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Doha – the zombie UN climate change charade staggers on

Peter Foster at the Financial Post sums up the Doha “climate change” conference best:

The UN climate conferences have descended into ritual farce, as naked money-grabbing on behalf of poor countries contrasts with finagling impossible solutions to what is likely a much-exaggerated problem. One leading question is how dubious science, shoddy economics and tried-and-failed socialist policies have come to dominate the democratic process in so many countries for so long. The answer appears to be the skill with which a radical minority — centred in and promoted by the UN, and funded by national governments and, even more bizarrely, corporations — has skilfully manipulated the political process at every level.

A fairly succinct and accurate summary of the ongoing effort.

Walter Russel Mead also has a take on it with which I agree:

Climate negotiators at the most recent conference on global warming were unable to reduce expectations fast enough to match the collapse of their agenda. The only real winners here were the bureaucrats in the diplomacy industry for whom endless rounds of carbon spewing conferences with no agreement year after year mean jobs, jobs, jobs. The inexorable decline of the climate movement from its Pickett’s Charge at the Copenhagen summit continues. The global green lobby is more flummoxed than ever. These people and these methods couldn’t make a ham sandwich, much less save Planet Earth.

And, while I agree that is so, the UN, these conferences, 3rd world nations and the so-called “green agenda” continue  attempts to exert control over advanced countries and extort a chunk of their GDP as “compensation” for what no one is sure.  There desires in this regard have never been more obvious than in their questionable opposition to the boom in natural gas (something, one could argue, that would be helpful to developing 3rd world countries while satisfying the “green agenda”).

It’s green, it’s cheap and it’s plentiful! So why are opponents of shale gas making such a fuss? If it were not so serious there would be something ludicrous about the reaction of the green lobby to the discovery of big shale gas reserves in this country. Here we are in the fifth year of a downturn. We have pensioners battling fuel poverty. We have energy firms jacking up their prices. We have real worries about security of energy supply – a new building like the Shard needs four times as much juice as the entire town of Colchester. In their mad denunciations of fracking, the Greens and the eco-warriors betray the mindset of people who cannot bear a piece of unadulterated good news.

Obviously, it would be even harder to sell their extortion attempts if advanced countries are able to develop a source of energy that is indeed “green, cheap and plentiful”.  And, apparently, even they realize they’re not going to get too far attempting to demonize natural gas per se.  So they’ve instead focused on the process used to extract it (hydraulic fracturing – “fracking”) and are in the usual mode of demonizing it instead.  That, despite the fact that the process has been used in the US, at least, since 1948 on over 1,000,000 wells without negative results to ground water (the supposed threat that fracking poses).  But as we’ve all learned, facts are not the currency  this group uses.

The point?  This circus will continue for the foreseeable future because the majority of the UN sees an extortion opportunity that is just too good to pass up. Their initial success in scaring the world with “shoddy science” continues to motivate their efforts.  They haven’t quite accepted that it is failing.

Of course, real science has never really been a part of this process.  All they needed was a veneer to successfully launch the project. Al Gore and “consensus” provided that.  The assembled then declared the “science” to be “settled” (Science never attains consensus and is never “settled”).  After that, the participants in this extortion attempt have simply stated that further review is essentially unneeded.  The argument is over, just STFU and accept it. Meanwhile that “science” continues to come apart at the seams as real data is collected and demonstrates the underlying climate “science’s” shortcomings and outright falsehoods.

Natural gas provides a new alarming problem for these folks.  When it was thought to be a fairly scarce resource, enviros embraced it (the Sierra Club touted it for years before turning against it when it became plentiful and cheap).  Now that it threatens to undermine their entire culture of extortion and control, they’re rabidly against it – or at least what it requires to extract it.

One can only hope that the failure in Doha signals the end game of this farce, but that’s doubtful.  No dissenting word is allowed.  As Lord Monckton learned when he tried to bring up the fact that there has been no warming for the past 16 years and was summarily ejected for doing so.  This is no longer about science.  This is no longer about an imminent threat.  It’s about extortion, plain and simple.  And anyone with the least bit of honesty will recognize that and should join in the call to end this farce for good.


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  • They’re just short of sending these…..
    “Greetings sir madam country
    My name is Sanni Abacha and my Hondi Abacha, now deceased uncle was head of the Climate Change Consortium Department in Lagos Nigeria for the last 10 year.  Unfortunately owing to the crashing airplane he was made dead last week and the funds he deposited for correcting climate change issues in the country of Nigeria in the National Bank of Lagos, in the amount of $25 billion dollars was only controlled by him or his heirs and a representative from the UN, a Mr. Micheal McSwithin, who was also made dead in the unfortunate airplane crash which took the life of my deceased uncle.   I have discovered your information through a business contact that you are a reliable individual who might be interested in assisting me in accessing the fund which otherwise according to government law will be taken to use for military purpose here in Nigeria…”

  • From an email “Cheat Sheet” from the Beastly Day I get…

    Are you sitting down? Pasta is in danger of becoming extinct, writes Mark Hertsgaard in Newsweek. Wheat, which grows best in cooler seasons, has already become a victim of global warming and stands to suffer further as temperatures rise. Unless more of America acknowledges the reality of climate change, the noodle may one day go the way of the dinosaur—but not before faltering harvests lead to shockingly high prices for one of the world’s most popular staple foods.

    Oddly enough, however, the prices I see for pasta do not reflect any problem with supply…much less “extinction”.
    The people who write this tripe are outright dangerous.  They need to be exposed and ridiculed.  The organs printing this crap need to become “extinct”, or become responsible.

    • I love how the clowns can presume a major component of the world food supply is doomed, but pasta is the point of concern?   The wheat crop fails consistently on a global scale and in some places people will be supplementing their diet with long pork. The good news is long pork is gluten free!

    • None of these people consider how much MORE land would become available for growing food if we had warming. Look at Siberia and Canada.
      They also have no idea how slowly the change would happen, which would make it painless…as painless as people moving to Arizona from New York, which already happened.

  • And from Reuters……–but-UN-still-offers-hope
    How can these people worry about long term climate change when the Mayan Zombie Apocalypse is a mere 11 days away!   WE MUST DOOOOOOOOO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • There has been a historic shift in the UN climate talks in Qatar, with the prospect of rich nations having to compensate poor nations for losses due to climate change.

    … but if you look at the Copenhagen Accords, it was more than compensation for damage from climate change.
    The Copenhagen Accords are an international industrial policy statement. The compensation is really a payoff to the Third world not to develop and challenge the First and Second World’s position. To prove this point, look at who doesn’t want to sign aboard .. China and India.
    The problem is that there will never be enough money to keep the Third World as the Third World .. to keep them undeveloped.
    Doha has proven this point.

    • “there will never be enough money to keep the Third World as the Third World .. to keep them undeveloped.”
      Who needs money? Most of the third world is already doing a fine job keeping themselves undeveloped. And a couple of European countries seem to trying to join them.

  • As the 2012 election proved, we have become a 51% idiot savant nation, facts don’t matter, logic doesn’t matter, reason doesn’t enter into the equation.
    When we have a malfeasant media poisoning public option and 51% are happy eating bovine droppings and calling it ice cream, what is a patriot to do?