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If you’re on Facebook, come join us

Yes, QandO is on Facebook and we throw up quite a few topics a day, topics we usually don’t have to time to blog about but deem important anyway.  And, of course, you can always comment on them as well.

So, come join us.   Link here.


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6 Responses to If you’re on Facebook, come join us

  • But I’m not on Facebook  (crawls back under his rock).
    Speaking of which, I’m a bit surprised that the stock is up considering the restrictions that were lifted/expired today.
    Up 8.7%.  With a bigger available supply I’d figured the price would drop.  Much of the rest of the market is not please with today events around the world.

  • Wouldn’t it just be easier to add a “Like” button here?

  • More reason to do a technical Amnesty: up to 9 million illegals actually live in a household with legal citizens, i.e. mom is illegal but kids are legal. These people could go back to Mexico tomorrow, apply for a green card and have it within months. (only because the bureaucracy is slow.)
    You are not offering them “amnesty” so much as simply formalizing their situation.
    Set up a fast track process for them to get pre-authorized, then they go home and come back with their new papers.
    Nothing but their status has really changed.

  • Unfortunately John, you have to go to the page to “like” it.

  • This is ridiculous…he has a disease, yes he should be responsible for some payment, but not his lifetime pension!  H.C. costs are too high!!!!

    However, if this would have been an article about a drug addict, who had been throught treatment many times, and after 5-10 years was afflicted with HIV, I’d say, why should I pay for his addiction.  Come on!