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Republicans: Rationalizing breaking your word

Apparently when you pledge your word and you’re a politician, that pledge (and your word) has a shelf-life:

The decades-old pledge from the Americans for Tax Reform group has been signed by 238 House members and 41 senators in this Congress and has essentially become inescapable for any Republican seeking statewide or national office over recent election cycles, especially in the Republican-controlled lower chamber.

New York Rep. Peter King and Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday they would break the pledge and accept tax changes to generate more revenue to curb the trillion-dollar federal deficit.

Their statements followed a similar one Thursday by Georgia Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss.

“I agree entirely with Saxby Chambliss,” King said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “A pledge you signed 20 years ago, 18 years ago, is for that Congress. …  The world has changed, and the economic situation is different.”

That’s what you get for electing moral cowards (aka, “politicians”) to office.

Spending cuts?

Forget about it.  It is your fault they spend more than they have so pay up and shut up.  After all, voters don’t seem to hold them accountable for any of this so why should they worry or take responsiblity?

The great cave-in begins.

The good news?  We won’t have to hear any moralizing by the GOP about “principles” … or at least we won’t have to take it seriously.


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36 Responses to Republicans: Rationalizing breaking your word

  • Then again, there’s that whole “let it burn” POV…

  • I see ZERO political – or practical – upside for the GOP to die on this hill. If they fight, they’ll be entirely blamed for the fiscal cliff. Any concessions they “win” on spending will be illusory at best – and we all know how this works anyway. We’ll trade you tax increases now for spending cuts at some ill-defined point in the intermediate future, most likely when an entirely new Pres. anc Congress is in, so they won’t care about or be bound by this agreement.
    So why bother?
    The great cave-in? Brother, it’s been a slow-mo cave in for decades anyway. So give Obama what he wants. Every bit of it. Let it burn, lay the smoking ruins at his feet.

    • Yeah, I’m with the shark on this. Raise the fu*king taxes already. Do it. Shut down fraking and drilling and coal mining as well. Let’s get this party started.

      • the sooner it starts, the sooner it will be over.   Might as well do it now while I’m young enough to have some influence on US of A 2.0

    • They should articulate THAT EXACT POSITION and then vote Present.
      Let the Democrats own the entire fiasco.

  • Not only let it burn, but target the tax increases to hurt those blue states:

    Eliminate state, local income tax deductions; eliminate deduction of mortgage interest on all second homes and primary homes whose assessed value is more than $300k-$400k; target Hollywood tax breaks etc etc etc.

    To paraphrase Sherman, they wanted it, voted for it, give them all they want.

    • I’m 1000% on board with this strategy. But the weaksauce GOP we have in there now won’t go for it.

    • You don’t really have to do much targeting…
      eight of the ten most wealthy counties in the US voted for Pres. Bumps.
      Time for the chickens to come home to ROAST…!!!
      And, end ALLLLLLLL tax breaks and special accounting gimmicks for the entertainment industry!!!  Heh!

    • @don2

      A good beginning but I would completely eliminate the mortgage interest deduction, not limit it. Once you just limit something, there is always the temptation to fiddle with the limit. Remember when the conforming loan limit was lowered…except for high cost areas such as The Peoples Republic of California (where I reside) where it was $150k or more higher. Get rid of these completely and make taxpayers (notice that I did not say voters as one is a subset of the other) understand the full cost of their political choices. Get rid of the AMT.

  • I’m fully convinced they should to along with the Sherman analogy and paraphrasing – “make the victors howl”.
    Give them all the free they can stand, run up the damn bill, it’s GOING to happen anyway, because the Dems think it CAN AND that it will work.  So why on earth would it be a good idea to fight what is going to happen on principles that will result in nothing more than lasting blame from the party tax the rich.
    We nationally voted against common sense on November 6th (and I’m not sure the other way really showed common sense).   Stupidity should be painful.

  • The sad part is that there is not a revenue problem, there is a spending problem.  Slightly higher taxes on the rich won’t cut it.  The ‘fair share’ the left likes to go on about is around 85% on everyone as that is what it would take to fully fund the government.

    • “Spending” – yeah buddy.
      I think Barack is sooooo smart though, we’ll actually see the bills for all this chicken flucking come due quite a bit BEFORE the end of his term, instead of after his second term as he has so well planned.
      I suppose the George Bush/Bain Capitalist stage dummies will still be trotting out to take bows for blame, until 2016 when Biden, or Hillary, can claim that “the President just didn’t go far enough to get us out of the hole (dummies bow) the Republicans dug”.

  • McQ, I DO think pledges and promises are conditional.
    I pledged allegiance to the flag of the United States, but I damn sure will leave that in the dust in the right circumstances.
    There is shit I will not eat.

    • Agreed!
      Most of us are “Law Abiding” ONLY until TSHTF, and then the sh&t throwers become …

      • An argument I’ve had many times with those who think civil disobedience is equal to lawlessness…
        I ask them this, “So, you are simply waiting for the law that makes you a slave, right?”
        On a personal level; do you stay married to a woman who abuses you?
        (Of course not.  There are “getting off places” implicit in every compact, promise, pledge, etc.)
        I love McQ for his felicity to a pledge, but see it as suicidal.

        • Nah, we just follow the pledge to what we had, and when they try to take that away, we take it back, and continue with our pledge.

  • The longer the media yammers on about taxes, the less time they have to talk about the real problem; spending. Coincidence? I think not.
    Give the bast***** their tax increases. I am sick to death of talking about taxes. For as long as I can remember that is just about all the Rep. party has talked about. Give it a rest and, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, move on to the more important subject; spending.
    Oh, I forgot, Boehner et al.  don’t particularly want to talk about that either. It’s haaaarrd.

    • Of course, I am expecting a ‘balanced’ approach. I am sure the Rep.s will hold out for substantial and meaningful spending cuts. (Do I really need a sarcasm tag for that?).

    • I am sick to death of talking about taxes.


      Fighting tax increases for those making over $250k is not my only agenda. I know that the tax will tend to fall on small buisness owners and the productive class, and not so much on the Soros types who are sitting on fortunes. But other issues like Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, and the war on cheap energy matter even more. All those new Obamaregs matter.

  • I am in the give them their tax increases and let it not work camp.  The GOP needs the spine to say what they are doing and to hold Democrats to account for its failure. 

    But the scary thing I see today is that the ‘fiscal cliff’ they talk about in the MSM is not the same fiscal cliff we mean.  According to NBC this morning the fiscal cliff is allowing taxes to go up and cutting spending.   They said both were bad for the economy.  To them the fiscal cliff is reducing deficit spending. 

    • JPM, I agree with you. Just a few days ago, this very site queried “What if the Dems got everything they want”. We can’t suggest we give them the store and at the same time hold them accountable for a pledge. More to the point, I think we actually need this action in order to once and for all kick the libs out of their chair at the table. If we have the discipline to give them ropw when they ask for it, they will eventually marginalize themselves with their own policies. When you are watching a man dig himself into a hole, and you have tried to reason with him, you have no other choice but to hand him a better shovel.  Let ’em dig!

      • They need to make clear they don’t agree with tax increases but in the name of progress in fiscal responsiblity, even if its trial and error, we’ll allow the Democrats their way.

        To reinforce this they shouldn’t vote for the increases.  They should abstain (or vote present).  Send a message tax increases are your bright idea, Democrats. 

  • Heh –
    Well, that explains the Dem platform vote, after all, there’s only room for one God around here.

    • If they want to worship the man bringing them record unemployment in their community, I say good for them! As a matter of fact, I hope that unemployment number for them skyrockets soon. They should get what they want, and they should get it good and hard.

  • They also pledged that they would take care off me if I became disabled! I say make everyone that’s still working pay more taxes! I have to live below the poverty line because SS-Disabality does not pay enough. I can’t afford necessities like an I-Phone and HD-TV. I don’t even have a computer since the one the government gave me got ruined by a power surge. I think They should give me a new lap top so I can combat all you right wing nuts more often, instead of having to go to the library in my 4yr old SUV. Want to conserve energy then give me a new computer! So you shut up and pay your fair share of taxes!

  • There is an establishment GOP I have little desire to defend, however I fail to see the wisdom of sticking to a pledge like this at this point in time. It isn’t like the GOP will actually get real spending cuts no matter what they do. Might as well let the Dems do as they wish and stall the economy further.

    • So Don, that leaves one of two option – don’t ever make any more pledges or don’t ever believe them when they do.

      • Sometimes there is no option. Look man, we all see the train wreck coming a mile away (and its a lot closer than that) but we are powerless to stop it. The GOP is powerless to stop it. It’s gonna happen. It is inevitable. The best option is to let the Dems own as much of it as possible, because if that crew gets carte blanc post-collapse, it’s gonna be epic ugly. Make these liberal policies as poisoned and discredited as we can while we can.

      • Mark me down in the don’t believe column.   The one good thing I can say about the Democrats is when they tell me they’re going to F* me over, they really do it.

      • “don’t ever believe them when they do.”
        They are politicians. You actually believed them? Surely you jest!

  • Gateway Pundit has an article that shows that people will blame the GOP if we go over the fiscal cliff. Obama gets credit if we don’t. It’s all win-win for Obama, at least in the short run.

    What’s the long term plan? Lotsa ammo for DHS?

    • SIGH!
      (See above about “law abiding”…)

      • Thought for the day – mostly sheep – so it’s not the ones headed away from you that you need to pay attention to, it’s the ones that are still coming.