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Would you hire these people?

Amazing, but not atypical of a lot of thinking in this country these days:

The union that brought the 85-year-old baker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread to its knees is holding out hope that a buyer will salvage chunks of the company and send the union’s members back to work, even as Hostess Brands Inc. gears up for a fire sale.


While Hostess has said the shutdown would result in the loss of more than 18,000 jobs and place the fate of more than 30 American brands in jeopardy, union President Frank Hurt said he believed there was “more than a good chance” that a buyer quickly would swoop in to buy the profitable parts of the company and give his union’s members their jobs back.

Give them “their” jobs back?

See, if I was a buyer, the last people I’d hire are those whose inability to think beyond what the union demanded they do that caused a company to liquidate and “their” jobs to go away.  Because I’d not want to give them the chance to gum up the works at my company.   So I’d ensure that they understood that “their” jobs went with Hostess.

By the way, Frank Hurt isn’t hurting.  He’s still got his six-figure job with the union that “their” jobs, since gone, helped pay for.

Said Teamster Luigi Peruzzi, a Hostess driver in Detroit for 25 years:

“I think they [the Baker’s union]made a terrible choice based solely on terrible information from their leadership.”

Not that their “leadership” will suffer for it or anything.


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44 Responses to Would you hire these people?

    Timing these actions so as to inflict maximum hardship ramifying through the economy.  What was that Obamic verbiage about a “new economic patriotism”…???
    It is LONG past time to strip unions…even private sector unions…of their special treatment in the law.

  • I’ll wager that if the union does not get its jobs back then they’ll sue to get them back through the NLRB.  Since the NLRB is union friendly they’ll probably win.  The result:  Hostess becomes too toxic for anyone to buy and make profitable and gets shut down for good.
    The usual suspects on the left howl that jobs are being lost due to greedy corporations while being completely oblivious to the fact that people won’t run a company that doesn’t turn a profit.

    • Another possibility is that mega Mexican bakery, Grupo Bimbo, buys it and moves production to Mexico where the NLRB and the US sugar tariff can’t get to them.
      The left will howl about outsourcing jobs while being completely oblivious to their own policies… yadaa… yadaa… yadaa…

    • The best solution: buy the company and move it to a “Right to Work” state.

      • The only truly valuable parts of the company are it’s trademarks.  You can buy those and then slap them on products from just about anywhere.
        That’s why Hostess could not afford this fight, one ultimately about  production, there was no value to be protected.

      • FYI, KS is a right to work state…

      • Perfect! I WANT a job and I will NEVER join a union!!!
        An honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay and everybody wins except the union thugs.

    • I don’t see how that could work (suing via the NLRB).  Brands and other assets are purchased “slick”.  The contracts with Hostess are goners.  They won’t pass out of the bankruptcy.

      • Ah, you underestimate the power of the Barack side…  this is not the end of Hostess, or the contracts, or the Unions, this is a mere disturbance in the Obamic force, remember GM.

      • I should clarify here, as I’ve offered no explanation of how this will be done.
        The President will give a speech.
        There, see?

        • Curse you, looker, for tricking me into reading a Krugman stupidity.  Curse you…

        • Krugman is a moron of epic proportions. He tried to “prove” that the depression within a depression in 1937-39 was because FDR tried to balance the budget. He didn’t even bother mentioning that the supreme court had ruled the Social Security TAX constitutional (it left the question open on SS itself) so employers fired a load of employees because taxes increased. In April of 1939, the unemployment rate was at 20%; right where it started when FDR put the New Deal in place in 1933.
          Now he tries to say that in the 1950s the tax rates were over 90% (they were) and had an effective rate of 70% (right and wrong). There were so many deductions allowed that most of the well off paid about half (45%) while some were higher. Of course, Krugman doesn’t believe in the Laffer Curve so he thinks that a rate of 100% will produce 100% revenue and everyone will still continue to work and pay taxes and be happy about it. He’s such a schmuck.
          Wait until more and more companies let workers go. Then I want to see Krugman spin the phony gov’t unemployment rate when it climbs to over 10%. <a href=”″>Even though it is actually at 23% right now.</a>

      • “Brands and other assets are purchased “slick” ”
        Yeah. And bondholders have priority over stockholders in bankruptcy.

        • As long as Obama is in the WH, that’s not true.  Look what he did with GM.  He screwed the bondholders and gave their equity to the UAW.

      • Do they need FDA certifications to re-open? How about OSHA inspections? Maybe an EPA inspection or 60 to check for toxic additives? And they will find them…. kind of like how the US Fish and Wildlife found lynx tracks where needed.

  • “Their jobs”  – yes, their jobs, where they went every day to get ‘their cheese’.
    We conservative types have it all wrong you see.
    This is metaphysical like “LOST”.  These jobs were ALWAYS there, and they always belonged to THESE people for as long as they wanted them.  At some point when no one was looking, the evil ‘owners’ managed to gain control of these jobs and mismanaged the company on purpose to punish the workers because they enjoy seeing people be underpaid and that sort of thing.  But ‘good owners’ will come and wrest that control away from the evil owners and they’ll set the company to rights and the workers can go back to showing up every day at the factory for ‘their’ pay.   It is the true way of the world.
    There’s probably some quantum theory scattered in there when it comes to making the Twinkies.

  • ” He’s still got his six-figure job with the union”
    Once again the 99% get screwed by the 1%! Outrageous!
    I have always wondered about the logic of having wealthy, fat cat union bosses taking money from hourly workers then telling them they are underpaid and must live on even less money while they go on strike. In any sane union the union bosses would have to show some ‘solidarity’ with the workers by taking pay cuts along with them.
    If that Mexican company, Bimbo (gotta love that name), takes over and starts producing Twinkies in Mexico does that mean the union has outsourced(?) American jobs?

  • If it is such a good investment why doesn’t the union leverage their pension plan and use it to buy the ‘profitable parts of the company’ for themselves?

  • I’m sure Twinkies will be back. Those union jobs sure won’t.
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA…………..let the deserving suffer!

  • By the way…with all the mentions of Bimbo Group, how have we resisted Bill Clinton jokes for so long????

  • The company was brought to  it’s knees by poor management—the unions are just trying to protect the workers from the private equity company—like Bain Capital—now involved.

    • What “unionssss”?  Only one forced this, blowing off their “brotherhood” fellows in the Teamsters.
      And how’s that working out for THEM…???

    • Hey Tad, repeating a falsehood over and over again, doesn’t suddenly make it true.

      • Well, I’m not so sure, it seems to have served the President exceptionally well last November 6th.

    • We can quibble over what caused the need for bankruptcy.  Even if you want to blame the top, those guys were going to get punished.  Even structured bankruptcies don’t bode well for owners and upper management.
      Hostess’ 2nd chance at life was finished off entirely by the Union.  The pure selfish foolishness of forcing liquidation over an 8% pay cut.  That act speaks volumes about the economic delusions of the Left minded.

    • Bain Capital – you do know Romney isn’t running for President as of November 7th right jackweed?  You can stop with the Bain Capital, Evil Romney demonizations now.
      Never mind, you’re a good little brainless robot and you haven’t received any orders to stop attacking Bain and Romney….carry on.

    • He has a point. Instead of negotiating with these clowns, Hostess management should have reached this point years ago.

  • I am sure one guy does not make all unions bad. There may be other facts that the public is unaware of. There are some owners and Employers who are not angels. They are in a position of power and “dictate” the way the treat employees. Unions are the only option Americans have to be treated fairly by those who seek to semi enslave the people. Instead of bashing and trying to destroy all unions come up with a solution to make things more fair./better. Or bash and destroy the way our government operates. What is the difference, I am sure the conservatives haven’t thought to use this approach. ie. “kill” the U.S. system of government.

    • ” Unions are the only option Americans have to be treated fairly by those who seek to semi enslave the people.”
      Which is of course the unions got legislation (used government to force their wishes on others) passed in numerous states to ensure they could literally keep YOU out of a job if you don’t join the union at that shop.  I’m sure that was done to ‘protect’ you from being a semi-slave.

  • If these employees were true Americans and not “One-trick-pony” lobotomized worker drones trained to create the illusion of Free and self-sufficient independent sovereigns, in other words cleverly disquised slaves of the govt plantation…  They would pull together and get their asses in there and save the company that provides them with their semblence of Freedom! But no, since the ascension of Baracko Bomma, they’ve been convinced their lives will be better living off govt handouts for 99 weeks than if they made a little sacrifice that would benefit them all.  They’ve probably been assured that by the time their unemployments runs out, they’ll have they jobs back with a raise!!!

  • IF I were its new owner, one of the first agreements would be this union never work for Hostess again! I would open it in a right to work state and deny any and all unions any representation in my shop, if they refused, I’d close it up and refuse to sell it to anyone else!