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Laugh of the day: Arab Spring

I do love this title in The New Republic … TNR of all places: “Shame on Anyone Who Ever Thought Mohammad Morsi Was a Moderate”

I do admit to laughing out loud when I read it, but I also thought that it was a bit too specific. In fact, and when you read the article I’m sure you’ll agree, the title should have read “Shame on Anyone Who Ever Thought the Muslim Brotherhood Was Moderate.”

But if that sort of article can show up in TNR, it indicates that at least some Western Liberals may have taken off the blinders and are now, finally, dealing with the reality of what “Arab Spring” brought. In Egypt’s case an extremist Islamist with dictatorial tendencies.

Granted Hosni Mubarak wasn’t exactly a peach of a guy. A dictator by any other name is still a dictator. But in terms of the interests of the United States and peace in the Middle East, he did a fair job on keeping a lid on the Islamists in his country like, well, Morsi.

It appears, though, and I hate to say we told you so, but a) the best organized group took power (i.e. the Muslim Brotherhood) and b) they’re reverting to form (i.e. Islamist totalitarianism).

Oh, sure, there are demonstrations and riots going on in Egypt right now against Morsi’s move, but you had better believe the Muslim Brotherhood is mobilizing to counter them. The only reason Morsi hasn’t stomped them right now is likely two-fold. World opinion (he just got a huge pat on the back for the Israeli/Palestinian cease fire – one “aw crap” negates any “attaboys”) and the fact that he likely hasn’t consolidated power to the point that he feels comfortable in doing so via the army. But his power grab certainly removes all doubt about his “democratic” leanings or lack thereof, doesn’t it? And, like I said, he’ll let the Brotherhood do the heavy lifting if it comes to that.

I’m sure this is quiet disappointing to the liberals who were sure democracy would flower in a country with no democratic institutions, no democratic history and an organized extremist group poised to exploit the troubles and sieze power, but then they’re the same sort of “fellow travelers” who thought Uncle Joe Stalin ran a heck of a good gulag show in the good old USSR, weren’t they?


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17 Responses to Laugh of the day: Arab Spring

  • And remember…
    we have a Muslim Brotherhoodlem whispering in Hill-Larry’s ear every day.  Her name is Huma Weiner.
    Morsi is just letting the energy bleed out of his opposition.  He will offer them a sop, and meantime he has isolated the leadership of those who oppose his power-grab.  They will either convert or become fertilizer in the near future.

  • I personally think you are totally underestimating the power of GOOD and NECESSARY.  See, when changes are GOOD and NECESSARY good things will flow from them, as, as, as water flows down hill, quantum mechanically speaking.   And it was GOOD to replace a dictator like Mubarak, who allowed women to walk the streets unescorted and allowed Coptic Christians to fantasize that they could have their churches and practice their religion by, uh, mostly letting them have their churches and practice their religion.  You’re just not allowing Morsi enough time, eventually he’ll lead the Muslim Brotherhood the right way.  They’ll be encouraging women to leave the home, have their contraceptives paid for and provide state funding for mass homosexual marriages which will be performed in front of the Sphinx 6 days a week.
    (insert two to four paragraphs of cosmic mumbo jumbo and feel good humanistic psychobabble rubbish like COEXIST! and how this is just difficult to understand for people who don’t have advanced graduate degrees in political science)
    It was NECESSARY that Mubarak be replaced by the Twittering Facebook revolutionaries.   Morsi is a sign there is DEMOCRACY! in Egypt!  These little dictatorship things are just bumps in the road, they’ll pass, Morsi will see that it’s better to be GOOD and will see that Democracy is just super duper.  Good things will be coming in the future.  I’m optimistic!
    Watch and Learn!

  • Uncle Adolf was democratically elected…once.

  • IIRC, The New Republic initially backed the Iraq War. They have not been radical leftists with respect to foreign policy, except perhaps during the worst depths of BDS.

    • Yeah, they changed their minds.  And, if you read the article, the author was sort of advised that this wasn’t the “proper” liberal stance concerning Arab Spring so he should prepare himself for some resistance to his position.

  • I suspect the protestors are a bunch of leftists and secular democracy types who have little depth outside of Cairo. They can scream and shout, but have no weight behind them.

  • Also, note that Erb was pushing the Arab Spring for essentially the same reasons Obama et al were lying about Bengazi.

  • The question I have is how this radical Islam will feed the people.  Egypt is also broke, and even with foreign aid has a hard enough time feeding its tens of millions.  Didn’t high food prices cause at least some of the initial Arab Spring riots?  What is Morsi going to do about getting his economy going?  How will he get his army (that already does not trust him) to back him up if he has no money?  I don’t think Iran can afford to carry Egypt.

  • Did Occupy Wall Street bring down our government?
    I doubt the Egyptian version of OWS will do much either.

  • Morsi’s executive decrees sound all to similar to our Executive Orders. Obama could do the same thing as Morsi did and since EOs are de facto constitutional, they become law. Just as President Andrew Jackson moved the Cherokee Nation against the declaration by the SCOTUS that the Trail of Tears was unconstitutional, Obama could used his powers of office to stay in office. Supposedly 400 Cherokees died and impeachment went nowhere. Jackson was the first “western” president and was very popular with the common citizen.

    All too many apparently believe that it can’t happen here as is happening in Egypt. Let’s face it, Obama doesn’t have the American values of even Nixon.

  • Rice, in a statement issued Tuesday, said she and acting CIA director Michael Morrell met the senators to discuss her Sept. 16 comments.

    “In the course of the meeting, we explained that the talking points provided by the intelligence community, and the initial assessment upon which they were based, were incorrect in a key respect: There was no protest or demonstration in Benghazi,” Rice said.

    … I get the feeling, even though none of the press reports say it, that the biggest loser in yesterday’s meeting may be acting CIA director Michael Morrell, who probably “deep-sixed” his prospects to be confirmed as CIA director.