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Terrorism in Arizona? Does anyone know about this?

I find this story to be fairly astonishing.

We’ve talked about immigration policy before and we’ve certainly noted the Federal government’s outright refusal to enforce our nation’s laws concerning some illegal immigrants.  But what about those legally here and in violation of the law or deemed a threat?

Wasn’t that supposed to be the breaking point, the point at which this administration would step in and take action?

So what’s with this:

Back on Sunday I broke the news here at PJ Media of the arrest of Abdullatif Aldosary in connection with the bombing of a Social Security Administration office in Casa Grande, Arizona, last Friday morning. I noted that while the bombing and Aldosary’s arrest had received local news coverage, there was a virtual blackout by the national media on the Iraqi refugee’s identity.

Yesterday I reported on details provided to the federal court on Monday during Aldosary’s initial court hearing, which included information on what was found when the FBI conducted a search of his Coolidge, Arizona, home last Friday night. Among the items recovered was a bomb-making manual that had been hidden behind a photograph on the wall. Also discovered were an AK-47 and a 9mm Ruger handgun, along with more than a thousand rounds of ammunition. Kerry Picket at the Washington Times also reported that they recovered several gallons of chemicals typically used in bomb making.

When authorities checked Aldosary’s bank statements, they found he had more than $20,000 despite the fact that he was a convicted felon, only worked as a day laborer, and had no visible means of supporting himself sufficient to warrant having that kind of balance.

Sounds like a terrorist doesn’t he?

Well, that’s where the “bombshell” comes in:

But a bombshell report came out today based on information obtained by Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), who had received a request from Aldosary in November 2011 for assistance in obtaining a “green card.”

According to today’s news report, the Department of Homeland Security responded to Gosar’s request on behalf of Aldosary last year by saying that he was ineligible for a change in status because of “terrorism-related grounds of inadmissibility”.

So DHS knew about this guy last year and yet he was still in this country?

Yes he was and last Friday he attempted to blow up a Social Security office.

As you might imagine Gosar wants to know why:

Gosar said DHS responded by saying Aldosary was not eligible for a permanent change to citizenship “pursuant to the terrorism-related grounds of inadmissibility, and that “individuals who engage in terrorism-related activity … are barred from receiving various immigration benefits.”

DHS did not elaborate on what the activity was. Gosar wrote that to be barred from permanent status, under federal law the immigrant must have engaged in activity “indicating an intention to cause death or serious bodily injury, a terrorist activity; to prepare or plan a terrorist activity; to gather information on potential targets for terrorist activity” or belong to “a terrorist organization” among other actions.

In light of the Casa Grande bombing, Gosar questioned why Aldosary was not detained and processed for deportation in November 2011, after it was determined he had engaged in terrorism-related activity.

The bombing happened about a block away from Gosar’s office.

“But for the grace of God, no one was injured in the bombing,” Gosar wrote.

Gosar also asked what efforts were made to track and monitor “a known terrorist.”

Of course this is all happening after the freaking guy bombed a building!

Where was DHS in all of this?  Why was this guy still wandering around?  Why hadn’t he been immediately deported?

And why in the hell isn’t this all over the news?


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30 Responses to Terrorism in Arizona? Does anyone know about this?

  • What we need is ANOTHER agency to oversee the DHS, and perhaps an agency to over that new agency.  Clearly the lines of communication were just crossed and the NEW agencies will fix that problem!
    “And why in the hell isn’t this all over the news?”
    That was a rhetorical device used to express sarcasm, right?

    • Seriously. Reporting this is all sorts of inconvenient for them, especially in light of the crusade against their immigration policy….

  • WE know about it, because we live outside the Collectivist bubble.
    ANOTHER instance of Obamic insistence on NOT calling a terrorist act what it is.
    Why?  Narratives have to be protected.
    Like the Times Square bomber’s very successful attack…that only failed to kill and maim by pure happenstance.

  • On reflection, I’m SURE this is just another incidence of ‘work place violence’.

  • Must be nice to have no consequences when you fail.

  • “Where was DHS in all of this?”
    Well, first there was the week long “Increased Productivity Through Meditation” retreat, followed by the “Increasing Diversity in Your Workplace”  conference, followed by……Then there was the management review, various in-service training courses and workshops, etc. Hey, government workers have a full schedule, you can’t expect them to catch every terrorist overnight. Investigations take time. Committees have to meet and act. Rights must be protected.
    If you think you are so smart and can do it better, fill out Form DHS-385A-889B12-0 “Tentative Suggestion For Improving DHS Operations” in triplicate (pages 2-10 only, pages 1 and 11-25 are inoperative) and deposit one copy in the circular suggestion container found at each desk. Put the 2nd copy in an official US Postal Service flat-rate box (Medium Box 1, 11 1/4″ X 8 3/4″ X 6″) and slip it under your supervisor’s office door. The 3rd copy is yours, for safekeeping you should put it in a place where the sun don’t shine.
    I hope my suggestion was of some help.
    A. Bigputz
    District Assistant Associate Deputy to the Regional Supervising Assistant Chief Deputy for Enforcement Improvement Methods.

    • My mother was a wellness coordinator for an agency of the State of California, so this stuff is not hyperbole. (She did not want the new job description, but they sort of made her do it.)

  • I’m half-confused* as to why the small arms are considered relevant, given that they weren’t used in the attack <I>or when he was arrested</i>… or why I’m notionally supposed to be alarmed at “over a thousand rounds” of ammunition.
    Pretty much anyone that shoots has that kind of ammunition lying around; I can buy “1,000 rounds” for my .22 for under $40 – or 1000 rounds of 9mm for under $250.
    All that detail tells anyone who knows anything about guns is “he had two firearms he didn’t use when they came for him”.
    (*Only rhetorically, because “because guns are scary!!!” is the obvious reason.)

    • Valid points.  I never had the gun stuff register.  I was much more concerned about the realized bombing, and the stuff for making another bomb.  (Not accepting at face value that was necessarily accurate.)

      • I’m curious that there’s no mention of jihadist materials being found.  I wonder if there actually weren’t any or if their discovery is being covered up for some ‘inexplicable’ reason.

        • This is a good point. Is it because they didn’t find any such stuff? Or that they decided not to report it?

          In the big fires we had in SoCal a few years ago, one had a number of deaths but few burned structures. It started on Otay Mountain. The other fires destroyed many more structures but few or no deaths. Odd when you think about it, right? What they didn’t report on the news as far as I heard: the Otay fire was started by illegals who then died in the fire. I know this because my mom talked to the first responders who told her so. Somehow this isn’t worth putting in the news.

          I understand that it makes sense to know what weapons this guy had, etc. It is relevent information, because we know he was a terrorist, it makes sense his weapons were intended for that purpose. But radical Islamic papers, books, etc., are even more relevent. But not something the media seems to want to talk about.

        • And where did they come up with the “terrorism-related grounds of inadmissibility”? What were they? One might assume, being an Iraqi, that they were perhaps related to “jihad”.

          • “One might assume, being an Iraqi, that they were perhaps related to “jihad”.”
            Likely, though his being Iraqi doesn’t necessarily mean he’s Muslim or, if he is, that he’s a jihadist.  When the initial reports came out, everything but his name sounded like just another disgruntled nutbar to me.  The local fed office target, the fact it wasn’t a suicide attack, the ‘Anarchist Cookbook’ bomb manual, the fairly garden variety weaponry.  Even the ‘terrorism-related activity’ is vague enough to be practically anything, and the 20K could come from some non-ideological criminal endeavor.  While I agree that it’s highly suspicious, especially given his nationality, it still doesn’t exactly shout ‘AlQaida’ to me.
            I just wish I had <strike>more</strike> any faith whatsoever in the so-called journalists involved doing any actual, you know, journalism.’s given the story wider circulation, but it’s still a pretty skimpy story.  They’re never going to get a straight answer out of the feds about what they did or didn’t find, but some enterprising reporter could go talk to his neighbors, friends, co-workers, employers, etc.  Did he rant about red tape?  Did he attend a mosque?  Did he hang out with shady individuals?  Did he know or have a beef with anyone who worked in the exploded office?  These are all questions the local media at very least should be out there asking.

          • “Terrorist related activity” may be “practically anything” but whatever it was it was enough to deny him a green card. Maybe I’m wrong, but denying someone a green card for whatever reason should be enough to have them deported. Denying them a green card due to “terrorist related activity” would seem to me to put them at the top of the deportation list. So I’m still wondering why he wasn’t gone. You also have to wonder if the denial may have been part of what sparked the bombing as well. Had he not been here, it would be a moot point.

          • Oh, I agree he should have been booted out long ago, whatever his ideology.  I just remain unconvinced he’s necessarily an Islamist.

    • ‘Cause he wasn’t supposed to have the weapons — no green card and certainly no citizenship, remember?

      So, he had a crapload of money, with no visible means of support, and was able to get his hands on weapons and ammunition as an alien with a history of terrorism-related activity. Did he get the weapons from the local homies? Or were the weapons supplied by terrorist contacts, perhaps smuggled into the country as part of a wider plot?

      That’s pretty alarming, I’d say.

      • Teahadists.  (sarc off)

      • Check the serial numbers….maybe they walked to Mexico and then walked back.

      • An AK-47 could be a semi auto rifle that’s US legal or a select fire weapon from whereever. For the matter it could be semi but illegal in the US.

        It would be obvious if the weapon was select fire.

        Back in the 70s some American Indian leftists used AK-47s in an uprising of sorts. I’ve often wondered where those weapons came from. That was before we saw legal semi auto AKs here. There were some legal FA AKs, sure, but not many and I doubt they were legal.

  • And why in the hell isn’t this all over the news?

    Rhetorical question.
    /San Tan Valley, Pinal County, AZ (14 miles from Casa Grande)

  • The FBI only stops the terrorism that it instigates.  They don’t mess with these freelancers.

  • Playing devil’s advocate I would suggest he might have bene under surveillance and monitoring in order to try to lead authorities to other cell members.  At least that is what I would say if this had happened under Bush’s presidency.

  • On the other hand, aren’t these the same geniuses who put the late Sen. Ted Kennedy on the ‘no fly’ list and put out that report awhile back listing suspicious activities like criticizing the government?

    • Chappaquiddick Ted should have been in the no-drive list.

      • AND the No-Senator list – course as the last male member of Massachusetts’ Royal family, he WAS the only heir to the throne.

        • Heh…!!!
          “…last male member…”
          Actually, given who and what he was…being a male member would be something for him to aspire to…

  • … and they wonder why Jared Loughner was able to shoot a photogenic Democratic US Congresscritter ?