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If you’re not upset by Newtown …

Well, I’d just have to wonder about your humanity.  Tragedies like Newtown are gut wrenching, horrifying, just about any emotional descriptor to signal dispair you can imagine.  It’s simply horrible to see murders on that scale, but it is even more horrible when those murders are of children.

As adults we all live with the understanding that there is such a thing as “evil” and we, as a whole, we know we have to deal with that.  We understand both the concept and the risk.  What we saw on 9/11 was a manifestation of evil. Timothy McVeigh’s attack on the Federal building in Oklahoma City was also such a manifestation.

In both cases, none of the perpetrators in either mass killing used a gun.

The point, of course, is the instrument of the killing isn’t the problem, it’s just the instrument. Evil is the problem.

And no matter how many laws we pass or bans we put in place, evil will find a way to do it’s dirty murderous work. As we mentioned last night on the podcast, the number one murder weapon in the US is a baseball bat.

It’s not about the weapon, it’s about the evil person. 3,000 people were killed on 9/11 – with airplanes. 168 were killed in OKC.

One of the things we have to keep in perspective is the nature of the problem. Feel good bans aren’t going to solve a thing. Those bent on murder are going to find a way to murder and contrary to reason, many seem to feel the way to stop that is to disarm. It makes no sense, logically, and, if you need examples, just look at Europe and other countries where firearms have been banned.

It’s not about guns – it’s about people and evil.  It is those seemingly obvious facts we appear to want to ignore when we talk about “banning guns”.   It’s the simple, feel good “solution” that the graphic above shows is worthless, and, in fact, gives people and evil a leg up.

We need to understand that one of the fundamental rights any human being has is the right to self defense.   And as much as we may hate the necessity, perhaps the way to limit the work of evil people is to not ban guns, but to arm ourselves instead.


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40 Responses to If you’re not upset by Newtown …

  • One should be touched by things happening around us.
    Not hysterical.  And not stupid.
    And not even mawkish.  Beautiful children die every day around us, and we are scarcely aware very often.
    And people are ill around us, and they have families overwhelmed by that illness, and often stigmatized to the point of stasis.
    Largely though the magic thinking of the Collective, as Mona Charen pointed out the other day, we have lost 95% of the inpatient beds in mental health settings in 1955.  I’m not sure the term “psychopath” had been coined back then.

  • I haven’t been able to find that bat reference in the FBI stats, even it were the only blunt instrument (and I’m sure it wasn’t) it would account for 411 of the murders.  Handguns and ‘firearms not stated’ account for the volume according the FBI.
    Now, if we’re talking just as a weapon for assaults….I could believe that.
    Now, I’m not trying to argue that guns are necessarily the cause of the deaths, that’s just damn foolish on it’s face.   People will murder each other with a salad fork, hell, some clown just the other day tried to drown his wife in a dog water dish over a frozen food argument.
    Firearms just make it easier, harder to run away from a bullet, “blocking” it isn’t really an option and the attacker doesn’t need to be close to make it happen.  We designed them specifically to be better than the other options, cars, planes, clubs, fire, knives.
    What people forget is hand guns were intended to equalize the exchange between possibly unequal opponents –  a soaking wet 90 lb 4 foot 8 woman and a homicidal 260 lb 6 foot 2 guy with arms like a gorilla and a 4 inch knife.   A lone man attacked by 4 knife wielding thugs.
    We’ve opted to disarm the woman and the lone man on the premise that the police can be there before their attackers can close the distance between themselves and their targets.   Victims are us.
    This thing hit me harder than usual, I was angry and sad, and looking for an answer, just like any sane person.  I actually entertained the idea of guns being outlawed.  Pass all the laws you like against evil, it won’t help.   If we disarm the law abiding perhaps we better start passing laws mandating courtesy and kindness in rapists, robbers, and psychos, it should have approximately the same effect as gun free zones seem to have.

    • There are bulletproof shields now.
      If we do not arm schools, we could have those and some mace on hand at least.

  • By the way, for those who don’t get the meaning of the table – the US isn’t NOT on the table because we’re in a galactic violence league class all our own.  We’re NOT in the table, because we have less violent crime per 100,000 than all of the countries on that list.  So….let me be clear….that means less violent crime per 100,000 than Canada, or Belgium, or Finland, or even France.

  • Homicide rate per 100,000

    United Kingdom – 1.2
    Austria – 0.5
    South Africa – 33.8
    Sweden – 1
    Belgium – 1.7
    Canada – 1.8
    United States of America – 5

    If we didn’t have nanofactory-produced pocket nukes, that evildoer could have just used a pocket knife to commit his murders.

    • It’s okay Tom, we understand you have no desire to defend yourself if it should come to that.  You just go over there and stand in that pen with the other sheep, the nice mane with the pocket knife will see to you shortly.

      • I take perverse glee in pointing out that millions of people have been killed with machetes in just the last few decades.
        We need machete control NOW…!!!!

    • If you take out the roughly half of murders committed by inner city blacks on other inner city blacks, that would put us in the same league as everyone else.

      And why are those inner cities such hell holes, I wonder? Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that progressive Democrats have run them for decades, could it? Or that you can graph rising crime next to rising welfare spending and dependency and get quite a correlation? Nah, couldn’t be any of that. Because leftists are just so darn well intentioned.

      • The Sullivan Act is just over 100 years old.
        NOOOOOOObody dies from being shot in New York City…as we all know.

    • <blockquote>
      Homicide rate per 100,000

      United Kingdom – 1.2
      Austria – 0.5
      South Africa – 33.8
      Sweden – 1
      Belgium – 1.7
      Canada – 1.8

      United States of America – 5

      The non-hispanic white homicide rate in the US is about 2.1 IIRC.

      Both the UK and US rates have gone down since the 80s.

      Sometime in the 80s the US rate broke down like this:

      Non-hispanic whites: 6
      Hispanics: 26
      Blacks: 34

      At the time the English rate was about 4. The Welsh rate was 5 or 6.

      The issue comes down to culture. Asian Americans tend to have homicide rates similar to their country of origin as well.

  • We need to pass a law making murder illegal

    • I know!  You’d think we’d have passed a law by now!  It must be the gun owners, the NRA and the Republicans who are preventing us from passing laws against murder.    While we’re at it, I’m a little tired of the inaction against rape and robbery too.  Would it be possible to get legislation in this session for all that?
      So, if guns cause murder, what causes rape?  Just askin…..

      • According to Michael Moore–on…we are just a killing people.  No helping it, I guess…

        • So, Russians, Brazilians, Mexicans….REALLY killing people?

          • Moore–on could have a point.
            Look into the Tweets from the moonbattery calling on people to murder NRA members…
            their kids…
            their dog…

          • Because….The answer isn’t to try and solve a difficult problem with sensible means, it’s to to commit a massacre of those who disagree with you, BECAUSE they disagreed with you.
            If we were discussing global warming, they’d be talking about us drowning, or burning, or exploding.  If we were talking about world hunger, how they’d starve us to death.
            It’s the reasoning of angry children, old enough to understand the idea of severe punishment, unable to comprehend restraint, willing to punish for disagreement, and unwilling to see any view but their own as legitimate.   In other words, wise, and enlightened.

      • “So, if guns cause murder, what causes rape? ”

    • Don’t forget cancer, we need to make cancer illegal.

      • How about a couple laws to make it murder murder, instead of just murder.   Maybe making murder of someone of a race other than your own a worse crime than just murder, because murdering someone for that is much much much worse than just murdering them for something senseless, like their sneakers or the rims on their cars.

      • They would outlaw “bad weather” if they could

        • It’s not for lack of trying. That’s what cap & trade, carbon credits, etc. is all about.

  • There is an old and nasty racial history behind a lot of gun control that has been inverted by the Collective, as well.
    And New York City’s Sullivan Act worked nicely to assure that only the elite had the right to effective self-defense.  If you had the money and/or the political juice, you could have a gun permit.

  • I note this curious statistic:  no mass shootings seem to occur at gun or rifle ranges. 

    • NO…!  Unpossible…!

    • Not that it couldn’t – I was at the range yesterday, all of us rule abiding shooters standing behind the red line on the cease fire call, our weapons laying, action open, unloaded on the benches.   Yeah, a whackjob could have committed some mayhem there for a few minutes…
      Funny though, hasn’t happened.  I’m guessing because it’s too close to being fair and ending quickly.  Gun free zones are much safer targets.

    • Just say to your Progressive “gun control” advocate friends …

      “… you may trust Obama, but imagine Sarah Palin as President …”

      … likewise, I’d love to just watch them disarm West Philly.

  • “”It is time for this kind of senseless violence to end. There won’t be one perfect law to stop a crazy person from doing evil things. But when we have close to 30,000 killings a year from all types of gun violence, even if we save a few lives, we make progress.””
    Senator Mark Warner demonstrates that being a US Senator does not mean you have to have a clue what you’re talking about.    30,000?   Is he privy to his own set of facts?   14k murders last year, nation wide, according the FBI and not all of them committed with fire arms.   Perhaps Senator Grandstanding is thinking of outlawing CARS, because that’s where the 30,000 dead figure comes from.
    being a Senator doesn’t mean yo

  • So Obama and others have raised expectations. Can they deliver? To pull this off in the gun area, the president is going to have to tackle every issue associated with these heinous crimes: gun laws, our gun culture, mental health, the de-sensitization of violence thanks to Hollywood and video game makers, and of course parental responsibility. If it’s a LARGER policy discussion, it’s much harder for the most ardent NRA-supporting lawmaker to walk away.

    Obama was out the door when the word “responsibility” was uttered.

  • Newton was the worst slaughter of young people since Waco, which is still in first place.

  • There is a guy who claims to have been CCWing in the Oregon mall where the previous shooting happened, he claims the shooter killed himself after he drew down on him.

    Also, I heard that the shooter at the school offed himself when the first responders were on the way.

    This seems somewhat common in these events. The shooter killing himself before someone else can.

    • By all accounts the school principle was a brave woman.   Don’t know if I could have done what she tried.   I wish she’d had a pistol, she sure had the guts to use one, and just maybe we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  • Remember when the head of Chik Fil A committed thoughtcrime? And the first instinct of the left was to try to ban them outright? Yeah, I do. That’s why they’ll never get a drop of support from me on any gun control. They’re not to be trusted under any circumstance.

  • It would be hard to fashion a more perfect model of the failures of gun control than Newtown, Connecticut.  One of the bluest of states, with some of the most stringent gun control laws in the US.

  • The solution is obvious; make it illegal for female teachers to buy guns.

  • Where’s the US on this list of violent crimes?  How did they define a violent crime?  Baseball bats and other weapons fall behind firearms as most often selected for homicide.