Free Markets, Free People

In case you didn’t get the point of the last post

Here’s a picture:

Maybe that will help.


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22 Responses to In case you didn’t get the point of the last post

  • Go with what TurboTaxTimmy’s plan.  Remove the debt ceiling permanently.  Instruct the Fed to cover any shortfall the government runs.  It is not like they aren’t doing that already.
    The result, in pictures, can be found here:

  • The best performing stock market of 2007.
    That could never happen here, could it?  It can and is happening.

  • It’s BUSH’S FAULT!

    And maybe Israel’s as well….

    • Nor will many things we’re about to embark on.
      Like so many other things, let them run to excess.  We’ll see if we deserve what was bequeathed to us.

    • And the Democrats are the party of your freedoms.
      No, but they obviously have the best fucking PR in all the universe.

      • PR?  you mean media?

      • Well, they have the public schools with the statist indoctrination coupled with a pedantry that makes “transparency” hopeless.
        Private schools have the same pedantry, but not the indoctrination.

      • To Dems, the only absolute freedom we have is sexual freedom, i.e., the freedom to bang anything and everything. It entails, too, the right to have someone else pay for the consequences of said “freedom”.

        • Even that is not true Sharpshooter. I would have more respect for them if they advocated legalizing prostitution. But they don’t. Even though according to a reading of the Roe vs Wade decision a woman should have an absolute right over their bodies. But then again, consistency is no prerequisite to being a lefty.

  • The problem with that chart is that we survived the WWII debt.  So a Democrat would look at that and say we don’t have to worry until 2021 which is years away.
    Never mind WWII was a one-time thing that ended.

    • We survived WWII debt because we MASSIVELY cut spending.  Not the case now.  And if Democrats think that’s the lesson, then they’re not students of history (but we knew that).

      • A couple more percentage points on the rich will fix it.

      • Whaaaaaat?  You mean the US today is not in exactly the same position it was in in the 1950s?  With a Europe blown to bits, millions dead, civilians displaced and dispossessed by war, fear of Communism spreading, and a virtually untouched US infrastructure and comparatively lower losses of man power?   The era where we walked away uncontested ‘winners’ with the attitude we had just kicked AXIS butt and could do anything we set our minds to?  THAT US?  Are you saying that things aren’t pretty much identical so that if we just raise the marginal rate to 91% it won’t work the same as it did in the glorious 50s?   nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

        • Hey now, that can all be fixed. After all we have the most powerful military. All we have to do is destroy Europe again then rebuild it!

      • In 1961, Defense spending was 52% of the budget, and 10% of “GNP” (a bogus term).
        Today it is 18% of the budget and 4% of “GNP”.
        In 1929, federal government spending was 3-4% of “GNP”, and state/local spending was 4%.

  • But Bronco Bama will give me a cell phone, relieve my student loan and give me free contrceitves…conrasoptiv…contrascepoves…rubbers.

    • No no.   “ALL” doesn’t mean all.  If you’re looking for free rubbers you’re, uh…….screwed…..and will have to continue to buy them yourself.
      You see, ALL doesn’t mean MEN, we don’t get FREE birth control in this society where equality under the law is paramount.
      So even though the Village Voice runs headlines like this, with the word “ALL”, it don’t mean you….unless you is ALL woman
      Free Contraception For All! Obamacare Gets Rid of Co-Pay For Birth Control, and Unsuprisingly Pisses Off The Catholic Church

      1) Are male-based contraceptive methods, such as vasectomies or condoms, covered by the rule?
      An HHS official said on Friday that women’s preventive services guidelines apply to women only.
      Guidelines issued by the Health Resources and Services Administration, part of HHS, require coverage without cost sharing for “all Food and Drug Administration-approved contraceptive methods, sterilization procedures and patient education and counseling for all women with reproductive capacity” as prescribed by a provider, according to the Federal Register.”
      Welcome to my new country.

  • I thought we were already past 100% GDP with respect to the debt.