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Best. Analysis. Of. French. Politics. EVER.

I needed a laugh today, and John Lichfield of the UK’s Independent was kind enough to provide it.  It is readily apparent, as you read the article, that Lichfield is “underwhelmed” with new French President Hollande.  But this paragraph is about as brilliant a summary of French politics as I’ve seen in a while and had me belly laughing when I read it:

After the whirl of the Sarkozy years, Mr Hollande was elected as a muddle-through kind of politician. He is now being accused of trying to muddle through. This is, at least, a variant on the usual French pattern of electing politicians to bring “change” and then protesting against the changes.

Thank you, sir.

I needed that.


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7 Responses to Best. Analysis. Of. French. Politics. EVER.

  • This editorial would be the same as that which would be written in America if Romney were elected.

  • You know the old saw, Tad … “sometimes it is better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” You’ve certainly managed, in the short time you’ve been coming here, to remove all doubt.

    • Not a fool so much as an apparent 6th grader (as evidenced by every snotball post he makes; he does, though, manage to get people going, then disappear…just like, well, an elementary schooler.

    • Why McQ , if I didn’t know better I would think you are engaging in a bit of ad hominem stuff.
      (I don’t know how to use those little  yellow smiley things, so just assume there is one at the end of the sentence above)

      • a : followed by a ) will work wonders….   🙂
        a ; and a ) if you want it to wink,  😉
        and a : followed by a D (upper case d) if you want it to have a shirt eating grin   😀

      • Like I said, Tim, you don’t have to be a choir boy here.  I also said deploying humor, sarcasm, etc. were acceptable.  😉