected with job security and raises, you kind of want the economy to go to crap.  All kinds of sales and discounts.  Gas has dropped $0.40 in part because of the economy.
    And for these people, do tax increases hurt?  Most government employees know they are a net gain for them and its definitely better if you’re on assistance.
    If government wages and welfare payouts were connected to the economic health of the country, Tuesday would have been different.  Taxes aren’t the only problem.  Its unfaltering payouts with unfaltering increases that are the problem.

    • In Cali, the pols cut the social safety net to pay for the state-workers, so some do feel the effects.
      But what are they going to do about it, vote Republican?
      Once bennies are cut due to the revenue situation being so poor, its too late.

  • Ah, but of course, and when WE implement it, and we will, WE will have learned from their mistakes, and WE will do it better.  So the failure they perceived will teach us nothing.
    Remember a progressive idea is never a bad idea, it’s just one that (ignorant foreigners, red staters, un-educated Americans) someone implemented poorly because they had good intentions, but didn’t understand the right way to go about it.   Our betters, like you know who, for example, will do it right. Watch and Learn.

  • Laugh all you want at the Danes, but they have something Americans don’t: the brains to recognize when they f-ed up, and the will to correct the f-up.

    In THIS country, legislation enacted (no matter how foolish, destructive, or suicidal) is never repealed.

    We don’t have the brains, or the b*lls, to enact course-correction, even when the iceberg is looming close. Hell, we’re Americans: we drive the ship INTO the iceberg at full steam.

    Give it a few years, and the Danes will be (rightfully) laughing at a much diminished, much poorer, and much more polarized America.

    • I wasn’t laughing at the Danes for that reason, I was laughing because we talked about this when they were getting ready to do it and those are two of the things we said would happen (remember the tax on US yacht makers?). Econ 101. An understanding of basic economics seems to be a missing ingredient of most law making bodies in this world, thus we’re suffering the melt down we’re suffering through today. I give the Danes credit … in relative terms they’re actually backing off very quickly and frankly, that’s good to see. I just wonder how long it will take their legislators to forget the lesson and try it again on something else.

    • Yeah, I’m not laughing at them, I’m laughing at us,  because we’ll do it, telling ourselves those Danes were too stooooopid to make it work, but wise progressives here will know how to avoid the pit falls (usually done by mandating up is down, now go implement it).

    • In THIS country, legislation enacted (no matter how foolish, destructive, or suicidal) is never repealed.

      Sorry, that just is not historically true.  We even repealed an amendment to the Constitution.
      Additionally, we’ve repealed or reversed regulation on interstate trucking, tariffs, wage and price controls, etc.  And some more etc.
      We do it too little, to be sure.  I proposed that all Federal law be sunsetted every few years, and that any time it be considered, it has to be given full, individual consideration…allowing it to be reviewed for it cost/benefit record.

      • They ought to make classes (like we have classes of US Senators) so not all of them expire simultaneously, but like categories should expire together.

  • Ya know, if ya think about it, we SHOULD keep the guys in Washington from staying there all the time – if they had less time to work, they could do less damage.  Think about it….they so hard on a Constitution, put an amendment in saying the states rights and people’s rights superseded those not specifically outlined as being Federal rights, and THEN agreed to pay those morons in Congress to meet nearly all year long.
    Of COURSE they were going to get into trouble!  Idle hands are the devil’s tools.

    • “if they had less time to work”
      You actually think they work? Hell, they don’t read the laws they vote on now, keeping them out of DC won’t change that. They will just fly in (at our expense, of course) one week per year and spend two days voting on 1,000 bills. Unless some chump demands a few roll call votes, then they may have to use the entire week.

      • I had to call what they were doing something, I mistakenly used the word ‘work’ to describe it, when what I had in mind was having them dedicating Post Offices to American heroes, or perhaps declaring certain days of every month to be “National something or other day”.

  • But, if you look deeper into the issue, you’ll find out that’s the way democracy works.  But, I forget, conservatives don’t believe in democracy.

    • Goodness … brilliant, just … brilliant. /sarc

    • Democracy – we’re not a Democracy Tad, we’re a Republic.  There is a distinct difference.  See if you can figure out what it is.

    • “But, I forget, conservatives don’t believe in democracy”
      You, I get to call an oaf. Also lackwit, dullard, and just plain old general offense.